It seems like all we do is eat. Might as well eat something heavenly right? Worth the calories and peso!


SALT! Favorite. makes everything extra extra yum yum  in my tum tum! 😀


This Unlimited Grill and Shabu Shabu is only Php 699 per head. This meal already gives you access to unlimited beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, noodles, rice and drinks. WORTH YOUR BUCKS, I tell you!


If you want to pig out, if you’re celebrating something – then this si definitely the place. Finished our dinner with stomachs about to burst open.



If you happen to be a Kapitolyo Fan just like us, then you would know how hot Locavore is. right?
Locavore is located in the not so popular side streets. 20160213_173653

What else to order besides the famous Sizzling Sinigang na Baboy for Php 475.
Beef short ribs, sauteed french beans, sampaloc gravy and garlic confit.

It was superb with a triple okay hand sign if I actually have three hands. It had no soup, obviously. It was placed in a sizzling plate. But there are remnants of ‘sauce’ which absolutely tasted like an actual SINIGANG. If you’re not convinced so far, then let me put it out there. The vegetables were crispy. The meat was tender. Need I say more?

Aside from that, we also ordered Street Food Platter for Php 180.00
Fishball, Squidball, Kikiam, Kwek-kwek served with Manon’g sauce, sweet chili and honey vinegar.


There’s not much to say. As if there are really any difference with street foods. There’s none.
Except that I like this one because the squid balls was definitely not reheated – it still had its crisp.

And ofcourse he had to order a chicken dish.
Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken for Php 220.00
House special glazed boneless fried chicken.


Glazed Chicken. Surprisingly, I actually liked this dish. Their mix of marinated spices was so good.
The size was monstrous.


All in all, I LOVE LOCAVORE.
I need to try the rest of the dishes. I’ll bring my family here. Until next time, Locavore!


We finally tried Bad Bird! Yehey! Come to think of it, he was as much as excited as I am to try this!

Bad Bird is located in the Hole in the Wall group of small restaurants in Century Mall in Makati.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the store itself as the line was too long. It seems a lot of people are eager to try this or they might probably be going back for their second, third or fourth time already. So here’s what we ordered.

IMG_3423 IMG_3434

Fried Chicken Plates – Dirty Rice – Php 320 The rice was mixed with bacon, chicken liver, tamago, kimchi and bonito flakes. I was hesitant at first since there was chicken liver. But the rice was good! It definitely compliments the chicken.

IMG_3427 IMG_3431  Fried Chicken Plate – Waffle Plate – Php 290 Oh my goodness! I don’t know if it was the butter or what. But the waffle is G – DOUBLE O – D, GOOD.

IMG_3437Beside the Bad Bird, are a stand full of hand crafted beers in a bottle. It was expensive though. It costs about Php 220 for a bottle. We just wanted to try. I opted for this Summer Session, which has a sweet taste to it but you can still taste the hint of the beer. While Jude ordered a beer concocted with a mix of orange. It was sweet too. But I would recommend the Summer Session better.

All in All, the Bad Bird is definitely not a Bad Choice. The Chicken was filled with so much flavor. The crispiness was right on point. :))


Thank God for Facebook and Thank God for Social Media. While I was scanning my news feed, I came across this shared post: If you love books, blah blah. Now, you see, books and coffee — All me.

And when I saw a Holiday, bam! I dragged the Jude with me.

IMG_9883 IMG_9885 IMG_9886

Would you look at homey and how comforting the place looks?:))) Such a nice backdrop to everything in every corner. I love, love, love how the owners designed the place.

IMG_9890 IMG_9891

Since it’s our first time, We didn’t actually know what was good. The owner, who is so pleasant and amicable in every way told us that it was their pizzas that was the best seller. 😀


Turkish Coffee – First time to try it. It tasted different – even Judey who loves brewed coffee. I don’t know much about coffee but to me it tasted more like a tea, it has a sweet remnants.


Cappuccino – It was a bit on the strong side. I’m on the sweet grass – therefore, this is not for me.IMG_9897

But this pizza, you can never go wrong with their All Meat Pizza. The size was huge but no worries, it’s super thin. We almost finished everything. We only held out for so long since we had another lunch to go to. I suggest you order their pizza. :))


This can definitely go up to my study places. 😀 I’ll be coming back!

EAT: DEFINITELY MORE Restaurants to Try.

This was my post last July of this year – 2013. Restaurants that I would want to try.


