EVERYDAY: Jeska turns 30

Picture 139 Everytime someone reaches 30 or 40 or 50, someone says – 30 is the new 20 or 40 is the new 20 and 50 is the new 20. Funny, isn’t it? How one tries to manipulate one’s age.

Picture 140

So let us all welcome my sister into Adulthood.
Being a wife already, She might actually try to act 30 and be responsible already.
Picture 122
Goodluck and Happy, Happy Birthday Sister!

Signs of Immaturity

(This was actually Last Tuesday)

Because I left the office at around 6:20 pm, the roads in Dela Costa were jammed. :l When I say jammed, that would mean, staying put in one place for 20 to 30 minutes. – I am not kidding. :l  So, we listened to the radio and the DJs in 89.9 were discussing signs that would show immaturity. J Nay. I just found it interesting – even the contributions of the callers. Their first ever caller struck me.

He said; A man is mature enough when he stops watching porn or masturbating, per se. Hahaha. And yes, this is accepted. It was a Boy’s night out so it was expected. Hmm. I think, Boys will never outgrow it? It is in every cell in their body – carnal desire for women. Lust. It is how they are made. (Pardon that thought) Haha. Let’s just say, Men hmm. They are able to stop watching porn or doing it themselves because they have someone to do it for them / with them. – Girlfriends or Wives or some bimbo.

Okay, So that’s one.

2. When he/she learns to say no – We never say No to someone. Are you going to my party? ‘I’ll try’’ is still not a no. Maybe in this ‘matampuhin’ country, we’re afraid to hurt people’s feelings. And always saying yes is another way for you to be accepted in a group.


3. Accepts forgiveness.


4. He is immature when he gets mad when you are not able to reply in a minute. – When one clings too much. Well, I do this sometimes as a lambing. But, when someone gets mad-really mad, there’s a problem. Suffocating.


5. When one only knows how to talk about his self. – When every conversation ends up landing “I have that too. I bought mine at blah blah” or, ‘I’ve been there, My folks were renting the most expensive hotel” “I, I, I, I”


6. A Faultfinder – Okay, I’ll admit this one. Only if I’m jealous but otherwise, I’m trying to be genuinely good. I’m trying to find good about the person.


7. When one dirtyfinger-s or curses at the window when someone overtakes. – Boys will Boys but women like MEN.


8. Mature when he has financial knowledge. – When one saves and thinks about the future. He knows where to invest, the nitty gritty of everything on financial security.


9. Decision Making – Man up, know what you want. You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do, where to go or what to choose.


10. When one needs to compete every time. – When everything turns to a competition.


11. Too playful. – Women like men with a sense of humor. Sense of Humor is different with just being Silly.


Gaah. There are so many things I can add to this but I’m sleepy already.

So, Is your someone immature? Your friends? Or are you admittedly immature yourself? What are the other signs that the person needs to be grow up a little bit more?