This was never the plan. — But of course, it’s the ones we don’t plan that turns out to be pretty amazing. Right? It’s one hell of a work though. We arrived at around 6pm and got settled about 7pm.


Fanning, Blowing, Lighting pieces of newspaper, Re-arranging the wood for 3 whole hours just to catch a spark – to make fire. It’s EXHAUSTING & Fulfilling at the same time! The food was cooked around 10:30 pm!


It’s really a nice wake up call, opening your eyes to see majestic mountains right outside our tent & the beach within 30 steps far. The boys had their fun. The bathroom was a bit tricky, that’s the reason why I was lazy to swim. 😀


Would you look at that? Right? 😀

Sometimes, you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life.

Until next time, Anawangin. ❤


On a saturday, we sacrificed sleep to leave by 1am. But of course, I managed to steal hours of sleep during the ride. We had a mini stop over at 230 am for a coffee and restroom break and another one at 6am for rice pudding.

20170121_06491220170121_064942 (0)

The office clan: not complete in this photo though. Directly at the port to go to the bathroom, change clothes and finally board the boat.

20170121_065405 (0)20170121_071329 (0)

Only 2 people in this boat knows how to swim.

20170121_073517 (0)

Yup, humiliating as this photo is, it was that windy. And the hike starts immediately.

20170121_075250 (0)

There are a lot more sweaty, tired haggard pictures but let me just leave you feeling like you want to travel to dingalan with the pictures below….


It’s pretty tiring but still an amazing view altogether.

20170121_081340 (0)20170121_081728 (0)


20170121_08222320170121_08285420170121_081843 (0)20170121_083835 (0)20170121_085608

Thank you Dingalan! 🙂 Thank you for coming, love. ❤ It’s really not the same if I go somewhere new without you. I love you. More travels, RMK!

**I’m sorry. I cannot really remember all the details


My Grad School Classmates and I went to Malaysia last March 23 to 26.

Follow my travels and see what happened in KL.

Kuala Lumpur Day 1

Kuala Lumpur Day 2

Kuala Lumpur Day 3


We’re oozing out the artist in ourselves. Ergo, we decided to stop by Tam-awan Village.

Tam-awan Village is considred the Artists’s Village and the Gardens in the Sky of Baguio. It was also established by the National Artist, BenCab.




The place is full of greenery and in every corner, an artwork.
This is a hut turned gallery.
Inside the Tam-awan Village, you will see structures of Hut. There are different types of huts as to the level of the family in the society. It will show you how the actual huts, where families actually lived.

There is also a portion in the village where you may ask one of the artists to sketch you. It will cost you Php 200 per head and it will take only about 15 to 20 minutes.


For all the art enthusiast out there, dare not miss paying a visit to this place. You won’t regret it


One of the more popular food stop at Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins.
It’s a Garden slash forestry slash restaurant. It has a rustic wooden feel to it.



The whole restaurant was busy, it was beaming with people. You have to get listed to be able to seat.


As for me, I ordered the Shrimp and Mango Curry — Php 250.00
Prawns in coconut milk curry. It is served with 7 condiments: hard boiled egg, grated coconut, fried onions, chili, churney, papadums and peanuts.


The dish itself was so good. And I actually expected to be served only with a few pieces of shrimp but to my surprise, I think I ate about 8? and some for him too.
The plating was okay. It was full of color and was far from being dull but the plate was too busy. It had all sorts of things one cannot manage to take in everything at one time.


He ordered the Baguio Bagnet – Php 280.00
It’s a double fried pork belly, it is tenderized in lard, then redried to a crisp. Condiments are Podas Bagoong and tomato relish.


The pork was good. It was tender yet crispy. The only thing we didn’t like was the Bagoong. It’s Baguio Bagnet. Bagnets are supposed to come with Bagoong as its perfect pair.
But the Bagoong served in this dish is home made where the fish is still in its raw form. It does not even compliment the dish. The whole point of eating a Bagnet is to eat it with the
most delicious Bagoong. So without it, the dish was set to be ‘boo-ed’ like a child star actor who grew old.

