VENICE: It takes courage to let go of the familiar.

I’m letting go of my comfort zone of 4 years. As I have discussed with my Mom, I also have to get used to the new treatment of what will be handed to me. Not to be an awful ass, but I was treated with High Respect and Awe followed me where I walked. — Now I will have to start all over again. No one will know my name, no one will know of my achievements, of my work and nobody even cares – but that’s how it will be now and I have to accept that and adapt. I will have to start with small talks (which I absolutely hate), I will have to smile and smile and smile to people (which is meh for me too) and like I said before, I have zero charm and I absolutely wouldn’t call myself a pleaser.



I may not look like it, but I was scared to death during that time. I had hundreds of butterflies in my stomach, my hands were sweating and I was rehearsing some lines in my head while I also try to remember all their brands. Whew. With God’s Grace, I made it. 😀 Thank you. ❤


A simple white dress can make me happy. It need not be grand or branded or expensive. It just have to look pretty. I didn’t wish for any material thing. But God probably has other plans. Everything I wished for cannot be equated financially.
I was quite devastated with the way my birthday turned out to be. I always wanted to go somewhere new and do some new exciting stuff on my birthday (Batangas, Ilocos). But then the boyfriend cannot go on leave since he’s new in his job. Thus, the plan ended up having dinner with him, instead. Little did I know, someone would ring me at 5 in the morning, ask me to comedown and bring me flowers, cake and gifts. 🙂 (Thank you, love!) What’s more in store for my day?


I had a quick lunch with my Dad on the way to some very important meeting – which I’d claim that turned out extremely good. Can you guess where?


After my productive meeting, I met up with one of my bestfriends – Alex at Shangrila. We had lunch at Balboa. Scrap that. We had a BIG LUNCH.
We ordered for Nothing Hill at Php 268 It’s bacon and crab croquettes. I wasn’t able to taste this dish though.

And I guess you already know my staple food – Four Cheese Pizza for Php 398.
You can never, ever go wrong with Four Cheese. It’s always a guarantee that it’ll be irresistibly good.


Lastly, Picasso for Php 328 – a Truffle Mushroom Linguine.
It was bland. It was not a bad choice but there could a lot more better pasta than this one.


And we obviously had fun goofing around.


Thank you for the Pandora, fart and for the book (which I already read) Bahaha. :*


And for dinner, I had a quiet and romantic dinner with the boyfriend at Discovery Suites, 22 Prime Steak to be exact.

We both ordered for the Baby Back Ribs that comes with their salad and a cocktail already.

Thank you for making my day extra special, babe. And thank you for buying all the books on my list!
I’ll take care of the Kate Spade Earrings! 🙂 Thank youuu for all the trouble and a bigger thank you for the moral support on my meeting that day and for continuously being my fan. I love you.