I needed to vent out my frustration with strama and she needed someone to blame for the temporary closing of her salon = coffee is the key and a good interiors at that.


Finally managed to try out something new after a while.

Happy to see you, SB! Hoping to see the others soon.





After which, Alex and I had dessert at Poetry and Prose.

Initially, I wanted to order for 10 chocolate Marin’s to profess my love for chocolates, unfortunately, they are out of stock.

We both ended up ordering the Chocolate Crepe — Php 345.
WTF for a crepe right? You know how crepes are, a single crepe cannot satisfy you in terms of volume — so I was surprised with the price.

It was unexpectedly so, so good! It is so much better than the Mango Loco from Cafe Breton!! The mango was sweet and the hazelnut was generously smothered all over the crepe. It was such a sweet escape.


I will definitely order this chocolate crepe next time.
I therefore revise, there’s no SINCERER love than love for hazelnut chocolate.

THOUGHTS: 10 Favorite Series of all time

So listen, there maybe a lot of sitcoms or other series that are coming out, but what is your favorite series? the series that will keep you up until the next morning, the type where the laptop is plugged for hundreds of hours just so you won’t be interrupted. :)) so here’s mine:

1. Grey’s Anatomy

greys-anatomy-greys-anatomy-14052643-1024-768 Greys-Anatomy-What-if-episode-to-air

2. My Wife and Kids


3. Two and a Half Men


4. Gossip Girl


5. Sex and the City


6. The L Word


7. Big Bang Theory


8. Cougar Town


9. Friends


10. How I met your Mother


EVERYDAY: Early Breakfast with Fart

The plan was to have a quick breakfast and study at the library.
So alex fetched me at Puregold across from Multinational Village.
Headed to our school, she wanted to eat somewhere in Jupiter St.

IMG_3836 IMG_3837

Too bad the traffic was terrible. Say Hello to our Hungry Faces.
We ended up studying for just an hour because of Manila Traffic. Jeez.

EVERYDAY: A new term begins.

EVERYDAY: A new term begins.

Because I was a scaredy-cat last semester, I skipped out four months.
But I’m back now for good. I’ve been helping alex out on enrollment.
and this is also the reason why I have Saturday classes. – which I am regeretting now. Especially it’s summer.

Good Bye Weekend Getaways.
Hello Study Fridays.

And this us having lunch at Wooden Spoon.
We ate Seafood Kare-kare and Chicken.

See you all in my Finacc and Appmath Classes!

FRIENDS: Iggybabes, my loves

FRIENDS: Iggybabes, my loves

To the person who was the easiest to talk to when I got transferred in the Dorm. Easiest would mean, we want the aircon switched on at the same hours, she helps in my papers – she’s a good writer, she doesn’t blow her hair dry so I can sleep until 10, she wants the same food ordered, she makes me laugh.
I missed youuuu. 😀

EVERYDAY: Dinner with Fart


You see that person?:)) She’s my fart! Yes, the awful smelling crap of air. I dont even remember how we settled to calling each other that. But anyway, that’s not important. That was so highschool. I have been dying to talk to her for some time now. She’s the kind of person that no matter how long you didn’t see each other, we’d still be able to talk like we used to and skip the awkward-ness you get when you meet with people from your past.:l We talked about the slutty bitch who stole her not-so-worth-it boyfriend who, by the way doesn’t have plans for his life and who plays basketball all day everyday. right? I don’t even want to start on how flirty he is. And not to mention, the slutty bitch only goes to his house at 3 in the morning and leaves at 5am. Boootttyyy Caaalll much? Hayy. Good thing my fart has someone to keep her mind off him./:l Spending time with her was a relief. I wish we’d do this more often. BTW, I hate how you’re going to leave me again after your training.:((

I love you more the most.
See you soon, Fart.