Right after doing our business at school for the enrollment, Maf suggested that we eat here first. I am familiar with the store since I always see people holding a black cup with the Dean & Delucca logo in front. So I said yes!


They are located at Rockwell, just across the Mango Store in Powerplant.


They are famous for their pastries and coffee. But since this is already brunch, we opted to skip the pastries.  IMG_4087While waiting for our orders. It’s a good thing the waiters are accommodating – we then can abuse them for taking our pictures. Haha.

IMG_4095 IMG_4102

Naturally, the drinks come first. So here’s Maf’s drink – Strawberry Soda. It has real strawberries in it. They both said it was really good. I didn’t try it though since I hate anything with berries.

IMG_4104 IMG_4105

Alex always want soup with her sandwiches. So she ordered this Mushroom Soup.

IMG_4108 IMG_4110

And being a Milkshake Lover that I am, I ordered the Cookies & Cream Milkshake It was GLO-RI-OUSS. It was thick and sweet and tasted everything you’d want to taste in a Cookies and Cream Milkshake – just as how it should be.


Alex also ordered a Milkshake which is equally good. This is Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake. 

IMG_4114 IMG_4116

This is Roasted Pulled Pork and Coleslaw in Turkish Pide for Php 380 It’s a bit pricey for a sandwich but if you’re after the taste and you’re going to just try it once, this is good. There is enough meat in the sandwich, it’s not pretenrious like some restaurants who place all the meat on the sides just to make it seem like overflowing. This isn’t it. Though, you might want some alternative to wash out the taste.


Mfaf’s order was Cuban Sourdough bread for Php 420. They were both raving about it but when I tasted it, I didn’t like it one bit. I actually wanted to spit it out as it tasted like a mild wasabi. It has pulled pork too and if you’re into wasabi, you can probably order this as the serving is generous. It also comes with chips.


The girlies are out for lunch! :)) I’ll bring Judey here for the Milkshake that he was jealous of. Bahaha.