The waiters were fast but they lack the smile they should be willingly giving to their customers. In addition to that, since they’re the garden type, the place was swarming with flies as
it is an open space.


Though I am not fully satisfied and impressed, I’m still looking forward to trying the other dishes on their menu.


After experiencing the tiring trek to La Presa, we head out to BenCab Museum.
Coming from the city, it would probably take you 30 minutes.

This museum permanently houses the works of our Philippine National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera. — the reason behing the Museum’s name. He is widely known as the Master of Contemporary Philippine Art.
He graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Fine Arts in 1963. He has exhibied widely in places as far as Asia, Europe and United States.
Aside from his collection, some galleries also exhibits other Filipino Artist’s Works.


General Admission is at Php 100. While Senior Citizens and Students are priced at Php 80.



You will be greeted with these paintings and you know for sure, you’re in a good place for art.


I believe you can say that he is very fond of Bulol Sculptures.

IMG_4999 IMG_4988 IMG_4986


Some of the paintings you will see there.

DSC06495 DSC06504 DSC06500 DSC06499 DSC06497 DSC06496

They also have a rather popular gallery: Erotica.



I am glad we have this kind of museums that cater to Philippine Art. They deserve more time and exposure. Filipino artists deserves more attention and appreciation.

Km 6 Asin Road. Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet


After having our Breakfast at Good Taste (Experience), we headed immediately at Sitio La Presa.

Sitio La Presa has increasingly becoming popular because of the Teleserye Forevermore where most of its scenes were shot at this so called place. Not everyone knows it, but Sitio La Presa is actually called Sitio Pungayan which is not in Baguio. It is actually situated at the top of Mt. Kabuyao.

How to get there? You may rent a car at Avis, which is just beside the Victory Liner Terminal. It would cost you about Php 2,000 – 5,000 depending on the vehicle. The price is for 12 hours alone. Or, you may decide to hire a taxi just like we did.
The average rate of the cab drivers is Php 800 back and forth the city proper of Baguio. We haggled. So we were able to push our luck to Php 800 for two destinations already. Sitio La Presa and BenCab Museum for Php 800.00

You may want to go to this place really early morning. We were on our way about 8 in the morning and the vehicles were already lining up and causing traffic. From Baguio City Proper, it will probably take you about 30 minutes without traffic. Since we already experienced traffic, we went down the vehicle and walked towards the trail.  



The place was beautiful if only the government keep the vendors only at the foot of the trail and limit its numbers. Both sides of the trail are full of vendors selling corn, potato chips, hats, pasalubongs and other sort of things. There are also some photo op backgrounds prepared for the tourists.


We will be back at an earlier period maybe and a stronger set of legs.


We arrived in Baguio  around 4:30 in the morning. It was freezing cold but it was probably because the sun was nowhere to be seen yet. We had taho just right outside the terminal. You may even try Baguio’s Famous Strawberry Taho for Php 15 a cup.

What’s for Breakfast? I thought of the Pizza Place on my list because it’s open 24 hours. But Jude wanted to go to eat 50s Diner but it’s most likely close at that hour.
So we asked our driver what place is open at that hour: Good Taste!
Well, that’s on our list!! so, okay!
The place wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my head. It looked like a big school cafeteria.
The place was big though — and no matter how it big it was, the place was swarming with people.

He ordered the Longganisa Meal with Egg and Garlic Rice with either Coffee or Juice — all for Php 75.00
DSC06469 DSC06468
Can you believe it? And it was already satisfying. The meal is unbelivably affordable.

I, on the otherhand, ordered the Shanghai Meal. — Php 75
It comes with 4 pieces of Lumpiang Shanghai and Egg. I ordered Pineapple Juice for my Drink.
DSC06471 DSC06470
The Shanghai was bulky. It was full of meat unlike the other restaurants that have their shanghai so crispy but there’s no filling.
Good Taste is actually known for their Buttered Chicken.
Though we both have our eyes fixed in the Longganisa and Shanghai Meal, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to try their best seller.
We ordered the Half Buttered Chicken — Php 175.00

It comes with about 7 pieces of Chicken. It was really tasty. I cannot remember where to compare it to.
But I love its taste! It wasn’t dry at all.

