So we head out to Capital Commons since we wanted to watch a movie — don’t be mistaken. There’s no movie house. Instead, we ate.

IMG_7525 IMG_7528We didn’t order the wings because I never liked eating chicken with bones as I try to avoid all the black slash red meat that is close to the bones so we ordered the chicken tenders instead.

IMG_7531 I cannot tell it more directly — THIS DISH IS BLAND. AND IS SO NOT WORTH THE PRICE. This chicken tenders costs Php 395. The chicken slices were so thin and had no taste. We had to resolve to the chili powder whih also — doesn’t go well with it. We were fuckin looking forward for some dripping sauce!

The fries, was seasoned well. But still.




I have  a magnet for new restaurants to try and a nice, cute ambiance. So I got attracted to this. This is on the second floor of where Nathaniel’s is.


Don’t they have a nice place to just read a book or talk to some friends? Right? Right?:)


Since we just finished, we ordered straight to their coffee. But if you’re starving, they also have rice meals like salpicao or pan fried fish fillet and tocino. They also have pasta dishes like pesto and Italian Sausage. If you want sandwiches, they also have. You can also pick from their array of cakes and sweets on the counter.


Jude ordered their Best Seller – White Rabbit for hp 160. 


I ordered their Salted Caramel Coffee which is not on their official menu but it was, that night. I can’t find anything fancy or unique or extra yummy for me to keep coming back for their food.


But If every I’ll need somewhere to stay to study while waiting for him to finish work, you’ll definitely find me here.



I don’t even know if this is in Pasig. I’m not very familiar with the place but I have to. This is the area where he transferred brought about by the change of his employer. But it’s a good thing too since we can expand our exploration from Kapitolyo, BF, Salcedo Village, Legazpi Village and now, Wilson’s!


If you are familiar within this area, it is opposite Nathaniel’s. Isn’t the place reminds you of all the small good things there is? The walls are adorned with colorful vases and bottles on the far end.


Aside from their waffles, they also serve pastas and rice meals. You can also choose whether to have sweet pancakes or the full meal pancakes. And since we were not really that hungry, sweet waffles it is!

IMG_4165 IMG_4166

I ordered the Pegi’s Classic Waffles for Php 105. Waffles with Vanilla Gelato and Chocolate Syrup. Luck for me, they were out of Vanilla Icecream so they made me choose from the selection. I chose the Speculoos one. The waffle was superb but I can’t say the same for the Speculoos Icecream. It doesn’t even taste like the Speculoos itself. I bet if you stick with Vanilla, you’d love this Classic Pegi Waffles.

IMG_4170 IMG_4178

This is the Banana Cookie-Butter Waffle for Php 110. This is a much better choice if you are looking for a peanut butter cookie taste. The Speculoos Icecream did not do justice. But this waffle did! All the zigzag brown goodness? That’s the cookie butter. It’s so gooooooddd.

Of the rare times jude ordered the better one. Haha. Kidding.

EAT ORTIGAS: Kichitora

Birthday Dinner at his choice.


You’ve read this a lot in my blog: I don’t like Ramen. But since it was his birthday, his wish was to eat at Kichitora. Then I gave in.

He ordered for us –


It wasn’t that bad. Serving was definitely worthy of the price. I was too full that I can swear the noodles expanded in my stomach. It wasn’t cravings-worthy for me unless it was pouring really hard outside and I wanted something hot. But it wasn’t bad either.


Would I come back? Only if he asks.

EAT KAPITOLYO: Epic Coffee Roastery

Epic Coffee is in my list too, of course. 


The place looks so warm and cozy and it has a ‘bahay-bakasyunan” feel to it.


Chalk Board Menus are everywhere, on the counter and on their walls. 



They also have home made icecreams. I want to go back and try! 


My love ordered Caramel Macchiato (Php 100) – I think the coffee was good since he finished it in an instant. 


While I ordered Epic Frappe (Php 145) – There was nothing Epic about it. It was okay. I actually wanted to try their Cookies and Cream Frappe but since this was named Epic Frappe, I assumed it was their specialty. There was nothing extravagant about it. I wasn’t able to finish it either. 


Good Part? They provided books and I happen to like the book that I’m reading that we managed to stay til their closing time. 

EAT: Kapitolyo Eats: NAV Thai Cuisine

And the quest continues! For our second month, exploring NAV


NAV has a well-lit room. The place was small but it is definitely bigger when seen from the inside.


If I’m not mistaken, They have around 6-7 tables. The waiters were very accommodating, friendly and informative.


Enchanted by this young man not a year ago.


We tried one of NAV’S starters – Fresh Vegetable Roll with Peanut Dip – Php 165.00 It was delicious. Not the oh-my-god type but it will definitely keep you from putting one after the other inside your mouth.

ImageNow this is their Green Curry Chicken – Php 240.00. It was so good. Cream was smooth. You can taste the coconut and it was spicy too. Chicken bits was a bit small but I loved the sauce.


We ordered the NAV’s Bagoong Rice – Php 225.00. Yup, Bagoong Rice will always be his first pick. It was gooood. It was not too salty and not over empowering.


Now this is mt love’s favorite part. – Wok Fry Squid – Php 260.00 It was seriously yummy. It was sweet and crispy and chili all at the same time.


And for one of my favorite parts? Goodies from my Boyfriend! – Letters and chocolates.


Happy Second, My love.