I don’t even know if this is in Pasig. I’m not very familiar with the place but I have to. This is the area where he transferred brought about by the change of his employer. But it’s a good thing too since we can expand our exploration from Kapitolyo, BF, Salcedo Village, Legazpi Village and now, Wilson’s!


If you are familiar within this area, it is opposite Nathaniel’s. Isn’t the place reminds you of all the small good things there is? The walls are adorned with colorful vases and bottles on the far end.


Aside from their waffles, they also serve pastas and rice meals. You can also choose whether to have sweet pancakes or the full meal pancakes. And since we were not really that hungry, sweet waffles it is!

IMG_4165 IMG_4166

I ordered the Pegi’s Classic Waffles for Php 105. Waffles with Vanilla Gelato and Chocolate Syrup. Luck for me, they were out of Vanilla Icecream so they made me choose from the selection. I chose the Speculoos one. The waffle was superb but I can’t say the same for the Speculoos Icecream. It doesn’t even taste like the Speculoos itself. I bet if you stick with Vanilla, you’d love this Classic Pegi Waffles.

IMG_4170 IMG_4178

This is the Banana Cookie-Butter Waffle for Php 110. This is a much better choice if you are looking for a peanut butter cookie taste. The Speculoos Icecream did not do justice. But this waffle did! All the zigzag brown goodness? That’s the cookie butter. It’s so gooooooddd.

Of the rare times jude ordered the better one. Haha. Kidding.


We finally tried Bad Bird! Yehey! Come to think of it, he was as much as excited as I am to try this!

Bad Bird is located in the Hole in the Wall group of small restaurants in Century Mall in Makati.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the store itself as the line was too long. It seems a lot of people are eager to try this or they might probably be going back for their second, third or fourth time already. So here’s what we ordered.

IMG_3423 IMG_3434

Fried Chicken Plates – Dirty Rice – Php 320 The rice was mixed with bacon, chicken liver, tamago, kimchi and bonito flakes. I was hesitant at first since there was chicken liver. But the rice was good! It definitely compliments the chicken.

IMG_3427 IMG_3431  Fried Chicken Plate – Waffle Plate – Php 290 Oh my goodness! I don’t know if it was the butter or what. But the waffle is G – DOUBLE O – D, GOOD.

IMG_3437Beside the Bad Bird, are a stand full of hand crafted beers in a bottle. It was expensive though. It costs about Php 220 for a bottle. We just wanted to try. I opted for this Summer Session, which has a sweet taste to it but you can still taste the hint of the beer. While Jude ordered a beer concocted with a mix of orange. It was sweet too. But I would recommend the Summer Session better.

All in All, the Bad Bird is definitely not a Bad Choice. The Chicken was filled with so much flavor. The crispiness was right on point. :))