I’ve been going down this road every time I go to school and it tempts me everytime. It’s a small quaint cafe where you can have a quiet conversation – no doubt.


It was really small. It can only seat 12 persons inside and about 4 on their veranda. But that’s the good point – for me, at least. The owners were there, and they were very accommodating.

Here’s the menu:


The boyfriend ordered the Americano for Php 100. 


While I ordered the Latte Gianduja for Php 185 just because they told me that there’s hazelnut nutella somewhere in there. 😛


And I swear by this cookie — I have no idea why the salt makes it better. but man, it does! Chocolate Macadamia for Php 85. 


And ofcourse, my partner in discovering new binge joints and cafes,



Because we can never get a table past 6pm, we opted to just go there while there’s still a sun above us — at 1 in the afternoon. Haha. And it was better! Since it was not crowded and the crew was still attentive.


Laid back restaurant with a lot of graffiti on the wall.


We just had to order the San Francisco Style Lean Pork Sisig Taco for Php 105.  It’s the BOMB. Oh my… I agree. This is their best seller.


Camarones A la Diabla for Php 155. —- Shrimp never fails but damn, the spices in here failed me. It was so good  but I cannot really take on that much heat in my tongue and lips all at the same time.


La Cupadita for Php 120. Their signature drink. Which I think they shouldn’t claim as their signature. Why? Because it tastes AWFUL.


It’s not news when I tell you that it’s traffic in Makati. Right? Ergo, Dinner inside the traffic center. Wholesome Table since it’s near his office.


We ordered for GRILLED CHICKEN CURRY PIZZA for Php 600. It’s new so on the menu so we gave it a try. SO – SO. Edible, but it’s not on top of my list.


We also ordered for their Truffled Mushroom Pasta for Php 420. I love it, BTW. though from that I remember — Carbonara is better.


Will see you next time when it’s raining and traffic.


EAT MAKATI: Sunshine Place

Work. Work. Work.

So they had to fetch me and a quick dinner was in store for us — Why? Because this comfy beautiful place closes at 8pm! Imagine that! And we arrived there at about 7:30 in the evening.




We’ve been passing this establishment for a long time already. And we finally had the time to try this mexican feast. It’s a self service restaurant. You have to order at the counter.

The order taking process is you choose whether Burrito, Bowl, Tacos or Salad.then you get to pick your main course from Chicken, Beef Picadillo, Pork Carnitas, Steak or Vegetarian.


Chips and Queso for Php 125. Its definitely a good pastime snack when you’re having a good laugh with your friends.


We ordered the Chicken or Php 287 and Pork Carnitas for Php 287 too.


And Margarita Glass for Php 195 each.


I’d come back for the Nachos but their main star are not something that I would want to order again.




Do you know the good thing about trying out new, small cafes? You actually get to see the faces behind this courageous act of setting up a coffee shop in this world full of it.

Spot the lady in the yellow top – She’s liz, the owner of the store, obviously.


Another good thing I noticed is that the cafe is full of artworks made by customers. I wasn’t able to take a good shot of it since well – owner might think I’m some kind of lunatic trying to capture every corner of the store. That’s one. — Two, it felt like the neighborhood type of cafe where owner and employees are close – genuine and seems to know the people who comes in.


Lazy Cake for Php 80. It has some texture and sweetness to it. But for those who love to get some treat after a meal but are too sugar conscious, you can try this. It’s not too sweet but enough to cleanse your palate of kebabs or what not.


I also ordered a Latte for Php 120. It was good, typical latte.


The ambiance was actually really homey. It’s the place where you can actually read a good book and finish it, have real intimate conversations with loved ones and friends or just be with yourself and finish a good cup of coffee – which is what one really needs. right?

Check them out. — They have been holding small events every weekend.


EVERYDAY: Japanese Buffet

I’m not even sure what did this guy went through that day to actually crave a Korean Buffet – I’ll never know. But I dare not complain when we’re talking about tempuras (yes. plural). This makes me so happy. Haha. Apart from the fact that I had to finish a Financial Analysis for my Finman Final Paper.

But still, fat as a mother pig.


EAT MAKATI: The Wholesome Table


I’ve been meaning to try this restaurant for quite some time already. But intentionally been postponing it because the prices are a bit expensive. BTW, Interiors are more than okay. 🙂 They have a forest – garden like vibe.


Carbonara Solo – Php 440. An italian classic spaghetti tossed in a free range egg and cheese sauce and topped with cured pork belly. You might well be on your way to the restaurant by this time. I cannot even begin to tell you how freakin’ly good this dish is! From the way it smelled to its creamy creamy white goodness to the mushroom and cheese toppings.


Meatloaf – Php 620. Thick slices of home made meatloaf served with creamy, organic mashed potatoes topped with gravy and bacon. I can’t say it’s good. I’m not the biggest fan of meatloaf. Though, serving size wise — it can be shared by two already.


Theb boyfriend definitely loves the place! Will come back to try the other dishes!