It’s been awhile! You noticed? šŸ˜› Blessing your feed with this unnecessary photo paired with some quote that I need to keep reminding myself. . . šŸ˜€

It’s okay to have setbacks and the need for do-overs.Ā 

Move forward, take baby steps then change will come.Ā 




I know. I’ll say it anyway. My wardrobe is full of whites and blacks and plains. I don’t care. It’s what I like. šŸ˜€ Forgive my feet. This is not the actual one. I changed into red ballet flats on the way out. This top though says peek-a-boo in the middle area.

Anyway, starting with selfies, I’m planning to do a 365 Selfie Video next year. What about it? I will take 1 picture of myself from hairline to the neck area everyday for 1 year in the exact same spot, or the likes at least. Hihi. I am excited how I’ll be able to see the changes of my face.