I don’t know why we never go here when I know for a fact it will be a good meal. We decided to have dinner here to celebrate my birthday. (I know! It feels like I aged 3 years since we’ve been celebrating several times)


Crab Pancit for Php 229 This is a must try! This is one of my favorites. ❤ and it’s one of their best sellers too. I don’t know why but my family is not a fan.


Binagoongan for Php 299 Again, a favorite. ❤ It’s not woah for me but it was good too. However, there’s a lot of fat. :/


Crunchy Garlic Bangus for Php 350 It’s so crispy, I’m gonna dieeee! I like mine crispy! Thumbs up!


Stuffed Pechay for Php 205 The bomb! I love pechay alone, stuff it with pork, drenched in coconut and a bit of spice. ❤ LOVE.


Pork Sisig for Php 275 This is one of my husband’s requests! I hate cartilage and the small bones. Luckily, everything is as crispy as it should be. ❤

We also ordered Kare Kare for Php 375. But since I don’t eat such, I forgot to take a picture. HAHA. Sorry. :/


Honestly cannot pick just 1 viand. Everything is so, SO GOOD. ❤ I gained and keep on gaining. 😦 But glad to be sharing a meal with my loved ones. ❤


If you happen to be a Kapitolyo Fan just like us, then you would know how hot Locavore is. right?
Locavore is located in the not so popular side streets. 20160213_173653

What else to order besides the famous Sizzling Sinigang na Baboy for Php 475.
Beef short ribs, sauteed french beans, sampaloc gravy and garlic confit.

It was superb with a triple okay hand sign if I actually have three hands. It had no soup, obviously. It was placed in a sizzling plate. But there are remnants of ‘sauce’ which absolutely tasted like an actual SINIGANG. If you’re not convinced so far, then let me put it out there. The vegetables were crispy. The meat was tender. Need I say more?

Aside from that, we also ordered Street Food Platter for Php 180.00
Fishball, Squidball, Kikiam, Kwek-kwek served with Manon’g sauce, sweet chili and honey vinegar.


There’s not much to say. As if there are really any difference with street foods. There’s none.
Except that I like this one because the squid balls was definitely not reheated – it still had its crisp.

And ofcourse he had to order a chicken dish.
Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken for Php 220.00
House special glazed boneless fried chicken.


Glazed Chicken. Surprisingly, I actually liked this dish. Their mix of marinated spices was so good.
The size was monstrous.


All in all, I LOVE LOCAVORE.
I need to try the rest of the dishes. I’ll bring my family here. Until next time, Locavore!


We are Rice Eaters! Our Chubby Cheeks and Voluminous Bodies says yes!
We were looking for something with Rice and we ended up with — Yup! Spatzle.

IMG_5392 IMG_5397

Alex ordered the Spatz Beef Stew — Php 480.
It’s a Slow braised USDA short ribs with bacon, mushrooms & shallots served with organic arugula side salad & garlic fried rice.

I ordered the Spatz Fish & Chips – Php 370
Crispy & light battered sole fillet served with home made fries and coper mayo.

I can only speak for my order because I didn’t taste theirs. It was delightfully crispy but just like all other fried foods, you can only have so much of it
then you get tired of it. The savior? the fries! Big on Seasoning, I see! It’s goooooddd.

IMG_5405 IMG_5409
Jude ordered the Spatz Fried Chicken with Paprika Gravy – Php 320
Crisp homemade fried chicken served with fries and paprika gravy.


Our drinks? All Natural Citrus Cooler Soda for Php 145 and Mint Lemonade for Php 125.
We love love love our drinks!

This one is pricey with a so-so food.


I finally had the chance to go inside. You may have passed by this place and not know there was a bookstore.


Casa Vallejo is along Session Road. The Mt. Cloud Bookshop is under it, and beside is the Baguio Cinematheque where there is free admission everyday.


The place was a bit small. You can see the whole store from where you are standing. there’s also a second floor but it was only a one long wall of  display.


The store is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 in the evening.
Here are our Book Snatches for this trip:


I’ll be back Mt. Cloud! That’s for sure.
I just hope you expand this to a little quaint cafe where we can read.  


One of the more popular food stop at Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins.
It’s a Garden slash forestry slash restaurant. It has a rustic wooden feel to it.



The whole restaurant was busy, it was beaming with people. You have to get listed to be able to seat.


As for me, I ordered the Shrimp and Mango Curry — Php 250.00
Prawns in coconut milk curry. It is served with 7 condiments: hard boiled egg, grated coconut, fried onions, chili, churney, papadums and peanuts.


The dish itself was so good. And I actually expected to be served only with a few pieces of shrimp but to my surprise, I think I ate about 8? and some for him too.
The plating was okay. It was full of color and was far from being dull but the plate was too busy. It had all sorts of things one cannot manage to take in everything at one time.


