You know how they say that opposites attract? It may be true at times, or at first rather. but surely, time will come that those differences will set your relationship on a downward path.

Ryder is a low maintenance guy who lives off, of free furniture on the streets, who would think a hundred times before spending on a shirt, who loves kid and teaches second grade students, who would let a kid drool on his shirt, who is a vegan, who has several tattoos, who loves excitement and spur of the moment decisions but is a good guy and someone who will find the goodness in everybody.

Clint spends a couple of hundred dollars for a shirt, who has a bathroom as big as ryder’s whole house, who loves routine (eats in the same restaurant every Saturday at the same time at the same table), someone who is obsessed with neatness, someone who has different scissors for poultry, meat and fish other than for paper and religiously uses them only for that purpose, who loves drinking and partying, who gets excited with the loud music and who goes to club and DJ-ing for a living.


I have not read a book that has more sex scenes than this one. And I’ve not read a homosexual sex this detailed. Did that catch your attention? Haha. But yes, it’s all true.

Though, I love how rough and raw their sex can be. I love how they have this I-can’t-get-my-hands-off-you kind of love. Mutual affection is there but when lust is important too. And they both have enough to last a lifetime for each other.

  1. Why did there have to be so much heat and overwhelming longing to touch clint?
  2. I love quiet dinners and snuggling on the couch when it’s raining. But I love fucking and there’s a time and place for everything.
  3. He was the human equivalent of a cozy balnket and a cup of tea.
  4. He wanted so badly to go back and freeze time so he could just stare at him and breathe the same air. He looked so good. It was like coming home.
  5. I want to know that I’m not some long term fuck buddy and you’re not going to move on when you find someone more your type.
  6. I’m so in love with you and I need to know this is never going to stop.
  7. I love you and the only thing I want is to spend the rest of my life making you happy.

So what was actually the problem in this story? Basically, Ryder does not, in any way fit into Clint’s world. Two, Clint has this very strict policy that they cannot be seen in public PDA-ing because to him, it would ruin his image. Three, Clint’s notion that it’s okay for other guys to touch, hug and kiss him as long as they’re inside the club and because they’re not bringing him home. His notion of what happens in the club stays in the club. Third, they both never really told each other the dreaded three words, ‘I love you’.

“You are generous, gentle, brilliant, patient, completely selfless and you make me laugh. You’re magic and when we touch, I feel like you’ve lit a fire within me. We belong together and I want the whole world to know that I’m yours and I will never let you go”. 

Oh my, any kind of proposals makes me swoon. You’re magic.



White and Black, Light and Dark. And me, in the middle of it all Gray.

  1. How would it feel to hide an enormous, important, life threatening secret from your friends, neighbours maybe even the members of your family?
  2. Isolate vs Integrate
  3. I want to smash something into the mirror until I’m a million pieces on the ground, but I’m stuck in front of my reflection and I tell myself to breathe, to try harder. – I think it’s really hard to hate yourself and hate the person staring back at you in the mirror for pretending to be someone and you can’t do anything about it.
  4. The noise bounces like a million invisible Ping-Pong balls from the floor to the ceiling to the windows to the tops of the lunch tables and over and over again.
  5. I feel like I’ve been hit from behind by a wave of lava.
  6. It’s not easy to do something new. – It’s brave enough of him to voluntarily go to the try outs when he knows he’s going to be teased about it.
  7. My heartbeat is like a drumbeat. It surrounds me. Each gentle thud creates ripples all around me.
  8. My words hang in front of us like fog.
  9. My mother cannot exist without me, but I know what that means, I can’t exist without her. – Long hidden from the hearts of the teen ager’s raging hormones, lies this fact.
  10. But as long as I’m here in this cold, dark, evil land, I will never smile, I will never eat, I will never do anything but try to get home. – as long as I’m pretending to be a boy, I will never be happy.
  11. All I want is form him to be true to himself. – I wish every parent with a third gender child would feel the same way.
  12. My heartbeat is wild.
  13. Why would you want to set yourself up to be teased like that? Kids can be very cruel.
  14. Mom and Dad knew. They knew, and it was okay. – It means everything when your parents accept you for who you are, to feel comfortable in your skin, to have them love you. I wouldn’t care for anybody else’s approval.
  15. Everything keeps on flip-flopping back and forth, from bad to good, over and over again.
  16. The quiet hangs over us like a cloudy sky.
  17. If it’s not perfect, it’s not the end of the world. – If it’s not a happy ending, then it’s not finish. So smile. Life can be very cruel but there will always be something good waiting around the corner.
  18. Sometimes, everything needs to fall apart before it can come back altogether the way it’s supposed to. – Cliché, but I’d like to believe in this. To have something to look forward to. To have hope that things will get better and that everything has a purpose.
  19. It builds character to stand in someone else’s shoes. You know, try to see things from another perspective.
  20. Sometimes people make important decisions that are risky.
  21. My heartbeat and all the footsteps bounce like a million of bullets.
  22. I think to be brave, you have to be scared at the same time. To be brave means there’s something important you have to do and you’re scared, but you do it anyway.
  23. Take important action despite of fear.
  24. Risk taking is not free, but I can assure you, it’s worth it.

