EVERYDAY: Christmas 2018

It’s that glorious time of the year when we see relatives we don’t even know existed, non stop meal preparations, scavenger hunt for the perfect gift for our loved ones, glamming up for three four five reunions, house decorations and who will ever miss out on binge drinking? What could possibly be a more perfect excuse?

As you may have notice on my yearly post regarding Christmas – we always celebrate the birthday of my aunt. This time, at Acaci at Acacia Hotel in Alabang.Β 


Okay, so I don’t know why the picture is a little bit distorted. :/ Anyway, food was good. I love how bright, sunny the ambiance is. Standouts for me would be the lava cake and the buttered garlic shrimp of course.<3 And, this is the first time wine was included in the one round set of drinks. – Grabbed! πŸ™‚

This year is quite different. We didn’t have the salubong in our house. It’s a bit sad that we weren’t able to do our tradition knowing it will be my last undivided holiday. But what can I do? there were 2 situations that we are experiencing at the moment: we didn’t have help and all of us in the family are sick and my brother just got out of the hospital the day before Christmas. My sister, her husband and their new baby was also advised to stay at home.

BUT! Gift giving and family pictures is a must of course.


So it’s just us four. ❀


And since everyone was not quite feeling well, and the parents are sleepy already, we opened the gifts at 11pm. Haha. πŸ˜€


Thank you officemates. ❀ Booty Band from Ms. Rose as our exchange gift, ‘hello eco bag from Ms. Rose too, utensils from our GM, Bath Origins hand sanitizer from Rhina, Blue Pouch from Loreen, Room and Linen Spray from Marfori, Purple Scarf from Olive, Peach Scarf from Shaun, Personalized Keychain from Arrian, Cord Organizer from Wendy, Pink Eco Bag from Erika, Notepad from Liz, Pen & Bookmark from Cross, Mermaid Pen from Aileen, Mug from Veron, Glass with Chocolates from Jamie, Puto from Cathie and Lengua from Neli. Thanks, guys!


Thank you, former officemates! ❀ Gray Top from Ms. Grace and Hubby, Lip Gloss and Brush from Lei, Notebook from Ms. Donns, Keychain from Virge and Lip Tint from Ms. Lolit.


Gray Sweater from Ninong Al and Ninang Irma, H&M Dress and Sunnies lipstick from Ninang Baby and 3 books from Ate Ivy. ❀ love them all!


Thank you Roxy for the earrings & salted caramel crunch, Ninong Jobee for the perfume, Pillowcase from Tita Achu and Echo assorted items from Alex and Good! ❀


My mom knows my style so well. ❀ in clothes! Hihihi. ❀ Thank you for the matching white vest and shorts, ma! and personalized pouch. I cannot never have too many personalized items. ❀


Thank you, siblings! I can really use them. ❀ Corduroy Pants from my brother, and highwaisted shorts from my sister and hubby! ❀


Rattan bag also from my Mom! ❀ now, all I have to do is to plan a beach getaway!!


Thank you, J1 loves! ❀ Uniqlo white top from our exchange gift, CMG pouch from Nicole, China blue lotion from Jaja and Marc, reusable bottle and pouch from Pam and Crinkles from Panda. Thanks, guys! ❀


Last but not the least, my aid in keeping my now unruly hair most of the time, Babyliss hair iron from my love. ❀ ❀ ❀ Thank you, babe!


My handsome date during our traditional christmas buffet at Cafe 1228 at New World Hotel. ❀ ❀ ❀ This will be the last time we will be spending Christmas early! I love you so much.

J1’s Christmas get together at Locavore and a very tita moment followed at Plantation Bar. ❀ :/

Lunchies Christmas thing at Happy Garden Cafe. ❀

Christmas Dinner with my previous officemates at Conti’s. ❀

I sometimes wish we could all go back to when we were all complete. Everyone was enjoying each other’s company with my sister, undivided holiday too. With Ate Eulah here in the Philippines, with both my grandmas alive and ‘ta alice. :/ 😦

But all negative emotions aside, thank you thank you thank you for all the gifts. πŸ™‚

See you all next year for a more memorable Christmas! ❀

EVERYDAY: Christmas with the TFs


Pizza, Cloudnine Cakes, Chicken and Mojos and Alcohol to save our Christmas Hungry Stomachs.


Okay. So who got who?

Jude got Jaja, Jaja got Jude, I got Ken, Ken got Nic and Nic got me.


Jaja received a perfume from M & S, Ken a longsleeves polo, I received a Blue Dress from Zalora, Jude received a Polo from Erb & Chet and Nic received a Yoga Mat and shoes from Payless.

My Sleeping Buddy and Perks.


Merry Christmas from the TFs. πŸ˜€

EVERYDAY: Branch Christmas Party


This year, as you’ve guessed, we decided to add a theme: Pajama Party. Which means a more relaxed, lazy, laid back outfit apart from the other two earlier Christmas Party.

For the Kris Kringle, we were, as you know it: Heroes. πŸ˜€ There’s Black Widow, Batwoman, Wonderwoman, Mystique, Storm, Poison Ivy. The items are

  1. Something to remind you of childhood – Stationaries
  2. Something that can fit in your pocket – Handkerchief
  3. Something addictive – Choco Baby
  4. Something that you can use for more than a year – Mirror
  5. Something for Private Use – Tootbrush



This year, I’m scarlett, the Black Widow. πŸ˜€ and My Wishlist? a BEA Heels – White, Size 7. πŸ˜€ and there you goooo! :)) I have it! and I absolutely love it.



My Baby was Batwoman. What did I give?

