Long overdue checkup

It’s a holiday and i thought i should use this time to finally go to my cardio, and i did.
It turns out, i have this mitral valve prolapse? Weak valves, my doctor said. It means that my valves doesn’t seal it shut perfectly allowing for the de-oxygenated blood to backflow.
And that explains my shortness of breaths and my fast beating heart. He also told me to avoid being stressed and too tired especially strenuous activities or any heavy workload of workout or games.
Blah – blah. I’ll live, i think. I should just monitor it, he said cause it might get worse or not. So i’m due for another 2d echo.
— that means, see you two years from now doc! haha. Another 2years delayed of a checkup.

Clinic day!

Clinic day!

Back when I was in fourth year, there was a phase where it was hard for me to breathe most of the time. It felt like there was an obese man standing on top of my chest. And everytime I feel that, I cannot stand or do anything. So had my checkup January of last year and Dr. Zulueta told us that there was an abnormality in the left part of my heart. So, had my ECG.

Recently, I’m kind of having that phase again which pushed us to actually go for a 2D Echo, chest xray and another ECG. We still have to wait for the results though. But the doctor was speculating that I have ischemia wherein there’s an insufficient supply of blood in my vessels due to the abnormality on the left part.

Any, I was thankful my mom was with me. 🙂