MOVIE REVIEW: The Intruder

IMDB: A young married couple buys a beautiful house on several acres of land, only to find out that the man they bought it from refuses to let go of the property.


It is truly a beautiful house with a very large acre of garden, outdoor and nature. and shoot, it’s in the middle of nowhere!! I love how both of the couple seemed to be in love, deciding to buy a house and start a beautiful family. The dining area is nice. ❤ and one scary painting!

I hated how Annie was so naive! Maybe she’s just being friendly or trying to fit in the new neighborhood but damn it woman! Listen to your husband. Mike is creepy! He’s in your freaking house all the time. And that doesn’t surprise you? And are you not scared that he was gardening your lawn? Geez. And Mike? Such a pervert!

The movie is your typical thriller where the naive woman needs to be saved by a man because she was deceived by a helpful man. It’s pretty predictable in a sense. I wouldn’t watch it again but if you want to watch it, it’s not a complete waste of time.

MOVIE REVIEW: The Glass House

IMDB: An orphaned teenager is taken in by a Malibu couple but discovers they aren’t the caring friends they seemed to be.


Are you also picturing Never been Kissed? I know I do. Haha. First off, the House? Amazing! And before we discuss all the suspense and thrill, it’s just so sad how their parents died especially for Ruby. Aside from the death of her parents, I think her guilt is eating her up. (While she was out sneaking out at night, her parents had a car accident). I don’t know. Parents really have a soft spot in me.

There was a point in the movie where I fear for Ruby getting raped with the very revealing swimsuit and the constant staring and stalking. Overall, it’s nice to see how Ruby grows from a rebel kid to someone who is looking out for his brother.

There’s no real and actual horror or terror in the film but I enjoyed watching this somehow suspense movie. I’m actually hoping that they turn out okay, being on their own from now on.

MOVIE REVIEW: Indecent Proposal

IMDB: A billionaire offers one million dollars to a young married couple for one night with the wife.


Let me acknowledge it already, okay? Demi Moore? She has the sex appeal and hotness that is OFF the CHARTS!!!


If you’re broke as fuck  with a threat of nowhere to live, will you give a certain billionaire to spend one night with your wife?

It’s intriguing and it will have you ask yourself how often does this happen in real life? I guess you need to watch the film to know what the couple decided to do.

I know now that people in love remember the things they do to each other. If they stay together, its not because they forget, but because they forgive.


IMDB: After running away fails, a terrified woman empowers herself in order to battle her abusive husband.


Slim, a waitress seemed to have landed a dream – married a wealthy man, living in this big house and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. UNTIL, he discovers that her seemingly perfect husband is actually abusive. What started out as a marital, familial bliss turned out to be a nightmare.

I’m rooting for Slim here, having the strength to leave her husband, the father of her daughter for good. But the plot is quite simple and purely of revenge. But what was Mitch’s plan? Lure the waitress, marry her and then what? What was the motive here? Sure there’s some action that’s entertaining but not really the type of movie recommendable.

MOVIE REVIEW: The Occupant

IMDB: Javier Muñoz, once a successful executive, makes the fateful decision to leave his home, which he and his family can no longer afford.


House is on fire! 😀 I don’t blame Javier for being obsessed! But sshhhiiiitt, how did he pull off marrying the occupant’s wife in the end?

I understand his depression regarding the difficulty of finding a good job and faced with the notion that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. And alsooooo, what a sick, sick janitor! He was black mailing Javier to set up a camera so he can watch this poor girl. What a sick old pervert!

It’s a thrill to watch how the stalking unfolds but it turned a mighty downfall when what killed Mario Casas was a mere peanut allergy. That’s it? I mean, the wife did not investigate or even had the slightest clue?

It’s a nice movie to watch when you’re not doing anything. 

MOVIE REVIEW: A Time to Kill

IMDB: In Canton, Mississippi, a fearless young lawyer and his assistant defend a black man accused of murdering two white men who raped his ten-year-old daughter, inciting violent retribution and revenge from the Ku Klux Klan.


