Because this is a long overdue date. We have been having issues at home, thus I feel guilty to go on dates or to go somewhere. But this guy surprised me when my class got cancelled.

We both love Thai food so there was no argument that happened. 🙂


It’s not exactly Thai when we don’t order Bagoong Rice, right? Bagoong Rice for Php 290. Good enough for 2 people.


I knew he will order Chicken – so I had to go with Seafood. We ordered Pla Som Rod for Php 375 – Crispy Tilapia, Tamarind Sauce, Crispy Shallots Thai Basil. It’s a bit expensive, yes. But it’s already in fillets – and it’s so good. I loved it. The Tamarind Sauce was also not that strong, which for me is good. It goes well with the texture of the crispy basils.


Sate Gai for Php 320. Grilled Chicken Skewer with Peanut Sauce and Cucumber and Salsa. I also liked this dish! It looks like the average Satay but it’s delicious! You don’t even need the vinegar!


Until our next, L&B! 😀


Two years after and we finally decided to go in. Our quest for Kapitolyo started when he was still courting me.
And then last saturday, we braved the doors of a small restaurant, Thai Dara.


This was included in the first batch of must try restaurants. There was a really strong smell of Thai Food when we went in.
I know what you’ll say. What are we expecting anyway, right? We’re going to eat in a thai food so expect to smell thai food.
As dumb as it sounds, the smell was overwhelming.

Anyway, white tables, white chairs and some B&W Cushions. It was simply vibrant, in a way.
Back to what really matters – food.


Bangkok Spring Rolls for Php 179. Crispy Roll stuffed with Fresh Vegetables served with sweet & sour dip.
It wasn’t that bad. But it also wasn’t what I expected. It tasted somewhat like our Filipino Lumpiang Togue. And the dip doesn’t compliment the dish perfectly.

20151107_130426 20151107_130420

Sizzling Beef for Php 279. Grilled beef served with cucumber salad and spicy dipping sauce
It came with a really spicy dip that I didn’t like. It somehow corresponded to an indian dip. BUT, this is a good but. The beef, naked beef was really good.

11220467_10153620607691878_7260039022398860060_n 12193362_10153620607656878_5273302764430494667_n

Catfish Salad for Php 199. Catfish flakes with nuts and mango salad.
I’ve always loved catfish flakes! and this one is not an exception.

20151107_130323 20151107_130310

Bagoong Rice for Php 229. Thai bagoong fried rice with sweet pork & green mango.
Why would you even eat at a thai restaurant and not order bagoong rice?:P


I can eat here again. 🙂 It wont be a problem at all.


My dad has been bragging about this place since forever. He kept telling us to eat at Smile Elephant, together with Three Sisters! But, I don’t blame him. The food was good. I’d hate for him to tell me, ”I told you so”.


They are not located at the busiest street in Kapitolyo. In fact, the street is pretty quiet. They are opposite Zagu. They also have allotted parking so no need to worry about that.


The place is really small so get ready to be seated next to other people. You can almost listen to the other table’s story of how they are discussing about the sale at Powerplant or how this guy plans on bringing his entire family to Iloilo.

IMG_4266 IMG_4270

We wanted everything on the menu. It was absolutely difficult which ones we should pick. We finally settled on Thai Spring Rolls for Php 170. It was o-kay. Nothing fancy or extraordinary though.

IMG_4285 IMG_4289

For the rice, we ordered Bagoong Fried Rice for Php 180. It’s a bit cheaper than most compared to the usual Php 220s and Php 250s. And with its price, it was still more than enough for the two of us.

IMG_4277 IMG_4282

We also ordered Squid Garlic for Php 225. It was crispy and far from being chewy and bubble gum like, that everyone hates. This is a hit! I may not be in favor of the sauce though. You can also try the Fried Basil Squid, which I wanted to try and tell me how it tastes. 🙂

IMG_4292 IMG_4296

Stir Fried Kaylan with Pork for Php 170. You can also order this for the Viand. This kaylan veggie is starting to go up against the broccoli as my top veggie. The pork was crispy and is rather a good compliment for the kaylan. Plus, the generosity of the garlic  — thumbs up!

Now I can say my father was right! Our tummys are full and smiling with eagerness for next time!

EVERYDAY: Mom’s Birthday

It’s a special day for a special someone. – And that would be the loveliest woman for my dad, and the best mom for my siblings and I. To top it off, it’s the third day of Pope Francis’ Visit here in Manila. I cannot help but think how blessed the Philippines is for gracing us with his holiness. With one year added to my Mom’s life, I am certain that with the Papal Visit, a longer and healthier life is also promised.

So you know how most of us complains how little rewards we get from all our Credit Card Usage, how we never really get anything valuable or of any use to us? Well, that’s not the case for my Mom. Sorry to break it – if you ever though she was on the same boat. Evil Laugh. I kid. But really, we got lucky. Through all the years – 10, 15 or even twenty years, my Mom has been using her SM Advantage Card every time we go on a grocery shopping, or have something to buy in the department store. And I tell you, the groceries? It’s on a weekly basis – and we are 8 in the house. We consume less than 10 grand on a weekly basis. Apart from the clothes / school year things we used to buy when we are in school.

Enough. As I was saying, we just got lucky. Someone from SMAC informed my Mom that she has an overnight stay at Nobu Manila for free. Got Lucky huh? Small Trivia: Al Pacino is one of the owners of Nobu. How cool? The evil looking – awesome actor. Anyway, I have been going on and on.


I believe this was the Deluxe Room. 2 Adults and 2 kids were allowed.


And this was waiting on our room! Happy Birthday Cake from Nobu. Ohmygod! Has anyone of you tried the N*** Cake from Cara Mia? It tastes so much like it. I love, love, love the cake. I love my mom for sharing her cake that I finished it. Muhaha. So before completely destroying the room, we stepped out to hear mass and go out for some dinner.

IMG_0422 IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0419 IMG_0418 IMG_0417

Exactly why I LOVE THAI. We ordered Squid Garlic, Pork Spring Roll, Veggie Spring Roll, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Shrimp Soup (Not in the picture), Crispy Catfish Salad (Beginning to be my favorite), Mixed Seafood with Basil.


Birthday Dinner of my Mom with the family.


And now, we ransacked the room. My Siblings and I. Though – not everyone stayed in the hotel ofcourse.


My Mom the next day — Birthday Lunch at Red Ginger, City of Dreams.


Happy Birthday, Ma. You know I love you.


EAT BF: Songkran

We were planning to watch suits all day.

So we had to eat lunch first.

And  one of the very few restaurants that were open on Independence Day was Songkran

It was raining that morning too and I was wet from the rain already so I wasn’t able to take

a picture of the store itself.

Nonetheless, the food was delicious. Ahh. Or am I bias? I absolutely love thai food.

We ordered ofcourse, Bagoong Rice – Php 165.



The Pork Spare Ribs – Php 225. The cuts of the meat were bite size and just perfect. It had sufficient oil and sauce to compliment the dish.



Squid with Garlic Cilantro – Php 210. I loved this. It had melts in your mouth garlic that’s not too strong.



I’ll be coming back, Songkran. I loved you.