After which, Alex and I had dessert at Poetry and Prose.

Initially, I wanted to order for 10 chocolate Marin’s to profess my love for chocolates, unfortunately, they are out of stock.

We both ended up ordering the Chocolate Crepe — Php 345.
WTF for a crepe right? You know how crepes are, a single crepe cannot satisfy you in terms of volume — so I was surprised with the price.

It was unexpectedly so, so good! It is so much better than the Mango Loco from Cafe Breton!! The mango was sweet and the hazelnut was generously smothered all over the crepe. It was such a sweet escape.


I will definitely order this chocolate crepe next time.
I therefore revise, there’s no SINCERER love than love for hazelnut chocolate.

EAT ORTIGAS: Kichitora

Birthday Dinner at his choice.


You’ve read this a lot in my blog: I don’t like Ramen. But since it was his birthday, his wish was to eat at Kichitora. Then I gave in.

He ordered for us –


It wasn’t that bad. Serving was definitely worthy of the price. I was too full that I can swear the noodles expanded in my stomach. It wasn’t cravings-worthy for me unless it was pouring really hard outside and I wanted something hot. But it wasn’t bad either.


Would I come back? Only if he asks.

EAT ORTIGAS: Cafe Mediterranean

It’s been too long! I L-O-V-E Kebabs!

IMG_6539 IMG_6546 My forever handsome date – as usual.

IMG_6551 IMG_6553 Grilled Chicken Kebab – Php 225

IMG_6557 IMG_6559

Grilled Beef Kebab – Php 225

Everything, and when I say everything – I mean everything was so, so good. All of the dip, the rice, the beef, everything in this colorful plate tastes so GOOD.

EAT: Restaurant Madness.

The list keeps on getting longer. I wish there’s an app where I can download all the food right to my table wherever I am. Haha.

I am sure you are aware of my little Kapitolyo Project. So what have been crossed out?

  1. Milky and Sunny
  2. Uncle Moes
  3. Cab Café
  4. Poco Deli
  5. Mad Marks
  6. Rub Ribs and BBQ
  7. Joe’s Meatshack

What has been added? A far longer list.

  1. NAV Modern Thai Cusine
  2. Longanisa Sopresa
  3. Café Juanita
  4. Eleven Tables
  5. Ramen Cool
  6. Haru Sushi
  7. Three Sisters
  8. Epic Café
  9. Briggy Hall
  10. Thai Dara
  11. Lia’s Cakes
  12. Runner’s Burger
  13. Bull Chef
  14. Silantro – Fil-Mexican
  15. Juanito’s Bistro

What about in Makati? In Legaspi Village

  1. Cantina Deliciosa
  2. Rodic’s Diner
  3. Homey’s Café
  4. Swagat Indian Cuisine
  5. La Grotta Cucina Italia
  6. Murphy’s Irish Pub
  7. Plantation Bar
  8. Balkan
  9. Spring by Ha Yuan

And in Salcedo Village?

  1. Claudette’s
  2. Relish
  3. Adobo Connection
  4. Kang’s Korean Grocery
  5. Z’s Sausage Deli
  6. Bugong
  7. Warong Indo
  8. Shokuji
  9. Brewkus
  10. Songkran
  11. The Galley
  12. Savor Park Cafe
  13. New Bombay
  14. Alexa’s Deli
  15. New Maki
  16. Elbert’s Steak Room
  17. Top of the City
  18. Terry Selection
  19. Chocolate Fire – DONE
  20. Apartment 1b – DONE
  21. Bowler
  22. 121 Bar and Grille

Fort Area

  1. Gram’s Diner
  2. Aria
  3. Wrong Ramen
  4. Wildflour
  5. Nolita
  6. Chelsea
  7. Village Tavern


  1. 4fingers
  2. Movie Stars Café’
  3. Swensen
  4. Vikings
  5. Buffet 101


  1. Canteen at Trilogy Boutique
  2. Masseto
  3. Boon tong kee
  4. Juju Eats
  5. Modern Shanghai


  1. Howzat sports Bar
  2. Oodys
  3. Frazzled Cook
  4. Stoops
  5. Flour Girl
  6. Cupcake Lab
  7. Lime 88
  8. Bucky’s Brownies
  9. Manor
  10. East Café
  11. Greek Kouzina
  12. Wingman
  13. The Habit
  14. Mangetsu

Way too many! I’m torn. There are only 365 days. We are halfway thru the year. I only see him rarely. It’s not all the time that I have money to spend. And it’s not always I can eat at these places. How can I finish this list this year? Haha. But if there are any other things you want to add or something worth trying. Please, add on.