It’s been awhile since we’ve been to BGC. You noticed? Andddd, my crush was craving for burger.

Menu? The boyfriend ordered Kandi for Php 275


And I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger for Php 265


Both of our burgers are sinful and delicious. We both chose to have our bacon in Honey Sriracha and we both finished our burgers. Satisfying. 🙂


And Chicken Popcorn in Buffalo Sauce


Always with my date..


EAT FORT: Ramen Nagi

Since I tried Kichitora, he thought that he can persuade me to another one. He doesn’t give up until I budge in. Hence, we ended up at Ramen Nagi.
I’ve never been to Japan but I reckon that this is really how their restaurants looked like. Red banners hanging on the wall and the servers will greet you once you go in and out of their doors.

So they have this food board for every customer. You get to tick of all your choices from the richness of your soup, tenderness of your noodles, level of spicyness up to the parts of your meat. I wasn’t able to take a picture of it though.

IMG_7585 IMG_7590Original King (Butao) Php 390 – It was rich and milky. I have no delectable words for it. It’s not woah. though don’t take my word for it. I’m not a fan.

IMG_7588 IMG_7587

Red King (Akao) Php 410 – This is the spicy version of my order. And it is, really spicy. Though you can lessen it through the board earlier.

The Ramen fan spoke. Kichitora is still his number 1.

EAT FORT: Cue Modern BBQ

We stayed at F1 Hotel so we opted to eat someplace where we can walk from there. And it happens that High Street was just across from us. We ended up at Cue Modern BBQ.

Since it is one of the up and coming area at Fort, there were only a few people when we got there about 7 in the evening. But we decided to stay outside in one of what seemed to be wooden picnic tables. 


I’m a sucker for lemonades and anything sour. So expect my drink to be always lemonades. And tonight was no different. Most of the restaurants today use such containers for their drinks. But Cue’s take to place one slice on top was summer feast to the eyes. But the size, I might say is a bit small for me. 


We ordered Buttermilk Fried Chicken. As if we didn’t just had one at Kettle that week. But Since he is a Chicken Lover, I gave in. The chicken was huge. Again, Nothing Special. I don’t even know why they name such as Buttermilk – Fried Chicken. Really now? As if Butter and Milk coating would eventually affect the taste of the chicken. It came with a dirty rice but it wasn’t enough for one – let alone two. 



We also ordered Hot Belly Tips – which was my favorite during my first try at Cue. It came with BBQ and Mustard Dip. Good thing my love liked the BBQ better because I have a biased love for the Mustard Dip. 



Yes, we look good together. And I wouldn’t mind if I have dinner with him every day of my life. 



Yes, we look good together. And I wouldn’t mind if I have dinner with him every day of my life. 

EAT FORT: Cue Moden Barbeque




complimentary popcorn while waiting – the waiting period is long. 


Hot Pork Belly Tips (Php 245) – Dijon Honey and Bourbon Barbeque Dips.


The Summertime Mason Shakers (Php 385) – Good for 4 glasses, 3/4 full.


Grilled Pear and Parmesan Salad (Php 255) I’m not a fan of pear sooo, not really attractive. 


DIY Fish Tacos (Php 245) Tacos are g-o-o-d. Pita Bread are only four – disappointing. If only there were more pita breads, I could eat this and nothing else. 


Bacon Mac and Cheese (Php 365) Order this if you love cheese. Noodles is drowning with cheese. 😀


Happy Birthday! And thank you for the treat! 🙂


It’s been a while since our last Saturday Date. Hooray for today!


They have a diner set up. But they also have picnic tables to slightly soften the look. Nolita is a Self service restaurant. All of their pizzas are on the chalk board menu on the counter.


Though they have menus posted up, you can also check out the freshly baked pizzas on the counter so you still have to check if the pizzas you’ve chosen are available.


Cheeseburger Pizza – It was delicious! It was overflowing with cheese. the beef slices are generous too.


