When I was in the middle of my Strama Class, most weekends were spent at each other’s houses – writing my paper, editing my powerpoint, learning my financials and so on.. I’m just really grateful how helpful and understanding the boyfriend is when it comes to our dates — which is mostly spent in coffee shops with a laptop in tow.

So, one particular saturday – spent at my house doing strama — we decided to dine out for dinner at BF — Ramen Kuroda.

See their menu:

ramen kuroda

The boyfriend ordered the Gyoza + Aka Ramen for Php 320 since he likes the Gyoza.


While I, having no choice but to order the Teriyaki + Shiro Set for Php 320


Since it’s so practical to order the Set Menu, we did. If you are planning to treat others, Ramen Kuroda is practical. 😀

EAT FORT: Ramen Nagi

Since I tried Kichitora, he thought that he can persuade me to another one. He doesn’t give up until I budge in. Hence, we ended up at Ramen Nagi.
I’ve never been to Japan but I reckon that this is really how their restaurants looked like. Red banners hanging on the wall and the servers will greet you once you go in and out of their doors.

So they have this food board for every customer. You get to tick of all your choices from the richness of your soup, tenderness of your noodles, level of spicyness up to the parts of your meat. I wasn’t able to take a picture of it though.

IMG_7585 IMG_7590Original King (Butao) Php 390 – It was rich and milky. I have no delectable words for it. It’s not woah. though don’t take my word for it. I’m not a fan.

IMG_7588 IMG_7587

Red King (Akao) Php 410 – This is the spicy version of my order. And it is, really spicy. Though you can lessen it through the board earlier.

The Ramen fan spoke. Kichitora is still his number 1.

EAT ORTIGAS: Kichitora

Birthday Dinner at his choice.


You’ve read this a lot in my blog: I don’t like Ramen. But since it was his birthday, his wish was to eat at Kichitora. Then I gave in.

He ordered for us –


It wasn’t that bad. Serving was definitely worthy of the price. I was too full that I can swear the noodles expanded in my stomach. It wasn’t cravings-worthy for me unless it was pouring really hard outside and I wanted something hot. But it wasn’t bad either.


Would I come back? Only if he asks.


We asked why they named the restaurant nomama. The answer was simple: Not your Mama’s  Ramen. Why? I have no idea either. 

We ate at Capitol Commons branch. and boy was it hard to find a parking slot. Passh.


They had high ceilings! 😀


And this right here is the instagram worthy corner. HIhi. Too bad though because the window that you see on the left? that’s their kitchen. So if you’re seated there, waiters will be passing time and again. 


Nomama’s Menu. 


Our starving faces and hungry stomachs. 


Tori Karage Slider – Php 195 This is not an appetizer. You can finish this as your main meal already. Nothing special in their chicken. But the japanese slaw made all the difference. Yummmyy!


Nomama Ramen – Php 245 Junior Size. I’m telling you, stick with the junior size. The Regular one is a monster. It’s a house pork stock, special miso-sesame blend,chasu and tomago. I don’t know anything about ramen and I’m not a fan. But this one though when I tasted it, it’s the taste you’ll get tired of after 4 to 5 spoons already. 


Prawn Ramen – Php 290. Seared Fresh Tiger Prawn in white miso broth. This comes with two huge prawns. And the soup tastes exactly like a shrimp. 


Nutella Stuffed Cookie topped with Vanilla Bean Icecream. It was a soft cookie batch and tough you might picture a gooey sticky nutella crawling out of the cookie, it wasn’t like that. The nutella was kind of meshed together in bulk. Ice cream was good too and they also had cocoa on the side. Nevermind the strawberries. Haha. 


A lovely dinner with my love trying out a new one again. I love you, babe. 

EAT: Kapitolyo Eats: Ramen Cool

After our wasted morning, We decided to head down to Kapitolyo and cross out one on our list: Ramen Cool. — I’ve always wanted to try this but my favorite person actually recently discovered Ramen through his colleagues. Blah blah. Still hate you.


Place was not crowded. It was bright and clean.


Yay! Couches. :))


Tuna Sashimi.


Love’s Ramen.


Crabmeat Mixed Rice