TRAVEL: Pinto Art Museum


F – I – N – A – L – L – Y.

After a year of asking him to bring me to this place, a year after everyone has gone, a year after discovering this place when no one seems to know about it yet. — and yet, I’m still the last person to go here.

Nonetheless, thank you for this surprise! 😀

PintoArtMuseum, you were remarkable. I am certain the artists are grateful for places like you. I also love your choices. The artworks in your Gallery 3 were Mind Boggling and thought provoking.

Artists, I can never assess how you were able to depict the society with a stroke of your brush. You all have talent. I envy you.

For those who have not visited this place, I highly encourage you. And for those who just went here for IG pictures, at least appreciate the art and the story behind it.


After experiencing the tiring trek to La Presa, we head out to BenCab Museum.
Coming from the city, it would probably take you 30 minutes.

This museum permanently houses the works of our Philippine National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera. — the reason behing the Museum’s name. He is widely known as the Master of Contemporary Philippine Art.
He graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Fine Arts in 1963. He has exhibied widely in places as far as Asia, Europe and United States.
Aside from his collection, some galleries also exhibits other Filipino Artist’s Works.


General Admission is at Php 100. While Senior Citizens and Students are priced at Php 80.



You will be greeted with these paintings and you know for sure, you’re in a good place for art.


I believe you can say that he is very fond of Bulol Sculptures.

IMG_4999 IMG_4988 IMG_4986


Some of the paintings you will see there.

DSC06495 DSC06504 DSC06500 DSC06499 DSC06497 DSC06496

They also have a rather popular gallery: Erotica.



I am glad we have this kind of museums that cater to Philippine Art. They deserve more time and exposure. Filipino artists deserves more attention and appreciation.

Km 6 Asin Road. Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet