Starbucks for a smile!

Starbucks for a smile!

Okay, Monday. We went and be all glamorous for a shoot. The entire sentence was not true. The photoshoot was real but being glamorous was not. Being part of the Product Development now, they being the Corporate Marketing Division, asked us to be a model for the annual report that should be released this april. It was not a big deal per se but I still want to see the picture!! We were laughing our ass of because one of the branch people was wearing this oh so neon baby blue jumpsuit with sequins on her chest. We were like, ‘What the fuck. This is for the annual report that will be handed to the top management and you dress like this? How stupid can you get?’ Hahaha. She obviously don’t know a thing about corporate attire. She looked like a geenie half mermaid. I’m sorry for her. Im not rude okay? But imagine that. Anyway, Corporate Marketing gave us GCs for the said cooperation!! Starbucks it is! Haha. Thank youu!.