EVERYDAY: Big Bad Wolf 2020

I have been meaning to go for the longest time! The BBW already visited the Philippines for a total of 5 times, even going all the way to Davao and Cebu. But this is my first time. ❤

It’s really good that they are fostering the habit of reading by allowing people to purchase books for a much lower price compared to established bookstores.

The Sale ran from February 14 until 24 and is open 24 hours. Imagine that! We went to the BBW Sale on its last day, Feb 24 around 2:00 pm and we finished about 4:30 pm. Also, they don’t have an entrance fee! 🙂

They have different sections such as; Business/Economics, Romance, Young Adult, Coloring Book,Activity Books, Religion, Self-Help, Crime/Thriller, Graphic Novel and Science Fiction.

I chose 11 books but we only bought 7! It’s also nice to set a specific budget because it can be a bit overwhelming! The 11 books that we chose:

  • World’s Greatest Idea
  • Secret Religions
  • 12 years a slave
  • Quench your own thirst
  • Risk to Succeed
  • Take the lead
  • Edge
  • Things I wish I’d known
  • The wisdom of Groundhog Day
  • How we got to Now
  • Likeable Business

From the books that I’ve seen, the prices are at Php 190, 230 and 290 only. What a catch! And Tip? To help you sort and filter, search for the books first. There are hundreds of reviews for each book available on the web.

The husband ended up buying Secret Religions, World’s Greatest Idea and 12 years a Slave.

I, on the other hand did not really look into YA and Fiction since I can look them up online and download them. Instead, I focused on Self Help, Business books I can keep eventually. I bought Edge, Quench your own thirst, Risk to Succeed and Take the Lead.

I’m so happy. Hope to be able to attend the succeeding BBW Sale here in Manila. Thank you hubby for taking me. ❤

BOOK: 2020 Reading Challenge

Okay! So I read a total of 24 books last year.
With all that is happening last year, and being able to surpass my book count, I’d like to dare myself to follow a reading challenge this year.
2019 Books
I asked one of my colleagues, who also loves reading to choose a book for me. I gave her a list of 25 categories in which she would get to pick what book.
So aside from the books that I personally want to read, I’d like to follow the list below:
1. Book becoming a movie in 2020 – P.S. I still love you by Jenny Han
2. Goodreads Winner in 2019 – The testaments by Margaret Atwood
3. Less than 200 pages – The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
4. By an Author of Color – The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon
5. A love story – Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid
6. Title with 5 words or More – Dear Heart, I hate you
7. More than 400 pages – Girl in Pieces by  Kathleen Gasgow
8. Famous Author you’ve never read – The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
9. Set in Asia – Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
10. Reread a Childhood Favorite – A light in the Attic
11. Genre you don’t usually read – Carrie by Stephen King
12. A book everyone is talking about – A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin
13. Recommended by a family member – Normal People by Sally Rooney
14. About a Controversial Topic – Forbidden by Tabitha
15. The next book in a series – This Girl by Colleen Hoover
16. Debut Novel – The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
17. A book you haven’t read by an author you love – Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
18. With a color in the title  – Will Grayson, Will Grayson
19. A book about politics – Engines of Privilege 
20. By a Local Author – The woman who had two navels by Nick Joaquin
21. With two authors – Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian
22. 2020 New Release – American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins
23. A Book you saw someone reading – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
24. A Self Improvement book – The Subtle Art of not giving a fck 
Posting this here not only to share but my strategy to actually follow through. 😛
Currently, reading Skylarks now. After, will start with this challenge.
Mind sharing what you are reading now? ❤


Hiiii! This is just my way of keeping tabs on the books that I’ve read. So let me just list it down here. Okay?

