THOUGHTS: 2014 Gratitude list!

1. My dad, surviving. Scratch that.  Long life of my parents. My dad had a close encounter with a heart attack, which in his case will be his fourth and would be detrimental to his health and may have led to death if it pushed through. Luckily for him and for us, the doctor was able to steer clear from that.

2. A Bigger family. Not only did I earned to be a part of Jude’s family a year ago, an additional extended family this year too. My Sister married Chris – with that comes along Chris’s family (Mom, Dad and Cane), which is now always on our guest list. We had two weddings this year: My Sister’s and My Cousin’s. Robert is also now a forever plus one to every gathering. Cheers to New Families!

3. A Stronger Relationship. It was far from perfect. We had a lot of arguments, petty fights, serious fights, tampuhan, doubts but we managed to hold on. And we celebrated our first this year. Hopefully, another year full of love and adventures.

4. New Friends. I met the craziest comedic bar of friends at school; Rich, Mel, Ed and Migo. Apart from the clique, I also opened a chapter of relationship with LR, Marge, Elf, Jane, Monie, The Mastat Person who is so nice, Maf, Girls from Ethics, Mac, Keith and Lance. I also met some surfer friends such as Ping, Kuya Bot, Anon and Hari.

5. Additional 10 Units. I’ve cursed  a lot during the course of it all because of numbers, but as I held my head up high, I learned. I finished Applied Math, Financial Accounting, Business Ethics and Managerial Statistics. Hooray!

6. Small TravelsStarted the year by exploring Binondo. I spent my Birthday at Batangas. A weekend getaway at Pico de Loro. We spent our Holy Week at Bolinao, Pangasinan. My friends and I spent 4 days touring Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin and Bukidnon. We went to Pampanga to watch the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

7. Courage to try New Things. The courage to sail through a very rough water path during the White Water Rafting. Falling helplessly in Bukidnon. Making a fun of myself whenever I fall down learning to do Skim Boarding, Painting in front of many people though I know there’s a high possibility I’ll make a fool of myself.

8. Recovery. This may not be on my account but I consider this a blessing. My Mom is my most precious treasure. This is also the reason why I know how my friend, panda feels during the three month hospitalization of her mom when there’s a very little chance she survives. I was so relieved and happy when she told me that her Mom has recovered and is now on her way back to their house.

9. Strength. I have said this over and over and over – to the point I am tired of saying this — I don’t like my job. But I am grateful how the Lord provided me what I needed. I am grateful for the Accounts that I am handling right now. And I will do my best to be productive and be as eager to do my job as if it was my passion. I have cried less this year compared the previous years.

10. Big and Small Blessings. For all the day to day blessings, from the gift of waking up to the small things like a green light on a very lazy monday morning.

Thank you, Lord for all the blessings you keep on showering me, my family and all of my loved ones. May today be a start of another wonderful year and the best year yet! 😀

THOUGHTS: 2014 Goals


  1. SAVE – A weekly act, which starts with Php 50 and an additional Php 50 for the second one. And hopefully, learn to invest intelligently.
  2. GRATITUITY BOTTLE – A daily act of writing anything to be thankful of during the day. – may it be for a perfect hair, a Php 10,000 deposit or a day with loved ones.
  3. AVOIDING JUNK – Because it’s too easy to give in to junkfood while watching your favorite TV series. And MCDO is just beside our office – sinful fries it is.
  4. SMILE – I don’t know what second year college handed to me. I became antisocial and avoided people. This time, I’ll assume and see everything good in a person.
  5. EXERCISE – I wanted to start doing exercises daily. But to keep it safe, at least do exercise thrice in a week.