  1. Something to remind you of childhood – Yakee and Pochi
  2. Something that can fit in your pocket – 3 Pens
  3. Something addictive – Starcbucks Cofee
  4. Something that you can use for more than a year – Towel
  5. Something for Private Use – Feminine Wash

Her Wishlist? White Watch or Lotion. I bought her a White Zalora Watch with two timezones and an additional M & S Blue China Lotion.


There were some games too. Pinoy Henyo and Charades. But my team lost. :/ We still got Php 20. So much for our effort. πŸ˜€ The liebster and I also gathered a total of Php 630 something of coins during the Paagaw.


I would probably miss this. But I don’t plan on celebrating another Christmas with you, mates as your BMO. If I am to attend, ‘ll just be another house guest. πŸ˜€ Fingers Crossed!


Gifts from Clients that may or may not be included in the picture.

  1. Desk Fan and Php 500.00 from Jbros
  2. Luminarc from Solar Resources
  3. 500 GC from Medtest
  4. SBC Journal Book from SBC
  5. Baily Harding M & S from GSDomingo
  6. Biokips Tupperware and Champagne from Searland
  7. Pouch from ADWycoco
  8. Snow Globe from FEspineda
  9. Ritter Sport and Shirt from Polychem
  10. Santi’s Ham from E.I Construction
  11. Blue China M & S from DLC
  12. Basket of Goodies from Carpel Environment
  13. Bag from Sunlife
  14. Umbrellas from Β First Phil, Commonwealth & Paramount
  15. Calendar from Synergen Pharma
  16. A crate of three wines from ADLavares


Gift from Officemates

  1. Bath & Body Works Lotion from LBCarlos
  2. Tumbler from DMMarin
  3. Lotion from another MRGrajo
  4. Green Sweatshirt from MDLabuguen
  5. Handwash from SRGalinea
  6. Pouch from MLDebarbo
  7. Rittersport from JSLaxamana
  8. Candy Cane from LDejesus
  9. Pink Scarf from MSMendoza
  10. Pen Holder from RGVergara
  11. Personalized Mug from MRManlapaz

Thank you for all the gifts and Merry Christmas Everyone.


EVERYDAY: CHRISTMAS EVE in the Philippines

Christmas has always been and forever will be the biggest, most special and most celebrated holiday for Filipinos. Christmas starts as early as September and ends in February. Β We give gifts to everyone – driver, guards, supervisor, the family of our supervisor, ht ebig bosses, acquaintance, staff from the company beside you, parlor people, househelp, grass cutter, to all of your officemates, classmates, teacher, HS Friends, nieces, cousins and to almost everyone that we know.Β 

We love Christmas! I love Christmas.Β 


My Dad and my mom


While I was waiting for Noche Buena. πŸ™‚Image


My cousins! We always celebrate Christmas Eve at our place.


My family!:))


The other family.Β 


Our Christmas Eve game? Bring any gift worth Php 300. Form a Circle and one will prepare a Story. Every time you hear the word left, you pass your gift to the left and vice versa. When the story is finished, whichever it is you’re holding, you get to keep it.


Posing with our Random Gifts. I received a travel bag organizer. πŸ™‚


And now, Exchange Gifts Begin.


Ate Ivy with her pile of gifts.




My Dad/




Ninong Al.


Ninang Irma.




My Mom.


Ninang Baby.


My Sister


And me. :))


My dad and the shirt my sister gave him.Image

Sicio Family.


My mom and ‘ta Alice and the shirt she received.Image

Cousins and our gifts to each other. Travel Bags, Undies and Desk Organizer for pens and everything else.Image

My Brother and I and the Shirt I gave him.Image

Thank you, Mom for my very pretty dress.


Ahhh! Just what my Dad wished for! My Mom got him the LG Tablet 8.3.Image

The pants My Dad got for my sister which I picked. Haha.Β Image

And the pOlo my sister gave to my brother.


Necklace from Ms. Grace, Wallet from Ms. Lolit, Big Bag from Precious, Purple Pouch from Ms. Lei, Mug from Mark, Black Floral Lacey Top from Ms. Mins, Tumbler from Ms. Chiqui and Chocolates from Ms. Donna. Thank youuu!Image

Peach Bag from Ninang Irma, White Backless Dress from Ninang Baby, Pajama and Travel Bag from Ate Ivy.Image

My Mom is the greatest. She really knows my style in Dresses! I died. :)) Forever 21 White Peplum Dress, Black and White Tight Floral Dress and My Favorite Scent: Envy Me! GAAAHH. Love you, Ma!Image

CMG Pouch from my brother, BDJ Planner from my Sister and Uniqlo Pants from My dad. Thank youuuuu. :))Image


Green Clutch from My Twin Alex. Thanks, Fart.Image

Gifts from My Lifetime Partner.: Blue Dress, undergarments, swimsuit and cropped top.Image

Gifts from Clients. Lotion from DLC and cupcakes, Cookies from Medtest, Red Dress from Mommy Remo, Sitsirya from Sir Emil, Bag from Ms. April, Pouch from Adelaida, Pyramid from WHMI, Sugar from Crystal and Tumbler from Searland.Image

Big Bag from Betsy, Lip Gloss from Buddy and Mascara from Bulinggit. Thank you, MT.Β Image

Planner from Panda, Bath Wash from Jaja, Purple Shorts from Nic and Card Holder from Pam. Thank you Entrep loves



Chocolates and Perfume from my second Parents.



Thank you for all your efforts and presents! Merry, Merry Christmas! and Happy Birthday Jesus! :))