Hiiiii! So life is fair after all! 😀 This, I guess would be the first time the group traveled outside Makati. Finally seems to be the appropriate word. Yes? And the world turns because the odds are in my favor since it’s 15 minutes away from my comforting bed.

Our late lunch was at Bi Won. 

IMG_6631 IMG_6634

We were at Bi Won around 4 in the afternoon and we were literally the only customer so we took advantage and sat on one of their private rooms. Air-conditioning were only opened when we arrived so it was more like we were being cooked alive in there rather than us, having lunch. I love korean so no doubt, it was all in my favor. :))


After which, I brought them to the newly opened Nitrogen Icecream Store and ordered 3 flavors; Cookie Monster, Milo and Tiramisu. Milo was the king of all nitrogens.

IMG_6663 IMG_6667 IMG_6660And we’re not done. Went to go grab some drinks after. Oh how I miss it. 5 more pitchers until college please? I miss not being sober. Haha. What a fun day!


It’s been too long. No. More than that, actually. I don’t know how or why we even lost touch, but we did.

We decided to have lunch with her at Spicy Fingers in Greenbelt 3.

IMG_3466 IMG_3470

Hopefully this is a start to becoming our usual twin selves.

EVERYDAY: Audit Saturday

It feels like we have been preparing for this for weeks. And do we even get for doing overtime? Rude Auditors. Yes,yes. They’re supposed to doubt. But seriously, if you can actually see that employees are doing good and having no intention of getting money from the bank, can you let us off the hook when the only thing we did wrong was not to affix our signature i full? Don’t you have a more strong basis for to reassure yourselves of the importance of your job?IMG_1162

EVERYDAY: Gift Hunting at Cuenca Bazaar

It’s my first time at Cuenca Bazaar. Every year, My friends or Mom drag me to World Trade Center for the Christmas Bazaar.
Anyway, this year I went with Nicole and Ate Twinx and her officemate, Ellen – who is so funny, BTW. Don’t be deceived of how old she looks.

IMG_8425 IMG_8428

After an exhausting day for our feet and a hellish day for my wallet, we went to Barrio Fiesta inside Ayala Alabang to eat our 5pm lunch.


We also took the time out to have our nails done at Coco Nails. You should try it here: they offer tea, juice or water and a macaroon too. 😀


Broke but happy as fuck!

EVERYDAY: Early Breakfast with Fart

The plan was to have a quick breakfast and study at the library.
So alex fetched me at Puregold across from Multinational Village.
Headed to our school, she wanted to eat somewhere in Jupiter St.

IMG_3836 IMG_3837

Too bad the traffic was terrible. Say Hello to our Hungry Faces.
We ended up studying for just an hour because of Manila Traffic. Jeez.


It’s been a while since our last Saturday Date. Hooray for today!


They have a diner set up. But they also have picnic tables to slightly soften the look. Nolita is a Self service restaurant. All of their pizzas are on the chalk board menu on the counter.


Though they have menus posted up, you can also check out the freshly baked pizzas on the counter so you still have to check if the pizzas you’ve chosen are available.


Cheeseburger Pizza – It was delicious! It was overflowing with cheese. the beef slices are generous too.


Chicken Parmesan – There was a huge chunk of chicken bits on my pizza!! I think the chicken was deep fried first before it was placed on top of it. It was delicious. Though compared to the Cheeseburger, I liked the cheeseburger better. The reason behind it? CHEESE. The Chicken Parmesan was lavished with tomato sauce. It overpowered the parmesan.


Lemonade with Alcohol – You can’t go wrong with Lemonade! and a little booze doesn’t hurt. But seriuosly, you won’t even taste the alcohol. It was G-O-O-D.


Onion Rings – I’ll rephrase that. It should be Gigantic Onion Rings. They were huge. Onions were as huge. The dip was good!


Overall? We didn’t finish anything. Each pizza was not finished. One slice can be shared by two. Everything was like American Size. Haha. But food was good. :)))

Saturdate with my Mom.

I decided to treat my mom. 😀 Lunch at Cafe France at Glorietta.


Tray Cotour ; Pierre. — Crab Sandwich with Seafood Marinara Pasta.


My lunch, tray cotour : Marguerite. — Classic Clubhouse sandwich with Shrimp Pesto pasta. :)) Yeyyyy. Both are only Php 250. It was worth it. It comes with a tall glass drink with (Four Seasons or Iced Tea) 😀 Plus, an appetizer of  bread sticks with mango puree and a piece of chocolate dessert! .:D

I missed spending time with her, alone. What a fulfilling lunch.:D