SPOILER: Let’s go to the plot first: A 10 year old black girl was on her way from the grocery. Two dirty white men picked her up in their truck, drove to a field, tied her up, raped her, used her for target practice, peed on her and dumped her to die. The girl’s father decided to take the law into his own hands and avenger her daughter by killing the two men was on their way to their hearing for fear that they might only be given a 10 year sentence. The father then seeks the help of a white lawyer to defend him. And in the process of defending this black man, the Ku Klux Klan threatens the lawyer and everyone around him.

A rape is a rape but this feels 10 times more brutal because it’s a 10 year old girl raped by a two 20 year old. Aside from that, it blows out of proportion because it’s a war between white and colored people.

Another major issue of the film is can a black man really receive a fair trial in the case where he murdered two white men?

There were several amazing court scenes and among others: Thank God, Looney! (He’s the deputy who got shot when Carl Lee shot the two rapists). Although he was so sullen with his legs being amputated, he still defended Carl Lee on the stand! I think every father would do the same thing if their daughter was raped too.

I love Roark’s brilliance! ❤ She seems to have all the answers and solution to everything at the right time.

Also, a big applause to Brigance’s ending speech to the Jury. ❤ It’s full of emotions. He instructed the all white jury to close their eyes and imagine their own child being raped. You remember how Carl Lee explained that he is his secret weapon? It’s because he knows how ‘white people’ think – that’s how he’ll win the case.


IMDB: A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to assist. But their actions have unintended consequences.


Some may argue that it’s one of the best Stephen King Movies. And yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But for me? I’m not impressed.

The plot is pretty simple, actually. Wilfred, a farmer who owns a big hefty of land lives with his wife and son. His wife inherited a massive land that she wants to sell. However, Wilfred wanted the simple life so he convinced his son to kill his wife.

The movie follows the confession of Wilfred years after and trails on how his guilt has been killing him and his wife haunting him for everything that happened after her death; their son, running away with his pregnant girlfriend, robbing stores and banks and eventually dying.

I’m quite disappointed with the movie. If you are expecting the usual scare and heart wrenching scenes of Stephen King, there’s none. This is rather dragging and slow. I know how some films have a simple plot but a pleasant use of your time. This one though? Nah.

MOVIE REVIEW: The Fracture

IMDB: An attorney intending on climbing the career ladder toward success finds an unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he is trying to prosecute.



Spoiler: Ted is a rich engineer who shoots his wife for having an affair. The police (who has been screwing his wife) arrived at the scene. Ted confesses and he hands him the gun. They have the murderer, they have the weapon, they have a confession. It seems like a very easy case that was passed on to be handled by Beachum. But as if Ted planned everything, there are a couple of mind games along the way. What are those conflicts? Ted wanted to be his own lawyer. The weapon that was handed to the police is not the same one that killed the victim. The confession is inadmissible because the police that he confessed to is the same one his wife is having an affair with. In the end? Ted was handed freedom. OR NOT. Watch the movie for the final twist!

Salute to Ted for learning how the justice system works and making it work for him! His mischievous grin gives away his evil plot. How can Beachum not be suspicious that Ted wanted to represent himself? That’s a red flag. Ain’t it?

‘If you look closely enough, you’ll find that everything has a weak spot where it can break, sooner or later. — You looking for mine? — I’ve already found yours. — What is it? — You’re a winner, Willy. ” —— I’m not quite sure if I interpreted it correctly. But I think this is where the moral conflict comes in. As a winner, he will do anything to convict the murderer. But there really is no evidence. So beachum was struggling whether to manipulate the evidence & break the law to win the case or fail.

It’s definitely a movie you’ll watch until the end. You’ll just be so curious as to how he devised to get away with killing his own beloved wife.



IMDB: In the 1960s two African-American entrepreneurs hire a working-class white man to pretend to be the head of their business empire while they pose as a janitor and chauffeur.


Based on true story, these 2 black men decided to fight the racial ceiling the society around them built.

