Stock Market, BHS.

I love trying out new restaurants. An opportunity to rave on good food, if in fact it is. I do love discovering good food even before everyone gets to taste it. Opportunity to learn new dishes and get ideas on how to re-create the good and the old. 🙂                                                                                                                                       My mom, who is a seafood fanatic like me wanted to have an american lunch and she wanted to eat at TGIF again. but since we’ve been eating there for a couple of times already, I suggested that we dine in the restaurant beside TGIF, a newbie in the block which opened last year. Newbie for me, though.                      Image

We were greeted with smiles – thumbs up for their attention. I do love the place.                                             Image

The place is spacious enough and furniture are not crowded. Imageand I have a certain fascination with high ceilings. 🙂 it gives the room more light. – although my picture does not give justice. I’m sorry.The price of the food is actually expensive. Even the appetizers are already about 500 or less.                                                  We ordered Flatbread Pizzas with Arugula: Smoked Salmon, Capers and Mozzarella – Php 340Image

it was delightful. the stickiness of the mozarella was gorgeous paired with salmon and soft pitas and fried chips. Mouthful. For the main, ImageOcean Cravings, of course. seafood! Their version of shrimp – salmon – dory kebab.

ImageTheir pasta house specialty – carbonara. Who wouldn’t love cream and bacon? you will never have enough of this.

ImageAlso ordered Pork Madness which was also good with their tropical salsa dressing on the side paired with tumeric rice – sticky rice.

ImageLastly, chicken surprise! Now this is their Chicken Cordon Bleu, another house specialty. It was good, at first. But once you’ve tasted it, it’s not really something that you can finish off your plate. It is good for a normal – ordinary chicken but nothing extravagant on this one.

ImageThis is what I love about sundays! Eating out. 🙂 Hihi.

ImageI’m sorry but I just love huge mirrors in the bathroom!                                                                                  I decided to treat them for a dessert. unfortunately, the only near dessert place where we parked was white hat inside starbucks. and, we didn’t want to walk any further since it’s too freakin beach hot forever at High street unless you stroll by at night.


My mom was too full already. – Say whaatt? Haha. that was new. my mom never skips out on yogurt. and my dad, well. he’s currently avoiding bathrooms. and icecreams/yogurts = bathroom. you can follow.:) My aunt ordered plain vanilla with mangoes, My brother ordered the camper’s hat which composes of grahams, mallows and chocolate syrup, my sister ordered vanilla with strawberries and I ordered vanilla with mangoes and chocolates. 🙂 Image                                Until next time.:)                                                                                                                                 Love, if you’re reading this. I can’t wait to pasyal you sa BHS. 🙂 I love you.