BOOK: Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav

So I only started reading this book about 3 hours ago. But as you all know, this is a poetry book so I had time on my side. Compared to Atticus, Lang Leav’s has titles.
These are the pages that had an impact on me:
  • New Beginnings
  • Contentment
  • Moving on
  • We Never Broke Up
  • Writing
  • My Life
  • When it’s Over
  • The one thing
  • Smoke & Mirrors
  • Thoughts on Letting Go
  • Over
  • Back to Life
  • Too Far In
  • Borrowed Love
  • Crazy Love
  • Who you Love
  • Transcript of your Heart
  • To Love you
  • Be the One
  • For yours
  • The Girl you once had
  • How it Ends
Although there seems to be a lot pages marked, I also think there’s a lot of poems in the book that had no absolute effect on me. It felt like they were just there to make the book longer and make it seem full.

BOOK: Love her wild by Atticus

Fear of not being able to finish a book for the month of Feb, I immediately resorted to having to read a poetry book – which I know would only require me less time. I know, I know.. I’m taking the easy road here. But forgive me, as I’m busy with planning you-know-what.
Basically, I finished this book in two days. ‚̧ I’m not going to share all of the poems in the books but here are just (5) of what I bookmarked. Not my top and not in any particular order.
  • Don’t fear, her father said. Sometimes the scary things are beautiful as well and the more beauty you find in them the less scary they’ll become.
  • Dont give up now. Chances are your best kiss, your hardest laugh and your greatest day are still yet to come.
  • What a strange world. We trade our days for things.
  • Find something that makes you forget to eat and sleep and drink then do it until you die of thirst
  • Chase your stars, fool. Life is short.
I love how I find something that doesn’t really pertain to someone or being in love in general.

THOUGHTS: Hangad ko’y Ikaw

I found this when I was cleaning my room. In my Filipino class, we were tasked to create a poem in 10 minutes. And thus, this.

I’m sorry that the poem is in Tagalog (Filipino’s dialect)

Aking pagmamahal, ‘tong walang katumbas

Kaligayahan ko, sayo natamasa

Mga pighati ko, ikaw ang lunas

Binigay ang lahat, sa aking prinsesa

Gustong masulyapan, kahit san pa man

Hindi mapakali, pag wala sa mata

Saan man humanggan, tanging ikaw hanap

Hangad ko’y ikaw, Magpakailan pa man

Ang pinipita ko, marining ang tinig

Kung sakaling ako’y, tikis mo pang mahal

Ibalik ang dati, ang tangi kong dasal

Panahong akin ka at tayo’y iisa

Lamuray ang puso, pagka’t may iba na

Kulang na lang, ako’y sikadin palayo

Aking talisuyo, di magbabago,

Sapagka’t kailanma’y,

Ikaw ang hangad ko

Р Johanna Dela Cruz