Growing up, Garrett was taught not to dream big and that there are limitations to what they can achieve and what black men deserves – a life of servitude. Refusing to believe that his life is limited to what has been told to him, he educated himself. He listened to how white men runs their business, listened to conversations, eavesdrop on businessmen & observed how successful people thinks and acts.

Let’s give it to Garrett huh! He dreams the impossible and is firm on his principles. I also admire his tenacity to break the racial ceiling and for not giving up even when there were a lot of closed doors on the way. Remember what Steve Jobs said? People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. If you’ve watched the film, the first building owner laughed at his idea, bankers and even Joe at first thought that his idea ridiculous. But it was his strong desire and firm belief that made it all happen.

Both Bernard and Joe fought against  this prejudice that only white men can be successful, only white men can own a building, only white men can live on posh neighborhoods, only white men can book an appointment, only white men can be granted a loan and the likes.

With this notion in mind, they hire a white man, Matt to be the face of their business so they can get their foot in the door in what once was an area they cannot enter. The relationship was going great. Matt learns a lot about the business while Bernard and Joe gathers wealth with the help of Matt. Although, relationship turns sour in the end when they were caught.

I do understand the ambition of Matt to become a business owner himself, I do. Everyone wants that. However, I also do think that he’s not ripe enough to run the business on his own which proved to be true when he failed to review the contracts.

It’s sick. right? How awfully poisoned the society was before with regards to color discrimination. It’s infuriating to be called dumb just because of the color of your skin. Remember Matt’s comment when he was being investigated? (I’m sure the janitor will not understand). Sickening, I know.

Apart from that, the film also shone the light on business and wealth building. We all learned this in class. Capital is king and it was repeated all through out the movie, and is actually one of the first things that Bernard discussed with Joe (having the capital). Additionally, it’s also admirable that Bernard and Joe is not only fighting the racism for their own good but they also want to uplift the whole black community by giving them loans as an opportunity for them to better their lives and achieve what they call the American Dream.

It’s sad that they are seen as con-artists or law breakers when they in fact are not doing anything illegal. They just made it appear that Matt, the white man is the head of the business and is running on his own while the two black men, the real brains of the business were forced to hide behind mops and wheels.

It’s a good movie to watch! Recommend me some? ❤

LEARN: Double Jeopardy

I was watching Fracture last night – and I liked it. I wanted Anthony Hopkins to get caught so bad. Anyway, the movie introduced me to Double Jeopardy.


Double Jeopardy means a person cannot be tried twice for the same crime based on the same conduct. The defense of double jeopardy also prevents the state from retrying a person for the same crime after he has been acquitted. No person shall “be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”

Reasons behind:


  • To preserve the finality of criminal proceedings, which would be compromised if the government were allowed to ignore verdicts it did not like;
  • To impose limits on prosecutors’ power; and
  • To protect individuals from the financial and emotional toll of repeated prosecutions.

Eligibility for Double Jeopardy protection: 

  • If a defendant was never previously in legal “jeopardy,” then subsequent prosecution is not prohibited.
  • Once an individual has been placed in legal jeopardy and the jeopardy has ended, the government cannot continue to pursue a prosecution against the person for the same crime, because this would violate the rule against double jeopardy.
  • The double jeopardy rule applies to re-prosecution for the same offense

What constitutes the same offense? 

  • the “actual evidence” has already been presented in court
  • whether all the alleged criminal acts were part of the “same transaction,”
  • whether the defendant is being prosecuted a second time for the “same conduct.”



MOVIE REVIEW: Netflix Compiled Ranking

As I was tinkering my Netflix account settings, I clicked my activity history and thought of sharing with you the movies that I watched in Netflix, might it be old or new ones. ❤ I won’t be going over a detailed review of each but will just give them a rating, 1 being the lowest and 5 as the highest.



