My, awful and tired face for a program launch!

My, awful and tired face for a program launch!

Yes, I’ll save you from actually saying it. I look like crap. After a very long day. Okay, Let me give you or tell you how my day went. This was friday. We have 7 floors. And we had to clip six tarpaulins on each floor which was not easy. We had to stick magnet pins on each and every employee of the company. I had to come with Ms. Jen to the other side of the world, mind you. we walked. talked to the magnolia people. and the actual program. I cannot define how tired my feet were. Anyway, after the whole day, uhmm. Judey went with me to go look for a massage place at megamall. and we ended up at Body tune! which I do NOT recommend. Service sucked. Place was crappy and manners of the masseuse was let’s just say, they don’t have one. Anyway, still had a great time with pottyy! We watched hunger games after!>:)))) And, a taxi ride back to glorietta. And, did i mention that this was potty’s first massage outside home?:)) Yeyyy!

I’m influencing him to do new thingss!!
More to come, I hope.:DDD