I finished my MBA in 4 years and 4 months. It took me 5 years and 4 months to finally walk up the stage, get a good hand shake from the dean and receive my diploma.

I was never alone in this journey. I’ll forever be grateful for the never ending encouragement of my family who has supported me financially, bringing me to school every Saturday class, for fetching me during weekday classes at night, accompanying me to watch tv when I need someone to keep me awake, for being understanding when I have to bring my laptop everywhere and for every small thing that I needed for the past four years.


It wasn’t just my family but a very special person close to me also helped me in every possible way. He went with me through every coffee shop study session, lent me his laptop when mine died, quizzed me with my lessons, listened to me when I rant about my group mates, brought me food when I had to study, read my decks and gave me honest critic, heard my spiel for every report, comforting me when I’m done and encouraging me to continue my strama when I was on my last straw.


Going up the stage will also not be possible without the guidance and teachings of my strama professor, Dr. Leveric Ng who has inspired me to do better than expected, for giving his time and dedication to improve our papers and ultimately being the coolest genius there is in school. To my panel, Dr. Fong and to Sir Palo who gave me valuable insights to improve my paper, thank you. To all my other professors who passed their knowledge and life’s experiences in every course, thank you. To all the AGSB staff from the photocopy area, cafeteria staff, guards, registrar, cashier and to my favorite potato corner lady, you made my stay worthwhile.


To all the group mates, classmates and batch mates that turned into families, I will never forget the pain, pressure and sacrifice we all went through. We all did it! ❤

This has been a culmination of hardwork, patience, determination and the will to make my parents and Jude proud. Thank you for this amazing journey and experience, Ateneo. It’s time to make you proud. ❤  MAGIS!




EVERYDAY: MBA Experience

I am back!! At long last.. I am deeply excited to share with you that… tuhn-tuhn-tuhn-tuhnnnn.. I am finally a Masteral Graduate of Ateneo Graduate School of Business! 😀

Sooooo, I’ve decided to share with you the entire MBA experience, from the classes to the professors. Basically, I will be just listing down the classes, my professors & what I remember from the subject.

  1. Business Communication (Buscom) – Ma. Adelina Rex

If you are just about to enroll, then unfortunately you will not be able to get the Legendary Class of Prof Rex — She was famous because well, you have no choice but to take her class. She’s the only one teaching the subject. However, she retired 2 years ago.

Midterms – Spontaneous Speech. Each student gets to pick one question from the jar. One will be given 3 minutes to prepare. You are also given 3 whole minutes for your speech. What did I get? ‘If you are to die now, What will you say to Saint Peter to convince him to let you in?’ and, I got a 98 for this! Yayy! 

Finals – Hero Theme. Each group is given a value that they need to build a story on. & our group got a Magis — the very foundation of Ateneo Culture. 🙂


2. Financial Accounting (Finnac) – Susana De Jesus

All I remember from this subject was it, being a very serious one. Aside from having a classmate and a group that looked very much like the korean actor from the movie Miracle in Cell No 7. Hahaha

3. Applied Mathematics (Appmath) – Presentacion Santos

You guessed it right! I’m not even in the class picture. :/ I was absent during the last day of class for a reason I don’t even remember. 😀 The subject was hard, for most. Thus, the professor made it light with her funny antics and by lecturing us through games and other fun activities. There are two highlights for this class: One, this is where I found my Close MBA friends – you’ll see from the pictures below. Two, I had a proud moment when the professor asked us to solve a difficult problem and no one was able to except for meeee. :)) — Thus, I received a 4.0 for our Final Exam.


4. Managerial Statistics (Mastat) – Manuel Tenmatay

I picked the right professor. I have to admit, the subject was a difficult one to understand.:/ with the alpha, beta and omega equations. :/ I will definitely recommend Professor Tenmatay. Thankful for 2 Math Wizards in our group. ::D


5. Business Ethics (Ethics) – Vincent Festin

The subject was boring and interesting at the same time. The class was all lecture and all elements contribute for it to be boring. Or probably because the subject was scheduled from 12 nn – 3pm, which is like siesta time. 😀 But, somehow — I still managed to like the subject.


6. Methods of Research (Metres) – Rizalito Gregorio

This is probably the hatest subject — of most students. It’s a real work, especially if you took Professor Ibarles — which is like attending a class, pretending strama. (which I think is a good thing for those GC students). BUT, for Professor Gregorio is also a piece of work. There are a lot of don’ts. (You cannot talk. You cannot be late, even for a minute. You cannot eat. You cannt touch your phone. You can’t smile). AND, he calls students randomly. So well, yeah. You have to be prepared when you enter his class.

