Some noteworthy lines from the movie:


1. Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt.


2. The past is just a story we tell ourselves.


3. We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy. So fuck it.

4. I want to learn everything about everything. I want to eat it all up. I want to discover myself.


So. the Merriest of all Holidays, the Most Costly Expense and the Extremely Fattening December.

The Friday of All Months. CHRISTMAS.

I won’t go into details anymore. Just take a look at our pictures.

10884990_10152933003374583_416303974_n IMG_9572

It’s our first time to celebrate in tagaytay — at Soto Grande, the newly built vacation house of the aunt. And have you noticed? The family keeps getting bigger. Now with Chris’s Family and Robert. We also played White Elephant.

IMG_9666 IMG_9665 IMG_9676 IMG_9672 IMG_9670

Back at our house, we each had our own little corner of gifts. :)) We had to open the ones from my sister and chris as they still had to go home at chris’ house. So here goes:

IMG_9686 IMG_9674IMG_9681    IMG_9688

So My sister and chris gave my dad and my brother the shoes that they requested from US. They gave my Mom a thermal coat as she was planning to back to US this coming year and finally, She gave me her old camera phone which is only months old.

IMG_9693 IMG_9699

IMG_9701 IMG_9704

I gave my Mom an orange Maxi Dress from H&M as she has been looking non stop for a Maxi Dress, I gave my Dad a Long Sleeves Polo from Memo, My sister’s favorite Perfume, Shorts from Uniqlo for Chris and for my Brother as well.


Thank you, Clients! Merry Christmas!


A very Pretty B&W Dress from the BM, Pepero from BOO, Bath and Body Cologne from the AH, Chocolate from the NAC, Brush from the Teller, Popcorn from the GAB and the candies are from the reliever. Thank you, Officemates!


The Black Dress and the Orange Travel Toiletry Pouch are from Alex, The Lip Gloss is from Steph and Betsy, The Book is from Roumel, The two pony tails are from Jaja, The Foundation is from Kenneth and the Notebook from Panda.


The Red Regatta Wallet is from N. Al and N. Irma, The post its from Ivy, The Face Shop Perfume from Eulah and the GC is from N. Baby.


The Black Dress, Gray Pants and Gucci Perfume are from my parents, The Marks and Spencer Perfume from my Brother and the Camera from my Sister and Brother in Law.


The Dress from Ate Nita, Orange Towel from St. Peter’s Plan Agent, The Book from Chris’s Parents and the Black Bag from Ninong Jobee.


Oh, Loved Ones surely knows the simplest that can make me happy — Chocolates!


Thank you for a Memorable, Christmas! I loved each and every gift. Thank you.

THOUGHTS: Life’s Simple Joys

  1. That secret pocket money

It’s prolly in a bag that you haven’t used for quite some time or the pocket of your back jeans. You find a Php 100 bill that is just waiting there to save your day.

  1. Waking up early morning

Realizing that you can go back to your sleep and continue where you left off in your dream because it’s a holiday.

  1. When you don’t have enough money

And your boss suddenly invites you for lunch – this definitely screams free lunch. And a goofy smile runs down your cheeks.

  1. Opening your front door

And your dog suddenly jumps at you. It’s 4 a.m. and your dog is still waiting for you to come home.

  1. The smell

Of bacon when you wake up will lift you up into the heavens. No matter how much of a grumpy riser you are.

  1. Going home from work

And seeing a plate of your favorite spaghetti or chicken pastel that your loving mom cooked for you.

  1. Getting 98-100

In a Karaoke score. Even though you’re not hitting the right notes.

  1. Running late for class or work

Sweat running down your forehead and catching a shuttle or bus and having the windows of the aircon all to yourself.

  1. Drinking the whole night

And going to school without your assignment, getting to class and the president announced that the professor was absent.

  1. Being able to smile

At randomly small things, appreciating what you have and the people around you.