This may as well be my second favorite show next to Suits in their own room for brains and ego genre. I am not being overly dramatic but if you haven’t watched the show, you better fucking start now.. Why am I hooked?

  • There’s a twist in every episode. (May it be Chuck’s betrayal to his bestfriend or Axe’s lie to his wife, firing of Bryan or the betrayal of Taylor – like one thing happens one after the other..
  • Like One big ball of ego is running the show
  • A ton of testosterone floating in every scene.
  • Ben Kim’s elevator dance
  • Seeing that there’s a strong female lead character who only uses words to rebuild a man
  • Learning a thing or two such as Catherine the Great and horse penises or the matador perspective.
  • Because ultimately, who doesn’t want to learn about wealth and power?
  • Or Lara’s principle to teach her children a life not ruled by money
  • And heck, it’s in New York City!
  • How can you even choose between Axe and Chuck? No? Because you can’t! But I’m secretly rooting for Axe anyway.


Some good ‘ol lines from the big ball of penises:

  • What’s the point of having FUCK YOU MONEY if you never say FUCK YOU?
  • When I pull a deal off the table, I leave Nagasaki behind
  • The enemy worse than a dangerous man with unlimited resources is one without nothing to lose
  • Whenever you can, put a company in your mouth
  • The best way to bond with someone isn’t doing a favor, it’s asking for one.
  • You don’t have to outswim the shark. You just have to outswim the guy you’re scuba diving with
  • What we do has consequences, intended and unintended. The decisions we make, the actions we bring, have weight.
  • I like nightmares. When I wake up. They leave me deeply valuing my reality
  • Become anti fragile or die.
  • The fact that you can’t fully understand that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. It just means you haven’t gone beyond your own limits.
  • We all mask certain emotions. Bjorn Borg did. Eventually it will end up costing you everything
  • You were wrong. Im not human. Im a machine. Im a fucking terminator.
  • Only people with money forget about money
  • They may be cheering now. But believe me they are dying to boo.
  • Nobody leaves a negotiation happy.
  • Only a fool doesn’t look at the downside but only a coward allows it to dissuade him from that which he knows he must do.
  • But either way, GET OFF MY DICK..
  • The great never sacrifice the important for the urgent.
  • Hate is nature’s most perfect energy source. It’s endlessly renewable.

I may have to admit it – I think the character of axe is insanely hot. Brains and being a douche? Oh yes Sir! ❤


Almost every fairytale story book starts with Once upon a time…
After the first episode, like a magical rope it pulled me in, a heavy dust of magic sucked me right in the middle. I love how the plot reveals different myths and different characters. I love how it captures the essence of the stories we grew up with, tear it apart and replace some parts that are more complicated. I love how each disentangled part now consumes other tale’s gaps. I love how each character seems to know one character to the next.


Physically, I love love love Emma. I love how fair her skin is, I love the way her hair is curled and her red lips. I love Bram! I love Belle and Red Riding Hood and I also love the Evil Queen! She is pretty, can’t deny that. But my favorite character? Rumplestiltskin. If I can have a mind as quick as he has, If I can clever as he is, that confidence and vulnerability all at the same time. I love him for his mind, for his treacherous ways, his strategies and tricks, all of it.

Some of the life lessons in Season 1.
1. How far are you willing to go? — Rumplestiltskin
2. Power is seductive. — Rumplestiltskin
3. If true love is easy, everyone would have it.
4. People are going to tell you who you are your whole life. But you have to punch back and tell them, ”No. this is who I am.”. You want people to look at you differently, Make them.  —  Emma
5. You know how you walk into a situation where you know exactly what’ll happen but you go and do it anyway. And then when what you’re afraid of happens, you kick yourself cause you should’ve known better. But that’s just who you are. It’s like punishing yourself. — Snow White // Mary Margaret
6. Love’s the worse. I wish there’s a magical cure.
7. Being around you is too painful. — Snow White // Mary Margaret
8. My love grows for you with every beat of my heart.  —  Evil Queen
9. You can do anything as long as you dream it.  — Dreamy // Grumpy
10. Never Abandon family — Madhatter

I love how the stories that started with once upon a time and ended with a happy ending can now be scenic and turned into a reality. A reality where there isn’t always a prince charming ready to save you, how in the world there’s no seven dwarfs and there are no fairy godmothers.

THOUGHTS: 10 Favorite Series of all time

So listen, there maybe a lot of sitcoms or other series that are coming out, but what is your favorite series? the series that will keep you up until the next morning, the type where the laptop is plugged for hundreds of hours just so you won’t be interrupted. :)) so here’s mine:

1. Grey’s Anatomy

greys-anatomy-greys-anatomy-14052643-1024-768 Greys-Anatomy-What-if-episode-to-air

2. My Wife and Kids


3. Two and a Half Men


4. Gossip Girl


5. Sex and the City


6. The L Word


7. Big Bang Theory


8. Cougar Town


9. Friends


10. How I met your Mother


Addiction: One Tree Hill.

Nathan, Haley, Peyton. Lucas and Brooke were my friends since I started college. – and they never left. I saw this link in Facebook and I just had to share. Everything in the article was true.

Because they always stood by each other even when things got tough.

I miss One Tree Hill. :/

Friday: Suits

It’s friday and I’m excited to see my date! And I tried to be all girly.

BUT, he stood me up.:/ haha. We’ll see each other next time.
So what’s up? It’s Kuya Dudz’s last day at our branch.:( the quiet but charming lolo at our branch!

We’ll miss you and we’ll visit you at your new branch!
So what exactly happened on friday night?

I watched three episodes of Suits! 😍
1. I am shocked and happy with the Harvey – Donna thing being true.
2. Amazed by how freakin observant donna is.
3. Glad how Mike and Me. Zane bonded
4. Loved all of Donna’s clothes even more
5. Intrigued of what should my ritual be.
6. Blushed that Harvey picked donna to witness what kind of a lawyer he would be.
7. Confused by how much a man can do for his desire for power.

SCREEN: (MOVIES & SERIES) A compilation

My former dorm mate sent me a list of all the lists that I should write about. So here’s one. 🙂 And, I LOVE making lists.:))

Favorite Shows


  1. Friends
  2. How I met your mother
  3. My wife and Kids
  4. Big Bang Theory
  5. Two and Half Men
  6. That’s so Raven
  7. That 70s Show
  8. 2 Broke Girls
  9. Rules of Engagement
  10. Accidentally on Purpose
  11. According to Jim
  12. Cougar Town
  13. Don’t trust the bitch in Apartment 23
  14. Everybody loves Raymond
  15. Gary Unmarried
  16. King of Queens
  17. Mad Love
  18. New Girl

Cooking / Food

  1. Man VS Food
  2. Master Chef


  1. One Tree Hill
  2. L Word
  3. Gossip Girl
  4. Pretty Little Liars
  5. Suits


  1. Little Lulu
  2. Hey Arnold