EVERYDAY: Sophie’s Birthday

An awful godmother, I guess? I only get to see her during her birthdays! 😀 Nonetheless, I was present on all including baptism. 😛

Forgive the very lucid photos. :/ Facebook kills the sharpness of each photo.

__ Ijoh, Myself, Anne, Alex, Amyll, Abdul and Lance. 🙂


Hlaf of my Highschool: Myself, Anne, Alex, Abdul and Amyll. Missing: Kat Bucsit, Kat Vistan, Cara and Mane?


EVERYDAY: Sophie’s 1st Birthday

My Fourth Goddaughter. I feel old. Meet Anne Marie’s Daughter.:)

Oops. Although you have to settle with our faces since I don’t actually have Sophie’s Picture. Haha. We were late. And I think babies see through me (that I don’t actually like kids) — that’s why they do cry relentlessly when I try to carry them.


EVERYDAY: Playground Date with my God Daughter.

I rarely have the time to see this Little Snobby Snow White.


Isn’t she the cutest? Yes! Well, for now. I believe my daughter will be much prettier. No worries Baby Jia, you’ll be next to my daughter and you’ll be playmates.:)


Yes, she even shoo’s my hand when I try to shower her with kisses.


The Mom, Baby Jia and the Coolest Ninang. 🙂