All for Php 315.00 and we still had some chicken to extend to some cab driver.

No wonder why the place was full of people: The food was good and affordable.


On our third day, we decided to have fun! We already visited temples, museums, galleries and other KL’s National Heritage. So for today, we’re going back to being a kid.

Sunway Lagoon is like an alternate ego of Universal Studio.

IMG_2920 IMG_2924


First Stop: Airplanes A pretty easy first!

DSC06293 DSC06305

Second Stop: Scream Park A fucking 20 minute walk inside a building full of walking zombies that will scare the hell out of you. We were too wet from our sweat by the time we got out from all the screaming and running and chasing.

DSC06310 IMG_2926

Third Stop: Carousel Ride. We decided to try this kiddie ride just to have fresh air dry our clothes. Hahaha.

DSC06312Fourth Stop: Scream Park Cafe. We ate Nuggets for Lunch.


Fifth Stop: Eagyptian Tea Cups. The Cups are moving in circles, The floor where the cups was moving and the entire floor was moving too. What the fuck did we get ourselves into. It’s like we’re inside a Kaleidoscope. Dizzy. DSC06321

Sixth Stop: Tomahawk. It’s as scary as hell. It swings from left to right until it turns 360 degrees. So obviously, only the two boys were on that ride. Haha.

DSC06322 DSC06329 - Copy

Seventh Stop: The Lost City of Gold (in short: Roller Coaster) The two assholes forced us to ride as you can see from our faces.

DSC06338 - Copy

DSC06315 DSC06336 - Copy

I loved it! I wanted to have another go at it but Alex doesn’t want to already. I felt empowered after! Haha. But Alex was still afraid.

DSC06337  Eight Stop: WaterPlexx


Ninth Stop: The Entire Waterpark. We practically just passed since we were not prepared to have our clothes soaked in water.

DSC06352 - Copy DSC06354 - Copy DSC06367 DSC06370

Tenth Stop: Skybridge. From up here, you can see the entire Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park.

DSC06372 DSC06377

Eleventh Stop: Wildlife ( In short, Zoo)


Twelfth Stop: Train. Because we boarded the wrong train, we got stuck for an hour and we literally had the whle train to ourselves. No staff, No driver, No anyone. And yes, we couldn’t leave because the train doors were closed.


Last Stop: Genting Highlands – This is in partnership with Megaworld. The whole place is situated uphill. It’s an hour drive along their expressway. Alter Ego: Tagaytay. It has a very cold weather since it sits on top of a hill. The whole place is like a Gamble Addict Magnet. It’s also a Resorts World.

We stopped by for Milkshake.


IMG_2970 DSC06446

Thank you for a great time, Malaysia!


Another day, another train. We went straight to KL Sentral Station. Just like here in the philippines, some stations has mall. And this station, KL Sentral has its own mall. In the photo below, this is where the train station is. You can ride and MRT, LRT or a Monorail from this point.

DSC06006 DSC06015

DSC06017 DSC06035

Even at a rush hour, their trains are conveniently spacious. Photo Below: Upon arriving at Kuala Lumpur Station. 


First Stop: National Mosque It is one of the most unique mosques in the world. It does not follow the conventional Middle Eastern Mosque design of domes.


DSC06046 DSC06050 DSC06053

For our entire stay in KL, We stopped by to almost every food trucks on the way because we can’t have a proper meal. So in food trucks, you’ll basically see fish balls, squid, squid balls, nuggets, shawarma, soft drinks, juice and chrysanthemum drinks.


Second Stop: TV Station Giant. 


Third Stop: National Planetarium It’s for free. But if you’re into planetary, space, stars and constellation person, you might want to pay an extra 12 RM for their galaxy show. If you are planning to go here, better hire a car and a driver. It’s an awfully big compound that houses the Planetarium, Islamic Arts Museum, National Museum, Bird Park and the Lake Garden. I basically lost 5 gallons of sweat from an all day intense walk.



DSC06103 DSC06108

Fourth Stop: Lake Gardens. 



Before heading to the next destination, we tried to find a food stall. Unfortunately, they don’t offer rice. So we settled for Kikiam, yet again. We haven’t eaten anything since. Gaaah.