7. Leadership Effectiveness (Leader) – Angelo Gregorio

By far, one of the easiest subject from the Prerequisites. As can be concluded from the course title — it’s mostly of discovering yourself, your abilities and basically what you read in Self – Help Books. You know?

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the subject, the short films, the classmates and the professor as well.


8. Managerial Accounting (Manacc) – Manuel Solomon

Everyone hates math. It’s most likely the reason why I tend to get sleepy every time — plus the fact that the class starts at 3pm! Right? No offense to Prof Solomon, but he sits most of the time during lecture. BUT, if you actually make an effort to listen attentively — you’ll learn a lot from him.



9. Information Technology for Managers (Infote) – Sandra Lovenia

One of my absolute hatest subject. One, you won’t learn anything substantially new. Two, Professor Lovenia gives the lowessst possible grade. Three, you won’t learn anything substantially new. (Yes, repeated for emphasis) — And take note, this is not just from my opinion but even from the more branier students in the class.

10. Principles and Dynamics of Management (Priman) – Nicolas Lansang Jr.

The course is a so-so for me. I learned, I participated but nothing really struck me that much. It was the type of subject that you’d like to pair with a difficult one. Professor Lansang has weekly cases that we need to prepare for a report for — which is difficult if you have lazy group mates. Although, overall — the subject was relatively ‘chill’ in a sense.


11. Human Resource Management (Humres) – Emivita Formoso

I liked the subject — but mostly because we can get away with not attending the class. 😀 There are, however, weekly reporting. Every group is tasked to prepare but only 1 group will present. And, well — we usually leave the class when the presenting group is announced & it happens to be — NOT OURS. 🙂


12. Financial Management (Finman) – Carmencita Garcia

If you are afraid of Financial Statements, then this is definitely a subject you wouldn’t look forward to. Aside from that, the Professor is a piece of work too! You also have to come to class prepared as she will be asking random students.

For our finals, each group invited a guest who is considered an expert on a specific topic. But beware, as the Professor will inject some showbiz chika regarding the speaker, IN FRONT of the speaker. So, Imagine when I invited the CFO of PAL — & he was questioned about the principles & values of his boss and accusations regarding the PAL – SMC deal. Imagine my embarrassment and horror, having invited him myself. GAD.


13. Applied Management Science (Mansci) – Edgar Legaspi

One of my hatest subject because of the level of difficulty. This is the type of subject where no matter how many times you read the sample problem, or no matter how much you study for an exam, you’ll surely fail it unless you’re innately born for Management Science, for that matter. Nonetheless, I like Professor Legaspi. He was not threatening at all, given how intimidating the subject is.


14. Economics for Managers (Ecoman) – Presentacion Santos

No matter how much I try to be good at economics, I fail. I love the subject and how complicated and each & every single thing affects the economy and the principles behind the subject. BUT, it doesn’t mean that the subject became easy. I would love to be good at the economics, period. I’m far from being good at it though.


15. Operations Management (Opeman) – Apolinar Ng

This is one of my all time favorite subjects! As I was able to directly apply what we learn from the 4 walls of our classroom to literally everyday tasks at work. No kidding! The class and our Professor, Sir Poly made it really interesting to evaluate and dissect our everyday operational activities that affects the bottom-line and the business activities.


16. Leading Organizational Change (Leadoc) – Ma. Luisa Moguel

BLAH. — exactly what this subject is. I picked this subject as my elective class, which is such a disappointment. I was supposed to get Brand Marketing but there were no slots, that’s why I ended up with this. I.DID.NOT.LEARN.ANYTHING.AT.ALL.

Finals — Fieldtrip to BSP and write about it. What the hell right? What does that have to do with anything?  I didn’t even attend this trip.


17. Marketing Management (Markma) – Emilio Macasaet III

If you are trying to expand your connections and would love to hear talks from speakers known in their own fields — then take this subject under Professor Macasaet. Sounds familiar? He is known for his Training Company — Mansmith & Fielders Inc. I, for one learned a great deal from the speakers! It’s like getting free trainings without the certificate. :/ Haha.


18. Entrepreneurship (Entrep) – George Fong

This is my other elective class. I don’t know if it’s me having an undergraduate degree on the subject — but I didn’t learn anything new.

19. Strategic Management (Strama) – Leveric Ng

EVERYONE is afraid of this last and final course in MBA. — The subject that will all lead to the thesis and defense (that will eventually result to your  success or failure). GAH. Imagine the horror of going to class.