  • The Last Summer 3/5
  • The Holiday 3/5
  • Swiped 3/5
  • Supermodel 2/5
  • A Christmas Prince 3/5
  • The Prom 2/5
  • Nappily Ever After 3/5
  • Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List 3/5
  • Perfect Romance 2/5
  • Christmas Wedding Planner 3/5
  • Set it Up 3/5
  • Everybody Loves Somebody 2/5
  • My Life 2/5
  • Someone Great 4/5
  • Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding 3/5
  • The Trap 2/5
  • The Late Bloomer 2/5
  • Our Souls at Night 3/5
  • Rough Night 3/5
  • Jumping the Broom 3/5
  • The Princess Switch 3/5
  • Only you 3/5
  • Naked 2/5
  • Isn’t it Romantic 1/5
  • A Wish for Christmas 1/5
  • The Perfect Date 3/5
  • Love Happens 3/5
  • Just one of the Guys 2/5


  • Obsessed 5/5
  • The Secret Obsession 3/5
  • Bird Box 3/5
  • Hush 4/5
  • Enough 4/5


  • The American 3/5
  • Takers 5/5
  • Fracture 3/5
  • The Score 4/5
  • The Whole Nine Yards 4/5
  • 3 Days to Kill 3/5

Government / Law Related

  • Primal Fear 5/5
  • Money Monster 3/5
  • The Confession 4/5
  • Mercury Rising 5/5
  • Along came a Spider 4/5
  • Enemy of the State 4/5
  • The Firm 3/5
  • State of Play 4/5
  • The Good Shepherd 3/5
  • Law Abiding Citizen 5/5
  • Public Enemies 4/5


  • Savages 2/5
  • Mercury Rising 4/5
  • The Other Boleyn Girl 4/5
  • Amateur 4/5
  • Invention of Lying 2/5

Okayyy! Based from my movie rankings, care to suggest what movie I should watch next? 😀

MOVIE REVIEW: State of Play

IMDB: When a congressional aide is killed, a Washington D.C. journalist starts investigating the case involving the congressman, his old college friend.


I’m going to warn you that this will be a spoiler:

Sonia Baker, the head researcher of congressman was killed by an unidentified man. The congressman and his team is investigating a company, Pointcorp that is said to gain billions if the contract was finalized. During a hearing, the congressman was seen crying about the death of Sonia Baker, who is apparently — his mistress. Cal, an old friend of the congressman and Della are both journalists who started investigating the case.

What really happened? Pointcorp planted Sonia Baker in the congressman’s team to be a spy and tell them everything. But months after her assignment, she fell in love and she stopped giving information to Pointcorp. Since then, they have been harassing her and calling her nonstop. So the congressman became jealous and hired an assassin who he once saved his life to monitor, follow and report to him. Apparently, this assassin hated pointcorp and killed Sonia Baker without the congressman’s authorization.

One part of the movie tackles journalism. I think it’s important to have independent newspapers that seeks to know the truth, investigate on an issue may it be politicians or the government.

I love how there are twists as the story unfolds. Any movie recommendations for me? ❤


Think of it as the Notebook with a very minimal twist but with the same gruesome ending. As others have observed, you can always expect someone dead by the end of the story if it was written by Nicholas Sparks.


Okay, so same with the Notebook, the movie Best of Me is a love story that started out as two high school students fell in love with each other, the lady grew up in a wealthy family, the boy in a troubled family. The wealthy father offers a sum of money to the boy to leave his daughter because poor, troubled boys do not mix well with their rich, sophisticated daughters. The dismay and disapproval of the parents was carried by the daughters until the girl finally has another life. Boy meets Girl again after several years and they both tried to relive the love that was abandoned. They live on a fantasy temporarily, went back to their present life and then some tragedy happens at the end.

So what do I like about the movie?

1 2 3 4 5

  1. The girl was wearing nothing but dresses.
  2. The girl was the first one to make a move. – and it’s not so bad. Why do people judge a girl who makes the first move and call her out as promiscuous? Double Standards again.
  3. Dates are always involves nature and not malls or technology.—unlike today’s time where watching movies in big theatre malls with lazy boys was a thing. (as in the movie, afternoons would be spending time at the park, oversee the lake, cook dinner, dance in the livingroom or just talk in the bench outside the house)
  4. They have a secret spot above the water storage tank, and it’s their world and just theirs alone.
  5. The kindness and generous accommodation of the old man to strangers to the point of providing for his shelter, clothing, allowance and an abundance of love.
  6. The IT girl finally was in her right mind to finally be attracted to a man who has brains and not just some jock.

and what are the quote worthy lines?

