1. Tell everyone what’s the meeting all about. 

You may dropped a hint when you scheduled the meeting, but remember that you pulled them out of their desks and work to be there. Most of them are in ‘What’s in it for me?’ mindset, so tell them why they are there and what purpose do they serve or what you are asking from them and what they can contribute.

2. Encourage Positivity

Always start the meeting with a positive note. When a meeting starts with whining, complaining and arguments, yo may as well be sure that you won’t be able to get things done, or whatever the purpose of the meeting was. You may start asking what their accomplishment are for their department, may it be big or small.

3. Share a Surprising Statistic or Quote

that’ll get their attention. The numbers may be sour such as, ‘We loss a market share of 60%’. Everyone in the room will now think of that number and instantly want to do something about it. What they wish to do about it, or what suggestion, or comment they have on a particular project or a strategy.

4. Tell a story

It will lighten the mood, it won’t be too serious and everyone wants a good story. But do make sure that the story relates to the goal of the meeting. It may instill a lesson or make people laugh.