Fifth Stop: Islamic Arts Museum

DSC06139 DSC06142 DSC06152

Muslims are famous for their colorful patterns. Inside the museum, you will see patterned shirts, tiles, bags, notepads and postcards.


Sixth Stop: Batu Caves – It’s a limestone hill that consists of caves and cave temples. It is 100 m above the ground so we had to climb 272 steps. We did. But damn was it too tiring. There was nothing majestic about it when you reach the top. The inside of the cave was already commercialized. It’s too bad. They should’ve preserved it and kept it holy.

DSC06186  Seventh Stop: The very Famous Petrons Tower. – It once was the world’s tallest building at 452 meters. It has 88 floors. It also features a Skybridge at the 41st and 42nd level. It is considered as the highest 2 storey brige in the world. Now this one, you cannot miss. The building magically lights up the place – no exaggeration here.

DSC06235DSC06255Eight Stop: KL Tower – It is the seventh tallest telecommunication tower in the world and the tallest in South East Asia. It also houses the Revolving Restaurant at the top. Forgive my blurry pictures, we had to take a photo from afar.


Ninth Stop: KL Sentral Again for Dinner before heading back home. Foodcourt at KL Sentral Station


As the day ends, we try to sit comfortably while our wallets are crying, our backs dead and are toes swollen. DSC06218


It’s Cebu Pacific — No matter what excuse they have, whether it’s for our safety or that because the pathway is congested, They have been branded as always having delayed flights. So here we are after 1 hour of waiting after our supposed take-off.


After landing, we have to take a 2 hour Van Ride. No Worries if you have no arrangements yet, once you step out of the airport, they’ll swarm to you like bees. Most of the offer was Php 250 for a Van and Boat Ride. Luckily, We got ours for Php 200.


The Php 200 payment got us a private mini bangka.


After the Boat Ride, we still had to ride a Tricycle to our Hotel. It took us about 10 minutes. Not bad.10410200_10206406070450422_7072368149499194665_n

They had a welcome drink – bottled water. This is located in Station 1. Beach Side. Employees are all so friendly.

So what was our First Stop? LUNCH. Since our 11am arrival turned to 1pm, we were already starving by 4 in the afternoon.

IMG_1741 DSC05408 IMG_1782 LUNCH: Nigi Nigi Nu Noos We spent Php 1,300 for a Seafood Family Platter, 4 Rice, 2 Canned Softdrinks.

While waiting for lunch, Nicole and I had a quick dip. :)) Excuse my over sized haven’t eaten stomach.

IMG_1757 IMG_1766

After our much awaited lunch, we scout for what boracay is known for – parties! But before that, we stopped by to have a henna tattoo and snooped around the very exhilarating GMax Experience. DSC05413 DSC05412

The night was young so we reached Station 3. Imagine that. We didn’t even notice it took us an hour! An hour of walking! Haha. So, we opted to stay for a more relaxed environment since it was still early. –

FIRST NIGHT: The Tree House

They’re pretty affordable and the ambiance is so laid back perfect for a night away from all the dancing and booze stricken kids. A live band also plays in the area and you get to sit in their bean bags or lie down as you wish.


DSC05437 DSC05460


Booze, Loud Music, Lights and Dancing. – We were well seated STILL when it was early. But, the room on the second floor can transform into a dance floor. DSC05484

For our SECOND DAY: Island Hopping. We got our Island Hopping for Php 2,300 for 5 pax. Entrance Fee for the Magic Island is not included.


STOP: Crystal Cove Island

DSC05532 DSC05536



DSC05556 DSC05559


Shangrila Beach Front


IMG_1870We were dead carnivorous after that island hopping, so we went straight to a late lunch yet again.

LUNCH: Jonah’s – They are famous for their Shakes. 

But they also have pastas, viands, pizzas and sandwiches.


We took a nap, and went out for dinner.

I’m sorry I forgot the place but this is in front of the Shawarma, Froco something. Sisig and Tuna Belly was amazing. IMG_1935We went straight for alcohol and party this time.

BOOZE NIGHT: Coco Mangas.

