EVERYDAY: A Mother’s Love

And I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.

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It can get irritating how parents treat you like 5 year olds with a job. They can get repetitive in the most simple of things – Don’t wear shorts, Bring your sweater, Finish your water, Bring a towel, Don’t stay up too late, Don’t drink a glass given by a stranger, and so on. But you’ll miss it.

Mothers always worry. There’s no off switch. 

EVERYDAY: Mom’s Birthday

It’s a special day for a special someone. – And that would be the loveliest woman for my dad, and the best mom for my siblings and I. To top it off, it’s the third day of Pope Francis’ Visit here in Manila. I cannot help but think how blessed the Philippines is for gracing us with his holiness. With one year added to my Mom’s life, I am certain that with the Papal Visit, a longer and healthier life is also promised.

So you know how most of us complains how little rewards we get from all our Credit Card Usage, how we never really get anything valuable or of any use to us? Well, that’s not the case for my Mom. Sorry to break it – if you ever though she was on the same boat. Evil Laugh. I kid. But really, we got lucky. Through all the years – 10, 15 or even twenty years, my Mom has been using her SM Advantage Card every time we go on a grocery shopping, or have something to buy in the department store. And I tell you, the groceries? It’s on a weekly basis – and we are 8 in the house. We consume less than 10 grand on a weekly basis. Apart from the clothes / school year things we used to buy when we are in school.

Enough. As I was saying, we just got lucky. Someone from SMAC informed my Mom that she has an overnight stay at Nobu Manila for free. Got Lucky huh? Small Trivia: Al Pacino is one of the owners of Nobu. How cool? The evil looking – awesome actor. Anyway, I have been going on and on.


I believe this was the Deluxe Room. 2 Adults and 2 kids were allowed.


And this was waiting on our room! Happy Birthday Cake from Nobu. Ohmygod! Has anyone of you tried the N*** Cake from Cara Mia? It tastes so much like it. I love, love, love the cake. I love my mom for sharing her cake that I finished it. Muhaha. So before completely destroying the room, we stepped out to hear mass and go out for some dinner.

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Exactly why I LOVE THAI. We ordered Squid Garlic, Pork Spring Roll, Veggie Spring Roll, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Shrimp Soup (Not in the picture), Crispy Catfish Salad (Beginning to be my favorite), Mixed Seafood with Basil.


Birthday Dinner of my Mom with the family.


And now, we ransacked the room. My Siblings and I. Though – not everyone stayed in the hotel ofcourse.


My Mom the next day — Birthday Lunch at Red Ginger, City of Dreams.


Happy Birthday, Ma. You know I love you.


Mother’s Day with the most important woman to me. :)

Starting Mother’s Day by playing with my baby chili! :)) Image

And look how cute chili is in here.


Especially when she toss and turn and adoringly scratch her face with her cute paws.


We went to mass at Paco Church. It’s the feast of St.Pancratius today and it is also where my parents got married. It is pretty. :)) And pre-nup worthy!


And had lunch at Emerald Garden! :))








YUMMY. Cold Cuts as starter and a big bowl of seafood spinach. Veggies, squid and the very delicious steamed lapu-lapu. And after a very fulfilling lunch, we had sweets to carve off the lunch.



Spottydog as they call it. Vanilla Icecream with chocolate chips. :)) and then, Yay! Shopping with ze celebrity for today!




And we found Charlie! :)) Pretty finds and not so expensive. I want pretty dresses. Cotton on – Gaah. Everything.



And an afternoon swim. :)) Too bad I had my period. I would love some cold water above my head. I want to bring j1 and my love here and swim. Hmmm. Schedule! 🙂



Watching Batman for the nth time with the whole family. It is the only DVD left at the condo.



My mom and her presents!.:)



I love you, Mama! Happy Mother’s Day! :))