Most of the restaurants that I would like to try that’s on my list are mostly what I see from Anton Diaz’s post on Ourawesomeplanet – his blog. or from other people’s post or some place that’s hidden that I just passed by.

Once upon a Milshake is originally from Singapore and is owned by Alving Ng.They opened their first stall in Science Hub, Mckinley Hill last Mid Nov 2013 and their second store in the newly opened SM BF late Nov 2013.

Everybody loves milshake. A person who doesn’t love milkshake is like a person who doesn’t like Christmas. Rich Milky Goodneessss – who wouldn’t dare try?


and they have all these cute cartoons that represents all their flavors and they have all sorts of names too.


Being a Crazy Nutella Fan that I am, ofcourse my eyes were glued to HazelNutella. But I also wanted to try Crunchy Cookie Butter and Salted Caramel.


They have Premium Flavors and the Special Flavors. All of the three that I wanted was included in their Special Flavors. For their Premium Flavors, they have sizes Mini, Regular and Large with prices of Php 85, 115 and 135.

While for all their Special Flavors, they have Mini, Regular and Large too but prices are Php 115, 135 and 155 for large.


This one is their Hazelnutella in Regular SizePhp 135 – It was creamy and rich and the Hazelnutella is very evident in their taste and not too sweet too.


My friend over here enjoyed her Salted Caramel Milkshake – It was good too but not as yummy as mine was. Hahaha.

I will buy more and try different flavors! :)) or, have my other half try something else and i’ll stick to Hazelnutella? Sounds good! See you!

EAT MAKATI: Chocolatier

Food haven for all the chocolate fanatics!

though love picked to be seated outside.

Pick our tooth enemy!

My love surprised me with my I love You icecream.(((: Thank you babe.
What Jude picked to be his tooth enemy – Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Mint and Tiramisu.

I picked 2 scoops of Ferrero Rocher and Tiramisu.
Small scoops – Php 135
Big scoops – Php 175

EAT FORT: Cold Stone

Another Birthday Treat of my Birthday Boy!

You have got to decide if you want their Signature Creations.(: or create your own icecream!
Pick your icecream flavor an all the add-ons. Then they’re going to make it infront of you and throw and pass it around.((:



Cookie Doughn’t want

My Icecream – French Vanilla with Kitkat, Cookie Dough and Chocolate Chips.

It’s both our first time!(((:
Cold Stone is at Serendra facing Market Market

EAT: Swensen: Where happiness never melts.

You can consider me a Chocolate Fanatic. May it be a whole bar of Toblerone in the morning or a pack of kisses after eating a chocolate cake – I can still manage to devour it in one sitting. So my sister tried Swensens already and she’s bringing us.


I seriously had the hardest time choosing what I will eat. Gahh. I definitely have to come to try their other combos. Calling on my liebster who should come with me next time!


We opted to buy her the Little Prince – Php 135. It’s a sundae decorated with Oreo Cookies.


My dad and my brother picked the same Icecream Combo – Sticky Chewy Choc Fanatsy – Php 255.


The sticky Chewy Choc Fantasy has two flavored scoops of Icecream you can choose from with Hot fudge and Chocolate Chips.


My mom always prefers Banana Splits. – Although she never splits with anyone. Haha. Banana Split – Php 270. It comes with three scoops of Icecream with almonds and chocolate syrup.


My sister chose the Waffle Sundae – Php 175. Its a scoop of Icecream on top of a newly baked waffle with chocolate fudge and almonds.


I, on the other hand fell for their Hot Fudge Super Sundae – php 180. Its a two scoops sundae with almonds and hot fudge drizzled over it. I then asked the waiter to add slices of banana for an additional Php 25.00

I am definitely coming back!

Swensen is at the Mall of Asia.

My Choco Banana Bread


Because my friend, betsy was asking me to teach her how to make cupcakes, I got my old culinary book again.:D and decided to reinvent the carrot cupcake recipe I had and go with banana. 🙂 PLUS, PLUS Chocolate. 😀 — just because I want everything with chocolate.


1 1/2 cup of flour

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 cup of oil

2 eggs

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon. — actually, I used more than 1 tsp. I just like the smell of it but honestly, I can never tell the taste.

3 bananas – this also depends on you.:D

and lastly, the best part.

1 cup of chocolate. – you may not buy the liquid one. just buy the bar and melt it. – its cheaper.

Salt and butter.

1. Mix the wet first. and make a fold. — make a well using the dry ingredients and place the wet one in the middle. make a fold. 🙂


Before I placed it in the oven. Bake it for 20 to 25 minutes. and check it by placing a toothipick or a fork at the center. 🙂

You have to remove it in the oven when it’s still a little wet so as not to have a dry cake,. 😀

Yeyy for my Choco Banana.:D

i’m going to try cheesecake for lovey!