  1. NAV Modern Thai Cusine ***
  2. Longanisa Sopresa
  3. Café Juanita ***
  4. Eleven Tables
  5. Ramen Cool ***
  6. Haru Sushi
  7. Three Sisters
  8. Epic Café
  9. Briggy Hall
  10. Thai Dara
  11. Lia’s Cakes
  12. Runner’s Burger
  13. Bull Chef
  14. Silantro – Fil-Mexican
  15. Juanito’s Bistro

What about in Makati? In Legaspi Village

  1. Cantina Deliciosa
  2. Rodic’s Diner
  3. Homey’s Café
  4. Swagat Indian Cuisine
  5. La Grotta Cucina Italia
  6. Murphy’s Irish Pub
  7. Plantation Bar
  8. Balkan
  9. Spring by Ha Yuan

And in Salcedo Village?

  1. Claudette’s ***
  2. Relish
  3. Adobo Connection ***
  4. Kang’s Korean Grocery
  5. Z’s Sausage Deli
  6. Bugong
  7. Warong Indo
  8. Shokuji
  9. Brewkus
  10. Songkran
  11. The Galley
  12. Savor Park Cafe
  13. New Bombay
  14. Alexa’s Deli
  15. New Maki
  16. Elbert’s Steak Room
  17. Top of the City
  18. Terry Selection
  19. Chocolate Fire ***
  20. Apartment 1b ***
  21. Bowler
  22. 121 Bar and Grille

Fort Area

  1. Gram’s Diner
  2. Aria
  3. Wrong Ramen
  4. Wildflour
  5. Nolita
  6. Chelsea
  7. Village Tavern


  1. 4fingers
  2. Movie Stars Café’ ***
  3. Swensen
  4. Vikings
  5. Buffet 101


  1. Canteen at Trilogy Boutique
  2. Masseto
  3. Boon tong kee
  4. Juju Eats
  5. Modern Shanghai


  1. Howzat sports Bar
  2. Oodys ***
  3. Frazzled Cook
  4. Stoops
  5. Flour Girl
  6. Cupcake Lab
  7. Lime 88
  8. Bucky’s Brownies
  9. Manor
  10. East Café
  11. Greek Kouzina
  12. Wingman ***
  13. The Habit
  14. Mangetsu

PLUS. My list Last September

1. Simply Thai
2. Tipsy Pig in Capital Commons – not yet open
3. Silantro – I was told the Lamb Chomps are to die for!
4. Wildflour – expensive. :/
5. Chilli WILLYS
6. Seoul Barbeque
7. Cannan Bistro – Katipunan
8. Kamirori – Katipunan
9. Friuli Trattoria – Maginhawa St.
10. Ababu Persian Kitchen – Xavierville Ave
11. Ken Afford – Katipunan
12. Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza – Katipunan
13. The Burger Project – Maginhawa St
14. Torch – Greenhills
15. Mile Hi Diner – Katipunan
16. Gayuma ni Maria – Maginhawa St.
17. Delish – Maginhawa St.
18. Isabelo Garden Restautant – Marikina
19. Moshi Moshi – Katipunan
20. Nomama – Scout Tuason
21. Geisha – Greenbelt
22. Publiko
23. Tito Chef ***
24. Project Pie ***
25. Wooden Spoon
26. Stella
27. Lucia Ristorante
28. Celadon

Okaaaayy. So I haven’t been on track. Haha. More? Yes. 

  1. 8cuts
  2. Pinac
  3. Kos Ouzeri
  4. Café Shibuya
  5. Casa Verde
  6. Red Onion Café
  7. Tokyo Toriteki
  8. Burgers & Brewskies
  9. One upon a milkshake
  10. Hatch 22
  11. Beantology
  12. Lemonade
  13. Main Street

Anyone? Eat with me? I have to keep up! 

EAT Pasay: Movie Stars Cafe

There are two goals for today. First, spend the day with my tootskeedoodles and best buddy in cave no. 4. Second, cross out one of the restaurants on my list. So. Where to?



Okay, I have to say. Just so you won’t waste your time: Don’t go during the day.
At the opposite end of the place, there’s a stage where I suppose all the activities happen. They have couches and woods.

On the other side is where this dinosaur stands where the buffet is served and where the food is being cooked.

Giant movie characters also surround the place like this one. My love with Ironman. They also have Ranger, Batman and Spiderman.

Quadruplets! While waiting for the other two.

My awesome drink. Sour Mix Php 175

Tequila Sunrise Php 175 It doesn’t even taste like alcohol.(((: it only tastes orangey.

Hollywood Boulevard Php 420 It’s composed of chili poppers, shrimp popcorn, onion rings and calamari served with three dips.

Vertigo Php 550 Sirloin with mushroom tossed in ginger soy sauce on top of the rice

Star Wars Php 550 Wok fried glazed chicken with sou garlic sauce topped with toasted sesame seeds.

My love, myself, paul, pleia, bianca and aceeh. Threesome twosome.((:

The Verdict? It’s too expensive for their serving. There’s nothing extraordinary about it.