It’s becoming a yearly tradition yet we were not prepared! Scouted for the venue on the spot. Good thing we found a table for us at… Fridays! 🙂


Attendees: Ms. Lolit, Ms. Grace, Ms. Donna, Ms. Minnie, Ms. Sonia, Leigh, Jane, Myself and the significant other. ❤


And for supper, I ordered the Black Calamari Pasta. ❤ We also tried exchanging gifts and three things, like every year. We had to bring Php 500 worth of any gift.

I received a black wallet from XOXO and I gave a Zara Perfume. We also won a bag of cheetos from the Three things which the boyfriend ate on his own. 😦


Until our next Christmas, Loves. ❤



We’ve been passing this establishment for a long time already. And we finally had the time to try this mexican feast. It’s a self service restaurant. You have to order at the counter.

The order taking process is you choose whether Burrito, Bowl, Tacos or Salad.then you get to pick your main course from Chicken, Beef Picadillo, Pork Carnitas, Steak or Vegetarian.


Chips and Queso for Php 125. Its definitely a good pastime snack when you’re having a good laugh with your friends.


We ordered the Chicken or Php 287 and Pork Carnitas for Php 287 too.


And Margarita Glass for Php 195 each.


I’d come back for the Nachos but their main star are not something that I would want to order again.




It’s been too long. No. More than that, actually. I don’t know how or why we even lost touch, but we did.

We decided to have lunch with her at Spicy Fingers in Greenbelt 3.

IMG_3466 IMG_3470

Hopefully this is a start to becoming our usual twin selves.

EVERYDAY: Tender Bobs & Barcino with my Blockmates

The other friends kept mentioning how rude we are for not inviting all of the class every time we go out.
This is the actual proof. 13 girls of Entrep Class, 9 said yes, 5 came. WOW. Definite proof of why.

IMG_8489 IMG_8491 IMG_8492

We had dinner at Tender Bobs and a drink or two at Barcino.

IMG_8505 IMG_8499

I miss everyone!

EAT MAKATI: Simply Thai.

Another one off the list! I’ve loved Thai Food ever since I ate at Oodys. It opened my heart to try thai food because I’ve always thought that all of their food has that spice. 

Simply Thai is located at Greenbelt 5.



The whole place looks like an Elite person’s Living Room. 😀 


And they have my weakness. – pretty ceiling ornaments. 

And we were starving because we came from an enrollment. It took a while before the food came up. But we were seated comfortably in their sofas with big pillows so it kind of eases our stomachs. 


We ordered the Shrimp Cakes – 5 pieces of Delicious Shrimp ones. It was crispy and tender. It wasn’t too thick but the meat of the shrimp is not over powered by the batter. They also serve Sweet n Chili Sauce that goes perfectly with it. 


And you would’ve guessed. Love ordered Chicken Satay Php 250 – It comes with 5 sticks of chicken and with three sauces that compliments the satay just right. We also ordered the Shrimp Paste Rice. Although I wasn’t able to take a picture of it since the waiter already offered to mix it. 

Everything was perfect. I was too full when we left. We finished everything. Haha.

A pleasant Saturday.


I am off to greenbelt! Then Fete dela Musique after! 


The Bustier top, I love! But had to be covered. Haha. UnfortunatelyImage

First stop: Lunch with our College Prof – Ms. Dida Salita. Our very own support system for our businesses back in College. She always made sure that there was an event for the Entrepreneurs and that we, be the highlight for each and every event. Jaja was late was because her mother didn’t allow her to go out, thus pambahay outfit. Haha. 


This baby tagged along again today! 


Our next agenda? Lunch with Ms. Kuku – our mother in business and Morato. – our father in Entrepreneurship. 


I want this kind of corner in my room. Playing with Jia under the lights. 


Next : Yogurt with my loves! I want to try Ate Twinx: Milo Challenge.

Next: Fete dela Musique at Avenue. No pictures. :/ It was too dark.