It’s been awhile! You noticed? 😛 Blessing your feed with this unnecessary photo paired with some quote that I need to keep reminding myself. . . 😀

It’s okay to have setbacks and the need for do-overs. 

Move forward, take baby steps then change will come. 


LEARN: Think Big, Start Small

Imagine walking along an outdoor trail during the middle of a pitch-black night. You’re a few hundred feet from your campground, and you have only a small flashlight to illuminate the path in front of you. Provided you know which way to go, it would be foolish to sit down and wait for the sun to rise—allowing you to see all the way to your campground—before continuing on your way. So long as you’re moving in the right direction, it does not matter that you can only see a few feet in front of you. To get where you want do go, you only have to take one step at a time.

As a leader, don’t expect to understand everything that’s required to see your vision come to fruition. Just take the next step. Too many people hesitate to begin because they cannot comprehend the entire journey.

People love to talk about their dreams; they come alive when they share their hopes for the future. However, a dream remains fanciful until you pursue it, in small ways, during your everyday routine. The daily things you do determine whether your dreams come true.
– John Maxwell

A hope sparks.

I know that I shouldn’t be spending too much time on blogging but hey, this is considered being productive compared to endless scrolling of pictures on Instagram right?


Can you guess why I am so hyped? No? It’s because I’m about to start with my much needed postgraduate studies. Fist pump to the ceiling. – yes, a line from Fifty Shades. If you’ve been a follower for quite some time, you would have probably read my complaints about my work – my very unfulfilling work.


Can you just imagine how this shimmery shining opportunity looks like to me? It’s an escape and a means for me to meet new people other than my 7 colleagues. Yes, seven. Excluding the 2 guards and our messenger. It’s a way for me to dust my self-worth that was crumpled and stepped on due to the circumstances that followed my employment. It’s a time for me to reboot my mind and keep growing as an individual.


I am deeply excited to hear new intellectual ideas that will boggle my mind and accept new challenges. Actually, in the naked truth, I am scared of my subjects and my possible classmates. I am scared that I wont be able to participate and contribute to the class that much due to my limited experience. I am scared of not being able to meet the professor’s expectations of those who are working already. I am scared of missing my classes and not being there on time. I am scared of my own shortcomings.


But I know that I need to do this and that I want to do this. One thing absolute here is that I will make some mistakes, that’s for sure. But the thing is – I want to better myself. My eagerness to improve and learn will push me to strive and study hard.


So now, I’m going to get all 4.0s in all my subjects. I will do well and share my knowledge and experiences. My work will improve. I’m going to reach my quota and beyond it. Everything will be great in God’s time.


Yup, I’m claiming it.