EAT PASAY: Nara Thai Cuisine

Thai is and will always be a safe place for me to try. ❤ I seem to love everything. It’s a never a hit and miss for me. Haha.
We tried going to the new Ayala Mall Manila Bay and settled for Nara Thai Cuisine.
I was not able to take a picture of the surroundings.
We ordered the following:
Pla Nil Tord Nam Pla / Fried Pla Pla with Fish Sauce for Php 650.

Chicken Pandan for Php 360

Fried Prawns in Sweet Tamarind Sauce for Php 750

Pomelo Salad for Php 380

Crispy Fried Shrimp Cakes for Php 350

Bagoong Rice for Php 245

Nara Thai Sampler for Php 395 (Fish Cake, Chicken Satay, Pork Wonton, Spring Roll & Pomelo Salad)

Prawns in Spicy Lemongrass and Lime Soup for Php 430

The place is good for occassions or dining in groups. 😊Food is delicious too. ❤ The winner for me is the Fried Prawns in Tamarind Sauce. (: can’t wait to go back.


It’s our second time in here after about 2 years? But it’s always a good start. ❤ Let me just warn you that everything you are about to see is SO DAMN BLISSFULLY GOOD.


Fresh Spring Roll at Php 270 – Rolled herbs, carrot, cabbage, tofu, noodles with sweet chili relish. I sincerely cannot get enough of this. I can eat this whole damn thing and I’d still want more. The sauce pushes the oomph level.


Pad Thai at Php 350 I am not the most optimistic receiver of Pad Thai but the crispiness of this one pulls it off.



Tom Yum Goong at Php 410 – Hot and Sour Shrimps. I’m actually surprised that it’s not red. But it’s just as good. 🙂

2017_0226_145201002017_0226_14523000 Kaprao Nua at Php 410 – Stir fried beef in holy basil – It was really tender. It’s not woah but it’s not bad either.


Salt Crusted Tilapia at Php 450 – This one is TOO damn salty. I know this is supposed to be but it’s at a level where it fuckin hurts your tongue and your whole mouth.


Catfish Fried Rice at Php 380 We actually ordered Bagoong Rice too.


Lime and Basil is ❤



EAT BF: Songkran

We were planning to watch suits all day.

So we had to eat lunch first.

And  one of the very few restaurants that were open on Independence Day was Songkran

It was raining that morning too and I was wet from the rain already so I wasn’t able to take

a picture of the store itself.

Nonetheless, the food was delicious. Ahh. Or am I bias? I absolutely love thai food.

We ordered ofcourse, Bagoong Rice – Php 165.



The Pork Spare Ribs – Php 225. The cuts of the meat were bite size and just perfect. It had sufficient oil and sauce to compliment the dish.



Squid with Garlic Cilantro – Php 210. I loved this. It had melts in your mouth garlic that’s not too strong.



I’ll be coming back, Songkran. I loved you.


EAT MAKATI: Simply Thai.

Another one off the list! I’ve loved Thai Food ever since I ate at Oodys. It opened my heart to try thai food because I’ve always thought that all of their food has that spice. 

Simply Thai is located at Greenbelt 5.



The whole place looks like an Elite person’s Living Room. 😀 


And they have my weakness. – pretty ceiling ornaments. 

And we were starving because we came from an enrollment. It took a while before the food came up. But we were seated comfortably in their sofas with big pillows so it kind of eases our stomachs. 


We ordered the Shrimp Cakes – 5 pieces of Delicious Shrimp ones. It was crispy and tender. It wasn’t too thick but the meat of the shrimp is not over powered by the batter. They also serve Sweet n Chili Sauce that goes perfectly with it. 


And you would’ve guessed. Love ordered Chicken Satay Php 250 – It comes with 5 sticks of chicken and with three sauces that compliments the satay just right. We also ordered the Shrimp Paste Rice. Although I wasn’t able to take a picture of it since the waiter already offered to mix it. 

Everything was perfect. I was too full when we left. We finished everything. Haha.

EAT Paranaque: Sen Lek Thai

The goal: ugh-oh. Sweat it out, to do jogging. And after? Eat.

We ended up in Santana Grove. It’s self service restaurant.

bagoong Rice Php 40 – the rice was good.((:

Thai Fried Chicken Php 120 – for two. It’s okay. It was really crispy and coated with their own sauce.

Stir Fried Seafood Php 200 – It has squid, shrimp and fish.

Quick date with my love.

EVERYDAY: Family Weekend

Started the day with the dentist.


Watched the movie Total recall with the family and had lunch at

ImageI love singaporean and thai food!! Singaporeaaaannn!!!

Hm. checked out JCO.


Hmm. But i still have to wait for loveyyy. I want our first taste of JCO together.:D