If you don’t believe in the power of tinder, look at what I’ve been preparing for! It’s for the bestfriend who met her lifetime partner in the app! It’s such a stressful but happy times. ❤ I won’t bore you with so much hullaballoo.

What are the things that we considered:

  1. Attendees (how large is the group? Should we only invite people who are invited to the wedding? Do we do it per group or we make it as one?)
  2. Venue – you get to trim down your choices based on the number of participants. (are they willing to go far? is it within the city? can we do it overnight?)
  3. Activity / Program (Do you want to do it the wild, a spa party, slumber party? a high end lunch / dinner wine reunion?)
  4. Food (a fancy smorgasbord of sandwiches? wine and cheese? pasta or american pizza and pasta?)

THE ATTENDEES – The bride wants 1 party with all of her friends, invited or not to the wedding. We may have encountered several issues such as budget differences from several groups (childhood, relatives, HS, College)


THE VENUE – Thor Room, Victoria Court Panorama, Pasig City. It accommodates 15 – 25 pax. They have a sound system or a karaoke if you want.



THE ACTIVITY –  We have prepared several games such as:

  1. Pin the Dick – I drew a macho guy with a target on the penis area. I also drew cartoon dicks which will be handled by everyone and pin them to the macho guy blind folded. 😀
  2. Who knows the bride well? – As the Maid of Honor, I asked her 20 questions which will be asked to the whole group with only two options. Participants who will choose the wrong one will do a shot.
  3. Strip Dance – We hired 2 strippers who did a number on us for about 20 minutes and they both agreed to play along with the games that we have prepared.
  4. Eggplant Condom – Each guests will hold an eggplant and place them one by one inside the legs near the groin of the stripper. Place condoms at the tip and wear the condom using one’s mouth like a blowjob.
  5. Body Sticker – I printed out lip stickers, a very small one & placed 20 of them in the most private parts of the stripper. We picked 2 volunteers to find the stickers blindfolded.
  6. How well does the bride know the groom? – The other Maid of Honor asked the groom several dirty questions. If the bride answers it correctly, all of the guests will have to drink. Otherwise, the bride strips.


THE FOOD – Victoria Court has a package already for food. We got them at Php 5,000 for 20 pax. There’s a corkage for bringing in alcohol but I was able to negotiate it for free. I think as long as your coordinator is aware of the food / drinks you will be bringing in.


It was fun. We all had fun. ❤ Meet the participants: 😀


And ofcourse, our lovely bride, the queen of the night:


Love you, fart. ❤ ❤ ❤ :*




THEME: Boho Inspired

VENUE: J. Cuppacakes in SM Jazz Mall


We printed out name plates for each guests that are carefully seated on top of their plates with floral designs (perfect for the theme) and with the couple’s hashtag. Floral crowns are also placed together with the name plates. ❤


We made a photobooth frame from illustration board and decorated it with floral designs too with Kiss the Miss Goodbye printed out too.


We also made a sash for the bride to be. ❤


Ana’s surprise face. I may not be able to show you the video — but she cried! Mission accomplished!

And just some of the food that we ordered. ❤

Some games from  our shower: What’s in your bag, Pin the Bra and some Icing on your face.


Late Lunch for the Bride to be.




Ana and her table of goodies.


Some group photos. ❤



The beautiful, literally glowing bride, buddy.


Thank you for the invite, bud. Calligraphhhyy! 😀


A long, blush straight gown with one slide slit. I don’t like how my hair is though. It didn’t turn out as planned.


The group from L – R: Betsy, Rodin, Nica, Mark, Myself, My date and Erika.


Jessica Soho, among others.



1 week notice from Anne Marie and this happened. It will be the first wedding in our group.<3 Surreal.


Congratulations, braid. :*  Hoping to finally meet the very quiet and timid Reggie.


** I don’t even know why very clear and sharp pictures from Iphone appears to be really blurry when uploaded here. 😦


Beerpong and Condo after. 😀


Remember how your mom would tell you stories about beautiful princesses that lived inside a castle only to marry their price and lived a happily ever after?

Well, this was it. We were inside the castle. GAD. Fernbrook Gardens is the castle to beat! It’s the fairytale castle that was actually built from all the storybooks when we were little.


WHOAAAHHH. It seems like everybody is getting married, all of a sudden. Nonetheless, no pressure. But I’m happy for you bets and robskieloves!


May you two lovebirds produce the best looking robsy little ones in korea!

The girls, M-I-0 and Nicurr, my charming and myself.


Meet the gang!


Well, Congratulations again and we both wish you all the happiness in the world.



We have 4 babies in the block, but this is the first wedding. And we couldn’t get any more excited. 😀

As I was telling my other blockmate during the wedding, it’s really nice to see the bride marry such a simple, sentimental, sweet, sensitive and family oriented guy like Errol. I even remember the bride recounting how difficult it is for her to accept the groom’s living and walking past.


Meet the block: Mich, RJ, Nicole, Gellie, Nix, Boyfriend, Pam, Jaja, Jude, Myself, Shek, KC, Errol and Alyssa.

It’s nice how everyone is gathered for her special day.


Congrats, Mr and Mrs. Errol! 🙂 We’ll see you next with your little one. 🙂



My sister was engaged when she went to L.A to meet her fiance’s family. Now, the parents officially meet formally. ‘Pamamanhikan’ is what the guys usually do to officially ask for the girl’s hand in marriage together with his parents and with all the elderly.
So what did we learn? Chris’s sister is in L.A with her new husband – a black guy and she just recently gave birth to their daughter. They’re coming home in June of next year. His father works for Nestle and seems to be an executive there. He was assigned before in thailand and in singapore that was why chris and her sister studied in thailand for a while. His mother? I wasn’t able to grasp what she does for a living. It was either i’m taking pictures or i’m taking pictures.and he has this super talkative, elite talking nephew who doesn’t know when to stop talking. haha. Plus, his dad’s hobby? Photography! Cool. :))
Anyway, it was nice meeting the three of them. they were so nice. His mom doesn’t like dogs.

Witnessing TWO people become ONE.



A solemn wedding happened last May 25, 2013 at Chapel on the Hill and I was there to witness their union!:))

Happy Wedding Stephy! :))) I wish you all the love, respect and adventures from Reymond!