  1. A long way down by Nick Hornby
  2. The gift of Acabar by Og Mandino
  3. More than her
  4. This is where I leave you
  5. Stargirl
  6. The Great Gatsby
  7. Never Never
  8. Beautiful you
  9. Never Eighteen
  10. Maybe Someday
  11. Kite Runner
  12. The Greatest Miracle in the world
  13. Gracefully Grayson
  14. Lift
  15. All the Bright Places
  16. Slammed
  17. The Perfectionists
  18. Playlist for the Dead
  19. Truest
  20. Colorless Tzukuru Takazaki

BOOK: 2016 Reading Challenge

As Goodreads, kept reminding me of my Reading Challenge, I will now have to post my Book List. I challenged myself to read at least 25 books this year.

I have with me e-books. So I’m going to take advantage of those.

  1. The Girl who kissed a lie – DONE
  2. Me before you – CURRENTLY READING
  3. Always you
  4. I’ll give you the sun
  5. How I fly
  6. Love letters to the dead
  7. November 9
  8. Made you up
  9. The start of everything
  10. When summer ends
  11. Lola and the Boy next door
  12. Isla and the happily ever after
  13. Anna and the french kiss
  14. The rest of us just lives here
  15. Norwegian wood
  16. The lovesick cure
  17. Say what you will
  18. We were liars

Books I need to buy (only because it’s listed on the must read list)

  1. A clockwork Orange
  2. The April Witch
  3. Heaven has no favorites
  4. 1984
  5. Light breathing
  6. One hundred years of solitude
  7. The prince
  8. Lolita
  9. The master & margarita

Do you have any recommendations? Any books you’d like me to read first? What are your favorites? Please share it with me. 


BOOK REVIEW : More than her by Jay Mc Lean

The story of Logan and Amanda. It all started with one date that dragged on to a series of events. It’s a story of how one date, one night and one guy can make Amanda fall in love completely and leave behind his long time boyfriend Tyson. After leaving behind Tyson, with the purest of heart filled with hope and love for Logan, she was devastated upon not hearing from Logan the next day, or the next day, or the next week, or the next months.

Logan on their first date – Amanda didn’t want to go at first.

Logan:                   7 days to go.

Amanda:              Really, asshole? A count down?

Logan:                   6 days to go. I bet you can’t wait to see me.

Amanda:              I’m already regretting this.

Logan:                   5 days to go. OMG! What am I going to wear?

Amanda:              I thought I told you not to contact me for a week.

Logan:                   4 days to go. Seriously though, what do you want to do?

Amanda:              Not go on a date with you?

Logan:                   3 days to go. I’m getting pretty fucking excited to see you.

Amanda:              Shut up.

Logan:                   2 days to go. Just thought I’d remind you in case you had forgotten.

Amanda:              Who is this?

Logan:                   1 day to go. I’ll call you tomorrow.

Amanda:              I’ll be busy.

Logan and his way of saying the three words:

‘’I know that you’ve said those words before. I get that you’ve been in love with someone else, and that’s fine. But I haven’t. Not before you. I can’t give you much or anything at all. But when I say those words to you, it won’t be just words – it will be me giving you something that means something. And you deserve to know that, to feel that. SO please, let me be the first to say it – because I need to be able to at least give you that – and when I do – those three words will be yours, forever. And so will I’’.

You know what my favorite part of the day is? It’s those few seconds in the morning, when my mind wakes up but my body hasn’t, and I feel you in my arms. And I know that when I open my eyes, it’s you that I get to see.

Logan’s Dad:      She makes you happy, son?

Logan:                   No. She makes me whole.

Amanda:              You kiss my wrist – you do that a lot. Why?

Logan:                   I don’t know. It’s like my lips – on your pulse. I can feel your heart beating and know that you’re here. I guess sometimes I find it hard to believe that you’re real – and that you’re mine.

Logan:                   When she wasn’t around, I missed the shit out of her. When she was around, I didn’t want to leave her side, if you called me a pussy right now, I’d tell you it was valid.

Logan:                   It’s official. She has my balls and she’s not giving it them back. Ever.