  1. “That’s why I loved being with you. We could do the simplest things, like toss starfish into the ocean and share a burger and talk and even then I knew that I was fortunate. Because you were the first guy who wasn’t constantly trying to impress me. You accepted who you were, but more than that, you accepted me for me. And nothing else mattered– not my family or your family or anyone else in the world. It was just us.”
  2. Don’t take my advice. Or anyone’s advice. Trust yourself. For good or for bad, happy or unhappy, it’s your life, and what you do with it has always been entirely up to you.
  3. “Life was messy. Always had been and always would be and that was just the way it was, so why bother complaining? You either did something about it or you didn’t, and then you lived with the choice you made
  4. There’s a lot of magic between you too, ain’t no denying that. And magic makes forgettin’ hard.
  5. I want to wake up with you beside me in the mornings. I want to spend my evenings looking at you across the dinner table. I want to share every mundane detail of my day with you and hear every detail of yours. I want to laugh with you and fall asleep with you in my arms.
  6. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt as happy as I did that day, but then again, it was always like that when we were together. I never wanted it to end
  7. The truth is, the world isn’t easy for any of us. It never has been and it never will be.
  8. Everyone makes mistakes, even if some are worse than others. Accidents happen
  9. but then life had a way of stamping out that intensity of passion; she’d learned all too well that love wasn’t always enough.
  10. “You’ll make mistakes and struggle like everyone, but when you are with the right person, you’ll almost perfect joy, like you are the luckiest person who ever lived. And that means you’ll love and be loved…and in the end, nothing else really matters.
  11. Now it was coming to an end, and it was like he was watching the last flicker of light wink out in the darkness of an endless tunnel.
  12. memories are funny things. Sometimes they’re real, but other times they change into what we want them to be.

This though is one of the feel-good movies when you just want to curl in the couch and eat some popcorn on a lazy weekend. 😀


From IMDB, An acclaimed writer, his ex-wife, and their teenaged children come to terms with the complexities of love in all its forms over the course of one tumultuous year.

The writer was left by his wife who remarried to a younger guy. It’s been three years and he’s still waiting for her to come back. Occasionally stalking her in random places or the most often place is outside the window at her new house. They have two children, namely Samantha who’s cynical, afraid to fall in love and who doesn’t believe in marriage because of her parents. She hates her mom the most because of what happened to their family. But ended up falling for a guy who’s also a hopeless romantic much just like her brother. And Rusty who is secretly in love with Kate never had the courage to speak to her.


First  of all, I love how close their family is! I love how Sam can blurt out and tell his dad that she knows the he has a fuck buddy. I love how open the dad is when he finds out that Rusty has already been sleeping with Kate, his new girlfriend. I love how Rusty can casually ask her sister if she wants to smoke some weed on the roof. There’s a lot of ‘love’ there, huh?

Second, they’re all right brained people! The three of them are writers and the mom is a painter. Family Fan Alert! :))

Third, Stephen King called Rusty! How mindblowing is that? To have someone you look up to so much,actually love your work? Oh man! How would that even feel? :))

  • Life is as meaningful as you fool yourself as to thinking it is.
  • Writers are the sum of their experiences.
  • Everytime I see her, I hear the beatles song.  (to have a guy feel about you how rusty feels for kate)
  • The scariest moment is always just before you start – Stephen King

I guess I’ll have to start buying Stephen King books. :)) Though every book seems to have a thousand or more pages. I have to get started!


Some noteworthy lines from the movie:


1. Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt.


2. The past is just a story we tell ourselves.


3. We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy. So fuck it.

4. I want to learn everything about everything. I want to eat it all up. I want to discover myself.