I don’t why people are making such a big fuss. Can I not wear this? Or they’re just probably used to the janna, wearing dress knee length or above the knee.

Anyway, I love, love this dress! :)))) Can I have it in blue? green?

EVERYDAY: Playground Date with my God Daughter.

I rarely have the time to see this Little Snobby Snow White.


Isn’t she the cutest? Yes! Well, for now. I believe my daughter will be much prettier. No worries Baby Jia, you’ll be next to my daughter and you’ll be playmates.:)


Yes, she even shoo’s my hand when I try to shower her with kisses.


The Mom, Baby Jia and the Coolest Ninang. 🙂

If someone hates me, they’d probably give me a headband.

And this exactly why I don’t wear headbands/hairband. – I don’t know which is which.

With my hair down, in a bun, side pony. – Eeok.

I look hideous. plus – I’m not wearing any earrings. Ha-ha. Can you see the difference? I look absolutely ugly and different without any earrings.