BOOK REVIEW : Eleven Minutes – Paulo Coelho


Contary to what other people has been telling me, 11 minutes is not all about the big word – SEX. It may revolve around a girl who became a prostitute on her way of discovering her dreams. But it runs deeper than her profession. As I see it, this girl learned life in the process.
Here are some of the things I think are noteworthy words of Paulo in this book.

Sometimes, life is very mean. A person can spend days, weeks, months and years without feeling anything new. Then, when a door opens, a positive avalanche pours in. One moment, you have nothing, the next, you have more than you can cope with.

The most important experiences a man can have are those that take him to the limit – that is the only way we learn, because it requires all courage.

The fire that provoked by the spark soon burned out.

The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share things with.

Considering the way the world is, one happy day is a miracle.

‘I am two women. One wants to have all the joy, passion and adventure that life can give me. The other wants to be a slave to routine, to family life, to the things that can be planted and achieved.’

You awaken desire by not immediately handing over the object of that desire.

Because endings are always more difficult than beginning

The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate fragility

If you want to achieve your objectives, you have to be prepared for a daily dose of pain or discomfort. It’s unpleasant and demotivating, but in time you come to realize that its part of the process of feeling good. .

Sex has come to be used as some kind of drug; in order to escape reality, to forget about problems, to relax.

Two people who live together and love each other need to adjust the hands of their clocks, with patience and perseverance, games.

We don’t need theater to find suffering. Life offers us more than enough opportunities.

After all, we human beings, we are born full of guilt, we feel terrified when happiness becomes a real possibility; and we die wanting to punish everyone else because we feel impotent, ill-used and happy.

BOOK: Hunting


I passed by Powerbooks awhile ago and they told me that Fab five and Bo of Mitch Albom is phased out already. :/ And just before posting this, I was sincerely trying to find an e-book. – None.

Frustrating. I really wanna read it. — Even if it’s not a physical one, but no. There really isn’t any. 😦

Though, I found some books again. Hihi. Didn’t buy it though. 🙂 I’m trying to save. I know that downloading E-books is the opposite of supporting the authors – by means of ‘pirate-ing’ it, but I just really want to save. So, I’ll be looking for these later or tomorrow. I’m starting to get drowsy already.

Here is my new list. Hihi. Although I’m pretty sure a hundred more will add to this list when I go visit a bookstore again.

1. The next level by David Gregory

2. Today’s the Day by Jim Stowall

3. Choose them Wisely by Mike Dooley

4. Stories at Nightime and Some for the Day by Ben Loory

5. Life is Elsewhere by Milan Kundera

6. A suitable boy by Vikram Seth

7. Of God and Men by Raymond Alikpala    (He’s a Filipino)

8. The best advice I ever got by Katie Couric



BOOK REVIEW: For One more Day by Mitch Albom

If you’ve read my previous posts, Judey and I went to MIBF – Manila’s International Book Fair. And we both agreed on 1 book. There it was on a separate stand, all in hardbound. Our eyes lit up. It’s a book. another best seller, I assume, or rather I hope. No, I know it will be since it is by Mitch Albom – The Timekeeper. If you’ve read all the other books that he has written, it is worth buying and definitely a must-read. Though he doesn’t write about  passionate lovers and all the happy ending of other non platonic love affairs,

he writes stories that matter – stories that touches your heart – stories that will make you sink in to your bed and reflect on your own life. and that’s what good stories are

They challenge you.

They make you think.

They make you question things.

They change you.

And now that I’m re-reading One more day, I’ve decided to at least try to write down all the times my mom stood up for me – if it’s even remotely possible to put into black and white the ‘bottomless well of love’ mothers have for their children, just as how Chick Benetto puts it.