If you’re familiar with Central or Tides, They are pretty much alike. It was an extraordinarily fun night.

IMG_1909 IMG_1911After babysitting and putting someone to bed, We went out for another run.



Third day was Chill at the Beach Day.




After a morning filled with Vitamin Sun and Sea, Late lunch AGAIN.

LUNCH: Jonah’s AGAIN. — Nachos, Quesadilla and Shakes. 


We arranged an afternoon full of activities. We paid a Php 700 package each for 5 pax that includes ATV, Sky Cycle, Trick Art Museum and Bird Farm. 

DSC05682 DSC05676 DSC05653

We also paid a Php 1,500 for a Para sailing Experience. 

And it was FUCKING SCARY when you’re one with the wind. P.S. Make sure that the rope behind your legs is in the middle area or you might fall backwards or if drawn too near your behind, you might also slip infront. But, you should definitely try this!

DSC05716 DSC05707For our last say, we tried the famous Real Coffee and its equally famous pair – Calamansi Muffins




Last LUNCH: Smoke, Inside D’ Mall

IMG_2061See you, I hope Soon! We will come back for sure. I had a great time. :))))


Okay, I didn’t say Goals. I said, Achievable. We have this certain notion every new year to write our yearly goals or create our vision boards and yet, we don’t really stick to them. Do we?

So instead of saying I’ll achieve a six pack abs for 2015, I’d say:

1. Workout thrice a week. Whatever it may be, dancing to the beat of wiggle wiggle on a 1 hr zumba video, going back to my pole dancing, running around triangle, playing badminton or simply a workout inside my room. Thrice a week. Hopefully it gets me a more toned middle area and a toned arms.

2. Save. I cannot stress it enough. I need to save. I noticed that by around March, my bank account is doing okay. But when December comes, let alone January, I’m back to square one. Grabe. Saving is so hard. Saving is one of my hardest climb. Gah.

3. Invest. Invest in the Stock Market. Not in a Money Market placement but in stocks. Risky, yes. But I will have to take advantage of my working — being in a bank where I get more information on financial status and updates. First quarter of 2015, I will.

4. Travel More. As they say, this is the only way to send your money that gets you richer, ain’t it? On my list: Ilocos – ohmygod. pagbigyan na ko, parang awa. Siargao, Sumilon Island, Batanes, Bantayan Island and Calaguas.

5. Hike. As it gets you to see the world in another view. Oh please. So really, How can I save? Hihihi. On my list: Mt. Pinatubo, ofcourse. Taal Volcano, Mt. Batulao, Mt. Batoluson, Mt. Pulag, Mt. Gulugod – Baboy, Mt. Maculot, and Pico de Loro.

6. Hydrate. I am the most non-liquid drinker there is. I can go on a day without drinking anything, and the bad thing is; I don’t mind. I only ever have to drink when the food I am eating is spicy or something. So now, I’ll drink water at least 6 glasses or so.

7. Smile often. I have heard time and again, people have been telling me that my face says ‘get away!’. My face, my eyes and the way I carry myself is so unfriendly. So my resolution? Talk to people, Smile and Smile and Smile.

8. Go to church / chapel atleast twice a week. One is doable, ofcourse as we go to mass every sunday. During my darkest time, I go to Greenbelt Chapel every so often. So now, I’m bringing it back. It doesn’t have to be everyday. But atleast, twice a week to update and just talk. 🙂

9. Read more. I have been reading. I have been reading more compared to most people. But what I mean here is, I’ll try to read more sensible books, read the newspaper or news from social media, politics, money, corporate updates and actually remember them.

10. See people. Say Yes. A lot of my friends has been telling that I am wrapped in a big bubble of friends. And that friends alone. So now, I’ll schedule a date with my other friends too. And say Yes to more invites!

BOOK: Just One Year – Gayle Forman

It’s the quest of a guy who’s pining for a girl he just met for a day. But in his quest, he finds his way back to his family. And fortunately, gets the girl.


The one thing I envy in this story? is how much time, money and experience he has from all the travels. It seems he never does stay in one place. And not only does he skid from one place to another, he gets to do things the locals do.

