EVERYDAY: Christmas 2019

I’m sure everyone enjoyed this Holiday Season! ❤
I’m sure we all gained weight, saw distant relatives, wrapped some presents, braved the mall for some last minute shopping, drank a beer or two and was filled with overwhelming joy.
This year, I felt like Christmas was a thunder! It’s a blur, a happy blur but everything happened in a quick flash. Everything was rush.
My first Christmas celebration is with my lunchies family. This year was extra effort since we had a movie – TV – Show themed party.
In here, you will see Rhina as Agnes from Despicable me, Wendy as Tomb Raider, Myself as Elle Woods (notice my dog please! haha), Loreen as Mary Poppins, Olive dressed as someone from Clueless, Jamie as Edna Mode, Anna as Prof Trelawney from Harry Potter, Ms. Rose as Mario, Shaun as Malfoy and Cross as Captain America.
Thank you Cross for my perfume in the exchange gift. Thank you Olive for the lotion, Ms. Rose for the hand towel, Wendy for the personalized notepad, Rhina for the Shorts, Jamie for the Chocolates, Shaun for the White Pouch, Loreen for the Notebook, Erika for the Pouch and Pen, Veron for the Mirror, Neli for the Notepad, Ms. Arrian for the Wine Holder and AFC for the notebook.
Our Christmas with my MBA family. We were not complete since Ed’s partner experienced a labor scare and Migo, apparently overslept.
Thank you for the Okada Bear from necky, cord organizers from Mel, pearl earrings from Alex and earphones from Good. ❤
Next is my High school Best friends, combined! I’m glad our wedding bonded them all three. It’s nice to see them getting along so well. ❤ Hate is the greatest bond, I guess.
I received a travel pillow from our white elephant while Jude got a photo organizer that can be displayed.
It will not be complete without our constants from my College group. ❤ We had plans to eat at Kpub in BGC and Idarts after but traffic got the best of us. We ended up eating at Hakata, in Glorietta.
Thank you for the Mr and Mrs Mugs from SB, Notebook from Jaja and Marc, Belgian Chocolate and AC pendant from Tandem, Shower Gel from Pam and a box of Pastries from Panda.
This year will always be extra special. ❤ This year is the first year we will be welcoming Christmas together at the stroke of midnight. This year, we get to spend Christmas with both our families. ❤
And he is now part of our yearly family photo. ❤ It warms my heart and brings an extra mile in my smile. Thank you for the driving lessons, babe. Haha. I’m sure you were solely thinking of this gift for MY benefit. right?
Thank you mother butler and father farty for my pants and top and refill supply of my foundation.
Thank you siblings for my friends mug and my tan top and pants.
Thank you Ninang Irma for the pillows, rice cooker from Ninang Baby and Toaster from Ate Ivy.
Thank you also for the ferrero from Ate Elsa and a can of cookies from Tita Achu.
But the greatest gift I received this year is my marriage with the love of my life. A lifetime bond and commitment to the person I want to spend everyday and the rest of my life with. I love you so much!
Happy Holidays, everyone! Wishing you all had a blast this season! ❤ ❤ ❤

EVERYDAY: My Christmas with Family


As you’ve probably noticed, the Annual Christmas Salubong is at our house. 😀 Difference? Robert and Eulah are not here. Jeska and Chris went home after opening the gifts.

My family before the chaos. 😀 Ta Alice was sleeping already.

Chris and Jeska and Ninang Irma with their gifts.

My dad and my Mom with their gifts. My Dad also received a Lazy Boy but until now, it’s not assembled. I hate how my dad’s gift to my mom is just a list of the stores she wants and gets to choose. He doesn’t look prepared and looks last minute. While My Mom prepared for his gift and several others.

Alexis and Ninong Al

Ninang Baby and Ate Ivy with their gifts.

My Brother and I and lastly,


Ate Nita withe her gifts. Angel and the other 2 Caregivers were with Ta Alice.


Merry Merry Christmas from my Family to yours! Happy Birthday, Jesus! 😀


Christmas Gift from Family

  1. Aquablue Bag from Vincci
  2. White Drawstring Bag from My Mom
  3. Black and White Dress from Chris and Jeska (too big) :/
  4. Uniqlo Jeans from My Mom (which was bought when I was with her)
  5. Juicy Bag from My Mom
  6. A list from my Dad (Topshop, Swatch, F21, Uniqlo, H&M or M&S)


Christmas Gift from Relatives

  1. Maroon Dress from Ninang Baby
  2. Loreal Foundation from Ninang Baby
  3. Parfois Earrings from Ate Ivy
  4. Drawstring Red and Green Shorts from Ninang Irma and Ninong Al.


Thank you, and Merry Christmas Again!



There should at least be Work-Life Balance, right? Hence, the stressful Saturday Classes should now be
replaced by Stress-free Christmas Party.
Picture 252 Picture 256
We decided to hold our Christmas Party at Rich’s Condo at Sun Residences.
Initially, we wanted to do a ‘themed’ Party where the food would have choice like — Mediterrenean, Chinese, Japanese or American. Reality? A potluck that went down to a Buttered Shrimp, a take out from Rustans POwerplant of Roasted Chicken and Liempo. That’s it.
Picture 258
First Impressions kind of Introduction.
Picture 260
Migo to Rich  – Rich is someone who likes to be the center of attention. ‘Epal’ in Filipino.
He gave Rich an Ateneo Jacket.
Picture 261
Rich to Edward – Edward looks like someone who’s really Intelligent and Bright.
He gave Ed an empty box.
Picture 262
Edward to Migo – Migo seems the quiet and timid one.
He gave Migo a Polo Shirt from Kultura.
Picture 263
Alex to Janna – Janna looks like a Biatch with her poise and the way she carries herself.
She gave me a dress from Forever 21.
Picture 265
Janna to Roumel – Roumel seems the type who’s serious and who only cares about his grades.
I gave him a Stormtrooper Toy Collection from Toys r us.
Picture 267
Roumel to Alex – Alex, together with her friend looks like a High Maintenance Girl.
He gave Alex a Green Dress from Forever 21 – which I picked and bought, BTW.

You want the funnier and heartfelt version? Click this link.
Picture 287 Picture 286
Right after, we decided to swim. Check out our pictures.
Forgive our protruding bellies – like I mentioned above, we had Buttered Shrimp.

We all had fun. Merry Christmas, you guys!
See you Next Year!