It was only a sunny smile,

But it scattered the night.

Though little it cost in giving,

It made the day worth living.


An excerpt from the book, ”You can do it. Even if others say you can’t” by John Mason.

A sense of humor can help you overlook the unattractive, tolerate the unpleasant, cope with the unexpected, and smile through the unbearable. — Moshe Waldoks. A smile is a powerful weapon. It can break the ice in tough situations. It will help you keep a proper perspective in life.

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.


Nowadays, it’s so easy to find something that will piss you off. Initially, you go out of the house, and boom! Traffic is everywhere. A mud in the street, the scorching heat of the sun, an annoying colleague, etc.

According to Paulo Coelho, Considering the way the world is, one happy day is almost a miracle.

But this: Pollyanna Principle.

It is the tendency for people to remember pleasant items more accurately than unpleasant ones.

It is also described as the unrealistic optimism and having an excessive (and even harmful) belief that all things will have positive outcomes, no matter what.

EVERYDAY: CHRISTMAS EVE in the Philippines

Christmas has always been and forever will be the biggest, most special and most celebrated holiday for Filipinos. Christmas starts as early as September and ends in February.  We give gifts to everyone – driver, guards, supervisor, the family of our supervisor, ht ebig bosses, acquaintance, staff from the company beside you, parlor people, househelp, grass cutter, to all of your officemates, classmates, teacher, HS Friends, nieces, cousins and to almost everyone that we know. 

We love Christmas! I love Christmas. 


My Dad and my mom


While I was waiting for Noche Buena. 🙂Image


My cousins! We always celebrate Christmas Eve at our place.


My family!:))


The other family. 


Our Christmas Eve game? Bring any gift worth Php 300. Form a Circle and one will prepare a Story. Every time you hear the word left, you pass your gift to the left and vice versa. When the story is finished, whichever it is you’re holding, you get to keep it.


Posing with our Random Gifts. I received a travel bag organizer. 🙂


And now, Exchange Gifts Begin.


Ate Ivy with her pile of gifts.




My Dad/




Ninong Al.


Ninang Irma.




My Mom.


Ninang Baby.


My Sister


And me. :))


My dad and the shirt my sister gave him.Image

Sicio Family.


My mom and ‘ta Alice and the shirt she received.Image

Cousins and our gifts to each other. Travel Bags, Undies and Desk Organizer for pens and everything else.Image

My Brother and I and the Shirt I gave him.Image

Thank you, Mom for my very pretty dress.


Ahhh! Just what my Dad wished for! My Mom got him the LG Tablet 8.3.Image

The pants My Dad got for my sister which I picked. Haha. Image

And the pOlo my sister gave to my brother.


Necklace from Ms. Grace, Wallet from Ms. Lolit, Big Bag from Precious, Purple Pouch from Ms. Lei, Mug from Mark, Black Floral Lacey Top from Ms. Mins, Tumbler from Ms. Chiqui and Chocolates from Ms. Donna. Thank youuu!Image

Peach Bag from Ninang Irma, White Backless Dress from Ninang Baby, Pajama and Travel Bag from Ate Ivy.Image

My Mom is the greatest. She really knows my style in Dresses! I died. :)) Forever 21 White Peplum Dress, Black and White Tight Floral Dress and My Favorite Scent: Envy Me! GAAAHH. Love you, Ma!Image

CMG Pouch from my brother, BDJ Planner from my Sister and Uniqlo Pants from My dad. Thank youuuuu. :))Image


Green Clutch from My Twin Alex. Thanks, Fart.Image

Gifts from My Lifetime Partner.: Blue Dress, undergarments, swimsuit and cropped top.Image

Gifts from Clients. Lotion from DLC and cupcakes, Cookies from Medtest, Red Dress from Mommy Remo, Sitsirya from Sir Emil, Bag from Ms. April, Pouch from Adelaida, Pyramid from WHMI, Sugar from Crystal and Tumbler from Searland.Image

Big Bag from Betsy, Lip Gloss from Buddy and Mascara from Bulinggit. Thank you, MT. Image

Planner from Panda, Bath Wash from Jaja, Purple Shorts from Nic and Card Holder from Pam. Thank you Entrep loves



Chocolates and Perfume from my second Parents.



Thank you for all your efforts and presents! Merry, Merry Christmas! and Happy Birthday Jesus! :))


THOUGHTS: Life’s Simple Joys

  1. That secret pocket money

It’s prolly in a bag that you haven’t used for quite some time or the pocket of your back jeans. You find a Php 100 bill that is just waiting there to save your day.

  1. Waking up early morning

Realizing that you can go back to your sleep and continue where you left off in your dream because it’s a holiday.

  1. When you don’t have enough money

And your boss suddenly invites you for lunch – this definitely screams free lunch. And a goofy smile runs down your cheeks.

  1. Opening your front door

And your dog suddenly jumps at you. It’s 4 a.m. and your dog is still waiting for you to come home.

  1. The smell

Of bacon when you wake up will lift you up into the heavens. No matter how much of a grumpy riser you are.

  1. Going home from work

And seeing a plate of your favorite spaghetti or chicken pastel that your loving mom cooked for you.

  1. Getting 98-100

In a Karaoke score. Even though you’re not hitting the right notes.

  1. Running late for class or work

Sweat running down your forehead and catching a shuttle or bus and having the windows of the aircon all to yourself.

  1. Drinking the whole night

And going to school without your assignment, getting to class and the president announced that the professor was absent.

  1. Being able to smile

At randomly small things, appreciating what you have and the people around you.

Our whole day together. May 9, 2012

You know how new couples are so into each other and they couldn’t bare to be apart? We’ve decided to skip a day in the office!! :)) Hihi. Him having a migraine as an excuse and I was having a dysmenorrhea, which i true. by the way. Any, first stop? Milky & Sunny breakfast place at Kapitolyo. It opens at 7 a.m. We were there around 8.:)) The place was very vibrant and clean and homey. Image

We immediately ordered cause we were both starving!!


I wanted the brocoli & mushroom casserole, eggs benedict, breakfast club, a plate of bacon and egg & hotdog & choco hazelnut french toast!!


Everything sounded so tastefully and jawdropping!! And, it actually did! I ordered the choco hazelnut french toast. Image

It was sooooo delicious. and i was very full  after! I even ordered a side of bacons. : 3 strips of bacon for Php40. Not bad. And, judeyy ordered a plate of spam, egg & bacon!!





We’re too cute! Hahaha. Anyway, After eating, we headed to UP Manila where he graduated. And he toured me inside the campus. It was very much like my school before: St. theresa’s college in Quezon City. Myth: If an undergrad poses a picture with the statue of oblation, he will not graduate. hahaha. After UP Manila, We walked towards Robinson’s Manila which was a bummer since it was fiery hot!! We were both perspiring na.:l We decided to go to Noriter. I wanted to bring him there because of all their cute interiors and all the cups displayed. But it was still closed. So, Headed for Lunch!! Where? Burgos Circle. We were supposed to eat Chef’s Lab but sadly, I dont like expensive restaurants that serve Filipino Food. I just don’t get the point. Hahaha. I can eat that at home. So, We opted to eat at busys!!.:)) we were hesitant because it looked like it wasn’t open yet. Anyway, I ordered, Garlic Mushrooms!! :)))) See! I told you I love mushrooms!


Who wouldn’t love mushrooms? It is soooo ❤  . Judey ordered Grilled porkchop which was also so appetizing!



We also ordered drinks! I wanted an apple martini with salt but I ended up with frozen margarita which was so-so.


And potty ordered a mojito!



After, we decided to try the potion thing that I read about in another blog!! Look.