“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” – Barack Obama




It’s a BSP Policy. A Bank employee should be rotated every five years to avoid fraudulent activities. And now that the 100 days is over, time to say goodbye again.


We ordered Buttered Shrimp, Calamares, Crabs in Oyster Sauce, Tempura and Sinigang na Tanigue. Oh my Seafood Right? Gahhh. And we all ate rice at 4 in the afternoon. What? Haha. Don’t judge. Who can resist?IMG_4018 IMG_4040 IMG_4244

Well, I’m glad that I didn’t listen to all the warnings and all the hearsays. They’ve been a lot of bad comments, but I do find her really friendly and accommodating and sincere. We’re both officers. But the other BOOs treat me like I’m a child since I’m the youngest officer but this one, she never made me feel any different.

Thank you and See you around, Ms Beng! :))


Would you have guessed that I have to attend 3 Christmas Parties where I work?


Branch Marketing Officer, Branch Manager and the Branch Operations Officer. IMG_9300
Area Christmas Party – which was held at Ayala, a small get together of all the branches in Makati.
The Second Christmas Party was for the whole Branch Banking Group. It will be attended by all the 123 branches of Bank of Commerce. BIG BLAH. The Makati Area was tasked to wear jeans and a red polo shirt – with the Red Hat – which looked a lot like a Magician’s Hat. Boohoo.
Disclaimer: They always want a pose – left and right much like a pageant pose. No. I’m not in it. I refuse – If I had a choice.

 And the Branch Party itself.IMG_6203 IMG_6230 Our Color Coded Kris Kringle

IMG_6274 IMG_6391

Ms. Donna gave Rommel his Oven Toaster as he wished.


Rommel gave Jane her Hair Iron.


Jane gave me the 3 lipsticks I requested.


I gave Ms. Lolit her Kanebo Foundation


Ms Lolit gave Lei her MAC Lipstick


And finally, Lei gave Ms. Donns her steamer.


Merry Christmas from DCA Branch,

IMG_6421 IMG_6425

EVERYDAY: Misused Despedida

We were surprised to receive a despedida email. Apparently, the Head of Operations in Makati will be migrating to Head Office. We threw him a party in an instant




Potluck it is. A picture of some of the Marketing Officers of Makati and our Area Head.

EVERYDAY: Office Christmas

Gift Giving with my fellow bankers. We drove all the way to NLEX for this.







We drove for three hours, had a delicious dinner feast, max-min games, videoke, exchange gifts, midnight snacks, paagaw, coffee and random gifts.

Thank you for the gifts, fellas!((: see you on the 26th.

Another day for a challenge.

Another day for a challenge.

Okay, Im the kind of person who doesn’t like change very much. When i’ve grown accustomed to such way, I need to keep it that way. But don’t get me wrong. I like trying out new things and eating new food. But when the management tells me that i won’t be in the head office for two months, that’s different.

Remember the program that i’m in? Well, it made me work or rather observe and work in a branch for two whole months.:( away from the head office. away from all the people i know. away from all my classmates i’ve grown to love, away from all the gossips, away from all the nice treatments given by employees since they know that we are MTP. 😦 away from all the noise and laughter and the gossips. away from the place where i can eat anytime i want and have lunch by 11:30 and go home at exactly 5:30 without being guilty. away from megamall and shang and san miguel.:(

This was during my first day at the branch.:l i got lost but i found my way anyway and I wasn’t even late. The people were nice unlike my first experience in the branch. The BM here was chitty-chatty and motherly like. and so was everyone else. But I’m not sure if they’ll last long. :l Had my lunch at 2 pm.:l It was so quiet and so boring. 😦

Til the next day.

I miss you, head office. Im gonna see this as an opportunity to learn. Goodluck to me!