As I am typing this very word, my mom opened the door and reminded me to sleep early, kissed me and asked me how my day went. 🙂 🙂

P.S.  I only noticed now that Albom wrote two books that I wasn’t aware of ; Fab Five and Bo. – I’ll try to look for it and read it. 🙂

BOOK: My list of Books

Management and Self-help Books Author
Introduction to Logic Irving Copen
The Law on Obligations and Contract Hector De Leon
IDIOT’s Guide to Starting your own Business Alpha Books
Winning with people Workbook John Maxwell
Talent is never enough John Maxwell
Leadership 101 John Maxwell
The power of attitude John Maxwell
the 21 indispensable qualities of a leader John Maxwell
How to finance your business Entrepreneur Magazine
Go put your strengths at work Marcus Buckingham
First, break all the rules Marcus Buckingham
Something more Sarah Ban Breathnach
A whack on the side of the head Roger Von Oech
Leading with a limp Dan b. Allender
Who killed change Ken Blanchard
Gung Ho Ken Blanchard
Get a life Paul Valler
Teenage Life Jenny King
Your Competitive Edge Dr. Jeffrey Brown
The 9 ways of working Michael Goldberg
Carolyn 101 Carolyn Kepcher
Wishing Elizabeth Harper
Boy Meets Girl Joshua Harris
Effective Motivation John Adair
The management guide to motivating Ken keenan
Don’t sweat the small stuff Richard Carlson
Life changers dreamers and doers Robert Schuller
You can do it John Mason
The Best Half of life Dr. David Niven
60 Seconds and You’re hired Robin Ryan
Maybe, Maybe Not Robert Fulghum
If life is a game, these are the rules Dr. Cherrie Scott
7 habits of higly effective people
Not so Famous Books Author
Lucky Charm Carly Phillips
The Little Lady agency in the Big Apple Hester Browne
Cherry on top Kathleen Long
My bestfriend’s girl Dorothy Koomson
Shooting the Moon V.M. Jones
Take Down W.G. Griffiths
The distance from the heart of things Ashley Warlick
Mr. Maybe Jane Green
Goodnight Stevie Mcqueen Louise Wener
The Best of American Short Stories Stephen King
For the love of lori Veronica Ladd
Fiction Books Author
True Believer Nicholas Sparks
The rescue Nicholas Sparks
The wedding Nicholas Sparks
The best of me Nicholas Sparks
Me and Mr. Darcy Alexandra Potter
Be careful what you wish for Alexandra Potter
Aleph Paulo Coelho
Like the flowing River Paulo Coelho
The winner stands alone Paulo Coelho
The Zahir Paulo Coelho
By the river piedra I sat down and wept Paulo Coelho
The witch of Portobello Paulo Coelho
The five people you meet In heaven Mitch Albom
Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom
Have a little faith Mitch Albom
For one more day Mitch Albom
The book thief Marcus Zusak
Love the One you’re with Emily Griffin
There’s no place like here Cecilia Ahern
Sundays at Tiffany’s James pattersom
The almost moon Alice Sebold
Dead until dark Charlaine Harris
To kill a mocking bird Harper Lee
Me talk pretty one day David Sedaris
Love in the time of cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Twilight Stephenie Meyer
New Moon Stephenie Meyer
Eclipse Stephenie Meyer
Breaking Dawn Stephenie Meyer
Emma Jane Austen
Persuasion Jane Austen
A  Midsummer Nights’s Dream William Shakespeare
Life of Pi Yann Martel
The giver Lois Lowry
Soft Copy Books Author
Fifty Shades of Grey E L James
Fifty Shades Darker E L James
Fifty Shades Darker E L James
Delaing with difficult People Elizabeth Gilbert
Eat Pray Love Elizabeth Gilbert
The Guardian Nicholas Sparks
Safe Haven Nicholas Sparks
Three Mistakes of my life Chetan Bhagat
Once and Always Judith Mcnaught
The prince’s Forbidden Virgin Robyn Donald
Message in a bottle Nicholas Sparks
The Alchemist Paulo Coelho
Perfect you Elizabeth Scott

Now that you know what kind of books i’m interested in, can you suggest me some?:))