Chicken Parmesan – There was a huge chunk of chicken bits on my pizza!! I think the chicken was deep fried first before it was placed on top of it. It was delicious. Though compared to the Cheeseburger, I liked the cheeseburger better. The reason behind it? CHEESE. The Chicken Parmesan was lavished with tomato sauce. It overpowered the parmesan.


Lemonade with Alcohol – You can’t go wrong with Lemonade! and a little booze doesn’t hurt. But seriuosly, you won’t even taste the alcohol. It was G-O-O-D.


Onion Rings – I’ll rephrase that. It should be Gigantic Onion Rings. They were huge. Onions were as huge. The dip was good!


Overall? We didn’t finish anything. Each pizza was not finished. One slice can be shared by two. Everything was like American Size. Haha. But food was good. :)))

EAT FORT: Cafe Juanita


We are celebrating his birthday a day in advance.(((:

A kitschy surrounding for Cafe Juanita.

Buko Lychee Php 95

Ripe Mango Shake Php 95

For starters, Calamari Php 207 Mayo dip? Neh. Calamari was not too die for.

Chicken Mozarella Php 297 It tastes like chicken pizza.

Crabmeat Rice Php 128

Kalbi or Beef Stew Php 297
Everything was delicious. Beef stew is love.

Happy Birthday my Sweetheart. Happy lunch. I love you.

Second Round at Elias.

Last night, we went to a familiar restaurant – Elias. My first time to eat there was also with my family during Valentine’s day.  Yes, I wasn’t with lovey.:/ too bad for me. Chris was there.:( So any, We were celebrating Ninong Al’s birthday. – Husband of Ninang Irma who is the sister of my dad.

This post is actually more of pictures alone cause I cannot fully describe the food. It was pouring hard last night so some of the roads were blocked because of the flood and we passed through two car accidents – which made us really late for dinner. Thus, no time to look at the menu and we were just a guest.

Elias is owned by Chef Florabel Co – Yatco who is also the owner of other food establishments like Crisostomo, Felix and Sweet Pea.  If you visit the restaurant, you will see paintings – of which the characters of Noli me tangere can be seen. Even the dishes on the menu are named after some of the characters in  the novel. Elias is located at North East Superblock, UG Level, 30th street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High street. 

First of,

The Bagumbayan Lechon – Php 285 (Lechon Kawali) – which was crispy enough served with what seemed like Mang Tomas sauce. It had kropek too.

They also ordered Chicharon Bulaklak. – which was way too oily. But I think, if you really order Chicharon, one should really expect a bit too much oil on your plate and in your face. :l  They also ordered Caracol – Ginataang Kuhol.

For the mains, Sinigang ni Kapitan Php 430 – Sinigang with Prawns. And I must say, they have shrimps to brag about – it was really huge and real prawns. Too bad I didn’t get to take a picture of it. Sorry.:/

We had Cervantes. Php 385 – You’d expect a lot of meat and vegetables just like in the picture but when it was served to us, the only meat in the noodles were the one in the middle.

Don Rafael – the Classic Crispy Pata – Php 550.

We also had Susan – Mixed Seafood with their Secret sauce – Php 345

This is Ka Plaridel – Pla pla with Soy Calamansi.

TSP – Toyo, Suka, Patis. I guess? 🙂

The birthday boy himself – I’m sorry if the picture is blurry. I only had to zoom it since we really had a long table. He is about to blow his candle. – The crew sang for him with an Ube cake.  But I’d pretty much prefer chocolate. 😦

Both of our Guest. Jaed (pronounced as Jade) and Ate Denise. – My first cousin. they’re both staying at our house while they’re here in Manila until the end of the month.

Ate Denise, my sister and my aunt, alice.

My brother – who we call whale shark as he is getting bigger by the minute. and my parents.

My mom and I. No, we don’t look a like.

Jaed, myself, Denise and sister.

I almost forgot! My green apple juice – another addition to my oh so favorite drinks. – I absolutely have a thing for everything that is sour.

Until next time. 🙂

P.S. I’m going to ask love if we can try Sweet Pea and Felix. :))

Tuh-ta!.:D Ooops.

Its a Filipino Restaurant with authentic Filipino Cuisine so,                                                                                                                                                                       Paalam.