I chose Professor Leveric Ng since he has this reputation that NONE of his students ever failed the subject since he started teaching Strama. WOAHHH Right? Such a clean record to break. More pressure to his students! The good thing about his class is — there’s a submission of a part of the paper every class. Thus, you get to build your paper, little by little. Feedback & criticisms will be given immediately (so you have time o edit your paper and ppt). He replies regularly, even during the wee hours. He is frank and understanding at the same time. THOUGH, He hates students who are lazy and submits / presents in class with little or no effort at all.


The whole Strama Defense is due for another post. 😀

Forgive my photos for being so blurry. I only retrieved it from Facebook,, with such a poor quality. :/


After the game of shuttle cocks, we had to replenish our energy with – yep! you guessed it right! FOOD. lots of it. IMG_5431We ordered drinks first! There are only two types of drink:

IMG_5453Guyabano Shake and Four Seasons Shake for Php 80 each. Both of the shakes were a hit at our table. Five stars for their shake!

IMG_5458We ordered Tokwa’t Baboy for Php 125. The serving was generous since it was enough for a hungry monster of five. The blend of the vinegar and soy sauce was just right.

IMG_5462Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa at Php 140. Veggies were tender and it goes wildly perfect with the Pork Binagoongan.

IMG_5474Crispy Bicol Express at Php 230. I didn’t taste this dish though since I don’t eat Bicol Express.


Pork Binagoongan at Php 230. It tasted like binagoongan but there was a lot of things happening in this plate though. A little less veggies and a little more pork would’ve been better.

IMG_5464Chicken with Shitake Cream Sauce and Shtake Mushrooms for Php 215 The sauce was pretty nice if you’re into white cream sauces. :)) It’s too much if it’s all the viand that you will order.

IMG_5466Pork with Mushroom Cream Sauce for Php 220. 

IMG_5468Porkloin Steak with Mashed Potato for Php 220

IMG_5471 IMG_5440You would think that’s too much? Not for us! Seven dishes for 5 people. Hihi.

Overall, I love ever-yy–thinnngg! I will go back!


“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.” – Barack Obama




We’ve tried parching our throats with alcohol.
We’ve tried reading notes, studying and teaching one another.
We’ve tried donating to a foundation, and playing with orphans.
We’ve tried wake boarding.
We’ve tried traveling out of the country.
We’ve tried eating our heart’s desires.


And now, we tried playing badminton.
We finally settled for a court inside Camp Crame in Aguinaldo. Simply because it only charges you Php 100.00 per head as long as your legs tire out, as long as your shuttlecock has feathers.
IMG_5535 IMG_5525 IMG_5491IMG_5494

The court is divided into two. The other half for the Basketball.
We played the whole afternoon.


Life consists not in holding the good cards but in playing those you hold well.


And just like that, Leadership class is over!


Meet part of my group! Mark – Engineer from UST, Maffy – not my group mate though. She’s a Medtech I think. But currently stopped because she has to take of her baby, tyke, Alex – a Nursing Graduate but is working at their family business, Mac – recently unemployed from being a Management Trainee to Account officer at BPI and is now working at their family business. and Cerg – Working on their family business too.

IMG_3989Some have been my classmates in Mastat like Mics and Gwen. But I also met new friends like my groupmates and Gem, Ludwig, JM, Danica and Redge. Or some of them I haven’t yet memorized their names.

Any, Thank you Prof Yong!


IMG_0316 IMG_0374

No matter how many semesters I finish, I will always dread First Days. :/ It’s nice to meet new people who may eventually be good friends, but being in a room where you don’t know absolutely anyone frightens me. I was 40 minutes late on the first day. To add to my misfortune, I didn’t even know what room our class was. I had to ask from the registrar and upon reaching the room, THERE WAS NO GODDAMN CLASS that day. Goodness! So anyway, I attended a different class – a subject I already finished. Like a thief, I manipulated Roumel’s Professor to take me in.

First Saturday Class with Alex on the right. I was wearing the dress she gave me and she was also wearing the necklace I gave her. Talk about being twins right? It was a good thing the professor allowed Alex and Maf to transfer their schedule to his class. I think, and hopefully will make the most out of this subject.

On the side note, I realized that I will have 4 absences on his class. I hope he doesn’t drop me out. :/

EVERYDAY: Sit In Saturday

Because there are times – No. Lots of time when you don’t actually want to go home just yet.
Or rather when you have nowhere to sit – Hence, trying to disguise my way to their Financial Accounting class.

IMG_8549 IMG_8532
There wasn’t even an effort. Haha. I was even reciting and making unnecessary comments regarding the
schedule of their final report – and the prof didn’t even notice.

IMG_8623 IMG_8550