Uhm? A slap in the face for vegetarians. But I’m not one and could never be one, so off to devour meat we go. πŸ˜€

Meat Depot is a place where you can buy premium meats with a better price. My bestfriend and I had no clue on what to do but one waiter was more than willing and suggesting what we should get. He was even knowledgeable on the cuts of the meat.


What to do?

  1. Choose your meat. (the price of the meat depends on the meat that you will choose. There’s no surprise either since the prices of the meat are already included in their packaging — more like shopping in the grocery)
  2. Choose the Doneness of the meat — I know a lot of people will hit me in the head but I always prefer my meat WELL DONE, with no redness in the middle. It makes me squirm and vomit and vomit again if I see or even taste blood.
  3. Choose your Sides Β (Mashed Potatoes, Fries or Rice)
  4. Choose your Sauce (Mushroom Gravy, Spicy Pepper Sauce and Cream Sauce)
  5. Get your drinks in the freezer
  6. Pay


We ordered one cut of Prime Angus Beef for a little below Php 900. And it was big enough to split into two. :)) So for others who are hesitant to try and are wary of the prices, you can split the meat. πŸ˜€ especially, if you’re pretty damn sure you cannot finish one. πŸ™‚ Our sides — Mashed Potato and Rice. Our Sauce – Mushroom Gravy. Drinks are San Mig Light Apple and Coke.


Calling the Liebster, I want to bring you here. πŸ˜€ And BTW, it’s a good thing that the bestfriend and the boyfriend prefers well done meats too. πŸ™‚


IMG_6591Tucked inside the busy street of kalayaan, a buzz went out from the quiet streets. I have been asking the jude to bring me here because who wouldn’t love words like steaks paired with affordable, right?

IMG_6594So for our orders,

IMG_6599 IMG_6614Grilled Cajun Chicken – Php 180 It was not spicy at all. I didn’t like this dish. I was expecting a chicken seasoned enormously of seasoning but this, this just tasted like a burnt one left in the stove to perish.

IMG_6606 IMG_6611

And I ordered the T-bone Steak for Php 190. The meat was plain and was tensile. The only thing worth mentioning was the barbeque sauce that came with it.


And since we were both not quite satisfied with our orders, we hoped the desert would turn our experience into a good one.

IMG_6618 IMG_6620

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes — Php 110 I never liked Brazo de Mercedes that was why I was hesitant to order this because we were already disappointed with both our orders. But to Jude’s unwavering plea, i succumbed to this desert. And boy was I grateful I gave in! It was delicious! The bottom part was cookie crumbs of lotus cookie, topped with icecream and slices of mango and what tasted like burnt marshmallows.


We do not recommend the place or okay, we do not Β recommend the dishes that we ordered. But you have to try the Brazo! πŸ˜€

EAT SUBIC: Meat Plus

I’ve never heard of Meatplus before until this day. After what seemed like 24 hours under the sun, we decided to fill our tummies with real food. We’re going straight to our food.


Grilled BBQ Chicken – Php 385


TopSirloin Steak – Php 270IMG_7923

Roast Beef – Php 320

I cannot emphasize how delicious everything is. It’s ALL GOOD.


I wouldn’t hesitate going back here. Mouth watering and affordable.