It’s this somewhat obscure place along Sucat, Paranque. It’s not hidden, the signage is screaming from the road but I never noticed this place until now. OR, it’s probably the wing hater in me that prevented me to see. Haha.


The place is not complicated, basically just tables and chairs. It’s a bit messy, plastics here and there. The dips / sauce is smeared on the tables.


They have no Ala Carte, all our unlimited with different price points and you get to enjoy 12 different flavors. 😀 If you’re not screaming for joy, then I don’t know what is wrong with you. 😛 It’s Php 206 for Unli Wings and Rice!


We had only 3 sets and you can order a bunch of flavors in 1 set already. 😀 and we are full by the third set!

And the aftermath . . . .


I mostly enjoyed the company of my best friends which I normally don’t get to see. 😛


The boyfriend will definitely enjoy this. ❤





I wanted to sit outside but the weather does not permit. It’s just too damn hot these days. :/  Appetizer. Pretty darn tasty! The cheese dip did it for me!



Our orders: Grilled Liempo for Php 250  So, so, so GOOD! Talk about some Garlic! 🙂 The meat definitely does not resemble a gum!


Calamari for Php 280. Some beers, and we’re good! ❤



On a budget and on a quick date fix? Try Chopstop at SM BF.


They’re actually the self service type so once you pick what you’re about to devour, you still have to go to the counter  IMG_3558 IMG_3559

He ordered the 2 pc Chicken Tonkatsu for Php 169.

IMG_3565 IMG_3569

While I ordered the Best Seller 2 pc Chicken BBQ for Php 169.

Both orders come with a side of buttered vegetables. or may opt to choose to have a coleslaw as your side.


We even saw one of my closest friends in High School. I miss you, Cheatmate.


There are some people that was a big part of your life – yet not know them entirely.
Inseparable at one point in your life, and get to an instance when you don’t even know what to say to each other.
IMG_8234 IMG_8242
At least 9 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week for seven years. My ‘becoming’ years was spent with these people. And only after 7 years, I get to see some of them. I miss them only after a week from our High School Graduation. The longing doesn’t go away – you only get used to it as we all have our own different paths to live, different schools, different states and different people to become.

Everyone has changed. But I still miss every bit of them.



Aceeh – Girlfriend of Bianca (My Best Buddy in Cave No. 4, Gigel and Bestfriend all rolled in to one), Chizuru (My 23), Netty (My 2nd year Mommy), Kim (My Paint), Amyll (My triplet with Alex, My Piney, My Forever HS Buddy), Chinee, Dana (My Ex, My Bhe) -Eow of Che BTW., Kirstie (My Sungit, and My Grade 4 Loveteam) I know. Too young. Hahaha. and her Boyfriend.

Fun brief moment with them. I miss you. As much as I want to remake our High School Years,
I know not everyone will have the opportunity to come with our busy and conflicting schedules.

It’s funny how friends can turn into complete strangers. 

EAT BF: Ritchie’s Diner

If you’re trying to look for a place where to have dinner on your way home and you live in the south, BF is probably a good idea to hunt for new restaurants to try.

My handsome driver could probably eat a bear at that time, soo. Well, we ended up at Richie’s Diner.


Place was well lit and it looked huge. Bravo to their Interior Designer for placing mirrors everywhere. It doesn’t looked cramp.

Anyway, on to the food. As you know, Hungry Beavers over here


He has a thing for American Food and I have a thing for Diners. Everybody Wins!

Immediately, Nuttella French Toast caught my eye. Two of the best things in life. Nutella – I mean, come on. You can’t deny that Hazelnut gives you the goosebumps. And, frenchtoast!But enough attention on my drooling phase. 


I ended up ordering Liempo Adobo. My curiosity over ruled my love for Nutella. Liempo Adobo for Php 170.00. Served with two eggs. 


It tastes exactly like Adobo. Served with two slabs of Liempo. Although both of them had a piece of bone at the end, it was okay. The slabs also had a portion of ‘taba’ which I liked. It wasn’t too thick but it emphasizes the goodness of the Adobo.

I had my eggs scrambled. And I love Fried Rice paired with Adobo. Perfect.



My love ordered Cheese Quesadilla – Php 120.00. The tortilla bread was thin but the cheese was oozing so I guess it was fine. But paired with the salsa, it was go-o-od – based from my partner in crime. 


For his main course, he ordered Ritchie’s Hot Wings – Php 210.00


It had six wings. Good thing? It was a huge type of Wing like it can’t be classified as wings. So much bigger than compared to the one at Wingman in Makati. The Hot Buffalo coating was good. plus, it wasn’t hot which is a plus for me since I hate anything spicy. 


And this is the first time that I might approve anything strawberry. Their Strawberry Milkshake tasted like frutella. Yummy. – It’s a first. 


See you in our next BF Adventure.


Ritchie’s Diner

BF Homes Paranaque