1. Her name continues like an echo in a chamber.

2. You have to give the universe credit, the way it even things out like that.

3. You meet people, you part ways, sometimes you cross paths again. Mostly, you don’t.

4. Days like these go on for years. It’s the ones you want to last that slip away – one, two, three – in seconds.

5. If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep.

6. Leaving people to jumped conclusions is sometimes simpler than explaining a complicated truth.

7. The universe never gives you something without making you pay for it somehow.

8. Sometimes the wind blows you places you weren’t expecting; sometimes it blows you away from these places too.

9. It takes a certain kind of naivete, or perhaps just stupidity, to know how things will end, and still hope otherwise.

10. Beauty being a witch.

11. You fall in love and sometimes it disappears like snow in the sun.

12. There;s a difference between losing something you knew you had and losing something you discovered you had. One is a disappointment. The other is truly a loss.

13. No matter what you is, only matter what you seem.

14. Like I’d landed somewhere after a long journey.

15. Bravery was doing something dangerous without thinking. Courage was walking into danger, knowing full well the risks.

16. Nothing happens without intention.

17. Sometimes fate or life or whatever you want to call it, leaves a door a little open and you walk through it. But sometimes it locks the door and you have to find the key, or pick the lock, or knock the damn thing down. And sometimes, it doesn’t even show you the door, and you have to build it yourself.

18. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

19. To dream is the ultimate dare, is it not?

20. Girls have always been the best distraction. Until a girl becomes the reason you need a distraction.

21. Escape one horror, get hit by another.

22. I’m halfway there, but that’s halfway farther than no way.

23. Maybe you’re never really ready until it’s upon you.

24. Go big or go home.

25. And something tells me if it matters, maybe it shouldn’t be easy.

26. The world pivots on moments.

27. How sometimes you escape one prison, only to find out you’ve built yourself a different one.

28. Love is not something you protect. It’s something you risk.

TRAVEL: Zambales

We have been planning this since our first class meeting. And now, here it is!

But then, the surf instructor called and informed us that there won’t be any waves that day. Our back up plan? We just plan to chill at the beach. 




Second spot? The Circle.

Let me tell you the place is plainly for surfing. There is no picturesque corner or resort in this part. The circle had a huge kubo which is very relaxing if you just want to hang out with your friends, drink, play cards, sleep at a hammock, play and sing with your guitars. The place encourages you to doodle.


This was the picture and the exact reason why we agreed to stay here on a spur of the moment decision.

When we got there though, the place was too cramped. The hammocks were side by side each other. I suggest that if you want to go here, reserve the ones in the big kubos – they are perfect for friendly bonding. 


Anyway, we ended up at Kina-bot at sir-ping.

The kubo was Php 800 a night which can fit around 6 – 7 people. There was only a mattress on the floor and one fan. 3 plugs and nothing more. It was tambayan type which was also perfect.



We left Makati around 3:30 in the afternoon and arrived there at about 9 in the evening. There were already people who were drinking outside our kubo. Edward, one of our classmates decided to join them for a drink and so did everyone else. 




So meet Ping and Anon, our new found friends. As much as it seems that they are just manginginoms sa kanto, ping is actually one of the owners and a known surf instructor too. Anon on the other hand owns a shrimp hatchery and is a good friend of Ping. Aside from what they do for a living, they are actually pretty cool to hang out with. They are very laid back and easy going. Plus, heavy drinkers too. Haha. We finished two Emperador, 1 Ginebra and about bottles of San Mig and 6 Tanduay Ice. We also met the owner – Kuya Bot around 2 in the morning when he told us to tone down our voices because he has a baby. They were all very welcoming and kind.Image






We were all okay the next morning except for Roumel. Haha.

We went for a swim and tried surfing and skim boarding though there weren’t any waves at that time. 








Overall, it was a blast. Ping and Anon even drove all the way to Bataan to have lunch with us at Alex’s house and came with us to drop us off at the Bus Station.


We will be coming back. 

TRAVEL: Big Binondo Food Wok

January 4, 2014
Old Manila Walks.

P.S. Sorry for the otherwise, blurry videos at times. The editing was not of quality. :/