I take two tiny hairclips that I’ve been carrying around out of my pocket and arrange them neatly behind my ears. I smooth out my hair and walk out the doorway and into the hall.


                I think it’s mildly wild when you’re living in the closet. When you have to watch what you say, what you do, how you dress and the little things all the time. It’s tiring and happiness won’t be there as long as you’re in the hiding. I love homosexuals, they’re a lot easier to deal with. They usually carry a lot of baggage, but they’re also the kindest and happiest people to be around with.

                If you’re still in the closet, it’s okay. Let people know who you are. If they resent you, then they’re not your people. The people who truly loves you will accept you and love you no matter what.


I snatched this copy from my sister. And I never thought it was a purple movie.

The movie is about the coming out of Gray. Sam, her brother are inseparable. They both decided they would look for a date for each other. Though she finds herself in love with the wife of her brother. Oh boy! A hole I don’t want to be in.

First of all: Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals are so much more fun!


Here are some of the quotes:

Carrie: This is the package ok? It’s exactly the same under the wrapping. This is the packages, no exchanges, no returns. Right? Why does our society push us to be perpetually uncomfortable with who we are. It’s so messed up! Wanna know why? Luscious Liposuction. Flawless face lifts.” That’s why. Enough is enough. We need to stop letting society and media and our religious leaders delegate who we are.

Gray:  I’m never going to be able to walk down the street, holding hands with my partner without the rest of the world giving us a look. And me never have the wedding that I once dreamed of and I may never have children. And one day when I die people will never give as much respect to my grieving lover as if she were my husband.It’s so much easier to be someone else.

Aside from all of this, everyone expects Gray to you know, find her true love and live happily ever after. But she didn’t. And that’s what I love about the movie. What made her essentially and genuinely happy was the fact that she is now comfortable in her own skin and happy about who and what she is.


Because I recently found my collection of L Word series, I decided to fill my mind with Purple stuff movie – if you know what I mean. For those who studied in an all-girls school.

There’s definitely one movie that I can particularly remember. Imagine you and me. So I searched.

1. Yes or No – which I also loved.

2. April’s Shower

3. An unexpected love

4. Gray Matters

5. Cracks

6. The Incredible adventure of two girls inlove

7. Loving Annabelle

8. Kiss me

9. Threesome

10. Wonderboys

11. The Hours

12. Wild at Heart

13. Fear eats the soul

14. Weekend

15. Show me some love

16. Silver Linings Playbook

17. Say Anything

18. Annie Hall

19. Sixteen Candles

If any of you has already watched the films above, let me know. or you want to add in some movies I can watch while I devour a Hazelnut pint of an Icecream.

Feel free. Christmas is coming anyway! Likes will be your present to me!