THOUGHTS: The type of people who piss me off

As I was busy typing whatever report I was doing at that time, this guy who I care not to mention here, started a conversation out of nowhere. He was recounting what an awful night he had, how he had no sleep, how he went to work straight from a birthday party, how awful it was that they allegedly finish 3 bottles of tequila, 2 bottles of gin and 2 cases of San Miguel beers. — all this in a bragging smug voice.

When did I ever say that I was interested in your life?
So here are the list of people that ticks me off.

1. When people start a conversation like ”Wala nga akong tulog eh. Naginom kasi kami kagabi. Nakaubos kami nang 3 bote nang tequilla, 2 bote nang gin and 2 case nang San Mig beers. Sakin nga pinaubos lahat eh”. And I’m like, I don’t care. Odi ikaw na malakas uminom!  Ikaw na cool. I also have a friend who doesn’t smoke or who easily vomits with 1 shot of tequilla. And she used to borrow our drinks of bottles and ask one of us if we can take a picture of her, just so she can post it on social media. What the heck? Just so other people would think she smokes and drinks. — Huh.

2. It’s when you’re not even sure if they just got out of bed, and they’re brains are still on a continuous snooze button fight. I’ve had some clients call on the phone and goes ”Uhm. I’d (silence) I’d like to uhm. uhh. (silence) I’d like to ask. (silence) errr. I’d like to ask, if if if (silence) my balance.” oh good lord! Finish your sentences first before calling and wasting both our time! Geez.

3. Please do not pretend that we’re close. You have no right to know everything that goes on in my life. Not just that. I dislike people who thinks its okay to break open my bag or my wallet and take a look at each and every little piece inside. I am not also giving you permission to snoop in my notebook or my journal or my diary. So, Stop before I throw a hot iron at you.

4. A new hip restaurant just opened yesterday. You texted them, ”Hey, want to eat at  _____”. And she replies, ”Yes! I tried that already last month! Let’s! Where is that again?”.
Last month, huh? And you’re asking where the restaurant is? A person who wants to be the center of attention.

5. Unfaithful Bastards No matter what you think of yourself, you are still lucky with what you have with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Never, ever cheat on someone and do not ever give your someone a reason to be jealous of someone else.
She chose you out of all the boys who’s willing to give her anything. He picked you out of all the girls he could’ve courted. If you want someone else, be decent enough to break up with your present someone first.

6. Me Me MeWhen every conversation has to be around that person. No matter what the topic is, the most skilled ability of this person is to stir the conversation back to her/his awesome self.

THOUGHTS: What makes people instantly attractive

  1. Breakdance

I don’t care if you have tits or if you have something hanging inside your pants. As long as you can dance – and do a hell of a job doing it, then my oh my, will my eyes be stuck on you. Just watch the link below and if you tell me you’re not in love, then honey, you have a serious brain problem.

  1. A Good Conversationalist

In this world where kids communicate 23 hours a day, one may quite encounter the phrase “Gawa mo?” – And this is the phrase that I hate the most. A person, with the lowest IQ may converse better than a person with a higher IQ, although, intelligence may also be a factor. A good conversationalist is able to move from topic to topic swiftly and with ease. No awkward silence or pauses, no meaningless quips. Being able to talk to a person for hours from your socks, to your childhood, to his officemates and to politics and faith is such a turn on.

  1. Sense of humor

Women may find this irresistible. When a person laughs at your joke, you may take this a sign that she is already comfortable with you. Making someone laugh goes a long way, but be sure that you choose your way of getting it out there. Teasing may work at times, but be careful not to go overboard.

  1. A Happy go Lucky attitude

Some people may frown upon this. A happy go lucky attitude does not necessarily mean that a person doesn’t have an ambition – because this is one of my ultimate turn offs. It only means that a person who is valuing the gift of life and making every second count is doing something new and interesting every moment she gets. A person who is not bound by the corners of a small box in his own world and not being able to try new things and is too afraid to live.

  1. Hair, smile and abs.

There are certain features for me that even if you’re not ultimately physically attractive, once you have at least one of these, then people will definitely root for you. I think for girls, it would be their hair – crowning glory. They may not be pretty, but if they have this long straight hair, or a well maintained curly hair, she looks absolutely daunting instantly. And not to mention, a smile. A perfect sweet smile really goes a long way. It can change a whole look, a whole person. And who doesn’t want to see abs and a body that is fit?