Doris has been living with her mom her entire life. And their similarities? they both collect junk because of their good hearted nature (of not wanting to hurt people’s feelings). A lonely accountant who only has 1 friend, whose self esteem is lower than the gut next to the pavement. Things started to change for her when a young handsome man, paid him notice during an elevator encounter — who turned out to be the new boss of their firm. yadda yadda, they ended up being close — and for the lack of  better term, fell in love with this young man. ————————- WHO HAPPENS TO HAVE  GIRLFRIEND.


So watching sally field is a sore to my eyes, not because of her skills but because of how her character dresses in the movie. She dresses as a hipster – if I may call it such, with lots of ruffles, ribbons, patterns and colors all in one outfit. It’s a sore (especially that I hate ruffles and ribbons)

At the latter part of the movie though, Doris shows us how to love ourselves no matter what. That what we think of ourselves is far more important than how other people see us. Because the only people who should matter, who are valuable, who are true — will always accept you as who you are (all weirdness, all quirkiness, all dorkiness aside) we are. — in private or in public. 

Because these are the kind of people that we should keep close. 

These are the kind of people that we need to cope with life. 

And that we never, ever have to apologize for who we truly are, to anybody. 


3 months ago, my brother gave me a set of movies he downloaded.
This was one of them. I was eager to finish this set because I want new ones.

Anyway, the movie is about a prodigy kid who is inclined to being the Math Wiz.
His father died when he was a kid and as he grows older, it hunts him and it affects his relationship with his mother.
Being the self proclaimed Math Wiz that he is, he landed a place in the British Squad for the
International Mathematics Olympiad Competition.


I felt that the movie was a bit dragging. The kid shows no emotion toward his mother
or to anyone. The ending reveals that he blocked any kind of emotions after his father died.
But as he progressed in the competition, he was able to meet several friends, a mentor and a girl.
Ha! Girls really have a significant effect on any man’s life, huh? (Thank you, Thank you).

Nathan: I think, I see the world differently to others.
Dad:       It’s all about adaptability, Nathan. Sometimes you have to change your shape, to fit in.

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend this. Even on  a passing time.