It’s my birthday! 🙂 but of course, it was like any regular work day. So when I reported for work, look what greeted me:


Thank you for the early lunch of yellow cab pizzas and pasta, officemates! 🙂


The Birthday Dinner: Shrimp Feast at Bubba Gump! One of my favorite restaurants of all time. 🙂


And the birthday is complete. 🙂 On another day…


Next day? I am greeted with flowers, balloon and more happy birthdays inside stark! Thank you for the surprise, love. :))) I especially liked the balloons and my banoffee cake. 🙂


We had lunch at City of Dreams. No grand plans for the day though. :/ I decided to bring him here because it’ll be his first time. After which, watched a movie at MOA. went home, watch How to get away with Murder and Suits at home.


Thank you for the surprises and all the effort, babe. :* Thank you for my very chic nude heels. :)) I love ’em! And thank you for my colored pens! :)))


And another surprise c/o my officemates. 🙂 Thank you, All! :*


What better way to start my day with a good ‘ol breakfast right?
The Bab fetched me around 6 to spend time during the day. He told me he had to be at the office that day.
And nothing beats the French Toast of Starbucks.

After eating breakfast, (which is still too early, BTW) Starbucks was just a two-minute walk to the office.
He had this unrelenting urgency to bring me to the office.

Hurried Steps, and when the guards opened the grill doors and finally the glass doors, there it was.
A Balloon filled floor welcomed me and greeted me Good Morning! It was such a surprise.
It was surreal, even. It was a tumblr worthy picture – where girls keep re-publishing. It was that type.
Towers of Balloon guarded my place. Colorful floating things floating beside my feet.

A bouquet of my favorite flowers was waiting for me at the table. A huge Charles & Keith Bag was
patiently sitting there on my desk.
A HAPPY BDAY JANNA in big bold gold letters hang on my wall. It had a nice touch. He knows what I’d love.
The Gold Accent made it perfect. It was. It is. Perfect, I tell you.

The Branch People hovered beside me. It doesn’t seem so bad to be working on your birthday. Isn’t it?
Not only did I had to go to work, I also had my Metres Class.
BUT, the admirer fetched me from school. Because of Personal Matters, had to go to the hospital afterwards.
I squeezed in a little Birthday Dinner. Barcino — Pasta and Wine.
Thank you for making everything so special. Though the Immediate Family practically let the day pass, I have you.  

And thank you for all the Birthday Greetings! and the well wishes.
It’s a good thing the Ilocos Adventure pushed through or I’d be devastated.

THOUGHTS: If you’ve time to do anything, you’ve got time to do the right thing.


Darnell Bartons, a regular bus driver doing his usual morning rounds when he sees something unusual that others tried to ignore. He sees a woman on the other side of the ledge of a bridge, contemplating if she’ll jump. 

He then stops the bus, went to her and talked her out of it. He carries her over to the safe side of the ledge and literally sits there with her to talk. 

It’s the simple small things that we can do to other people that shows our character. When you take a little of your time to help a stranger – that’s what he did. and he says, – If you’ve time to do anything, you’ve got time to do the right thing.




Yesterday is one special day for my love.(((: it’s his birthday! And I plan to make his birthday extra special every year.
So my plan?
1. I wanted balloons on the ceiling, hanging with my letters taped to the string so it would seem floating.
2. I want lots of balloon like 30-50 to cover the whole ceiling.
3. I wanted a room – a hotel. A nice looking one. A three star would be nice.
4. I wanted to welcome his birthday at 12am and make him blow
birthday candle.
5. I wanted a hotel with a kitchen and stove because I wanted to cook for him. – to make him experience our married life in the future.
6. I wanted an awesome cake – not a random cake. I wanted a bluberry cheesecake.
7. I wanted to buy him a badminton bag and badminton clothes.
8. I wanted to bring him to Vikings for lunch.
1. Jaja doesn’t deliver balloons in Makati – so wth does her family business do? What if a client orders 100 in makati? Passh. Second, there is no party needs near LPL. And when I found one, they said the helium balloon costs php 85. So I would have to pay php 2,550 jut for balloons. Oh dilemma.
3. All the hotels are 4k above. And is far from the place we’re going to eat in.
4. My mom texted me to go home early. Hay.
5. Hotels doesn’t have a stove. Only condotels – and they’re really not that pleasing to the eyes.
6. There was no time to look for a cake. I didn’t know what excuse I can give for bringing home a cake.
7. The one thing that went right!
8. I had to go to tagaytay.
Babe, can we just go on a date today?

I designed a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE on top of the bed.(: placed the gifts on the bed. And here he is holding the badminton bag and black smart case that he requested.((:

Tryin on his gwapo bag for his games!(:

This is the married life!(((: eat, sleep, cook, smoke, scenery and talks.

We watched two episodes of our favorite – suits with lays and yanyan!((: am slept beside each other.

I cooked dinner for us!(((: i will cookfor you everyday babe! Dinner is served!

Happy happy birthday my love. I hope I surprised you.

I will love you even if life throws us curve balls and ven f the sunshine seems to be gone.

What a sweetheart!!

What a sweetheart!!

On a wednesday night after work, Judey and I decided to meet up!! :)) May 16, 2011. Upon arriving at grrenebelt, I asked him if he knew how to go to greenbelt from MRT.Sadly, He didn’t so I had to fetch him. Hihi. such a baby, my judey. And there, he gave me this, and looked for a restaurant to eat! And I suggested National Sports Grill since he is a fan of American Food!