He ordered the Baguio Bagnet – Php 280.00
It’s a double fried pork belly, it is tenderized in lard, then redried to a crisp. Condiments are Podas Bagoong and tomato relish.


The pork was good. It was tender yet crispy. The only thing we didn’t like was the Bagoong. It’s Baguio Bagnet. Bagnets are supposed to come with Bagoong as its perfect pair.
But the Bagoong served in this dish is home made where the fish is still in its raw form. It does not even compliment the dish. The whole point of eating a Bagnet is to eat it with the
most delicious Bagoong. So without it, the dish was set to be ‘boo-ed’ like a child star actor who grew old.

The waiters were fast but they lack the smile they should be willingly giving to their customers. In addition to that, since they’re the garden type, the place was swarming with flies as
it is an open space.


Though I am not fully satisfied and impressed, I’m still looking forward to trying the other dishes on their menu.


After experiencing the tiring trek to La Presa, we head out to BenCab Museum.
Coming from the city, it would probably take you 30 minutes.

This museum permanently houses the works of our Philippine National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera. — the reason behing the Museum’s name. He is widely known as the Master of Contemporary Philippine Art.
He graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Fine Arts in 1963. He has exhibied widely in places as far as Asia, Europe and United States.
Aside from his collection, some galleries also exhibits other Filipino Artist’s Works.


General Admission is at Php 100. While Senior Citizens and Students are priced at Php 80.



You will be greeted with these paintings and you know for sure, you’re in a good place for art.


I believe you can say that he is very fond of Bulol Sculptures.

IMG_4999 IMG_4988 IMG_4986


Some of the paintings you will see there.

DSC06495 DSC06504 DSC06500 DSC06499 DSC06497 DSC06496

They also have a rather popular gallery: Erotica.



I am glad we have this kind of museums that cater to Philippine Art. They deserve more time and exposure. Filipino artists deserves more attention and appreciation.

Km 6 Asin Road. Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet


After having our Breakfast at Good Taste (Experience), we headed immediately at Sitio La Presa.

Sitio La Presa has increasingly becoming popular because of the Teleserye Forevermore where most of its scenes were shot at this so called place. Not everyone knows it, but Sitio La Presa is actually called Sitio Pungayan which is not in Baguio. It is actually situated at the top of Mt. Kabuyao.

How to get there? You may rent a car at Avis, which is just beside the Victory Liner Terminal. It would cost you about Php 2,000 – 5,000 depending on the vehicle. The price is for 12 hours alone. Or, you may decide to hire a taxi just like we did.
The average rate of the cab drivers is Php 800 back and forth the city proper of Baguio. We haggled. So we were able to push our luck to Php 800 for two destinations already. Sitio La Presa and BenCab Museum for Php 800.00

You may want to go to this place really early morning. We were on our way about 8 in the morning and the vehicles were already lining up and causing traffic. From Baguio City Proper, it will probably take you about 30 minutes without traffic. Since we already experienced traffic, we went down the vehicle and walked towards the trail.  



The place was beautiful if only the government keep the vendors only at the foot of the trail and limit its numbers. Both sides of the trail are full of vendors selling corn, potato chips, hats, pasalubongs and other sort of things. There are also some photo op backgrounds prepared for the tourists.


We will be back at an earlier period maybe and a stronger set of legs.


I stumbled upon this article 10 minutes prior this. If you are familiar with linked in, it’s a a social network for job seekers. And with a very tight competition nowadays, we have to prepare for the battle at all times.

I’ll share you an article from Business Insider.


This should really be helpful.

And if you still don’t have an account, create one now!


Hooray for Saturday Nights! This restaurant has been on my list for ages! And come to think of it? This is just a 10 to 15 minutes walk from where I work.


We arrived at the scene of gluttony past 7 I think and the place was crowded already. A group of friends, couples and families are gathered outside waiting for their turn. We were fifth on the list and I think it took us 30 to 40 minutes waiting period for us to be seated. I’m not sure if they have reservations but if you want to try this, I suggest that you go there early.

We were I-can-eat-a-whole-pizza-by-myself kind of hungry already. And it was too hot outside – it probably is summer but nonetheless.

IMG_3773 IMG_3778

We asked for their Best Sellers in the Pasta and they gave us two choices: Salted Egg or the Lemon Mushroom. Both are quite unique right? We wanted to try both but we figured that our pizza was already full of dairy. So we ended up ordering the Salted Egg Pasta for Php 190.

It’s a mix of Bacon, Parmesan, Cream, Salted Egg in Fettucine Pasta. It was good. It was creamy yet it had texture. This is not to mock this dish, but to me, I am reminded of the tiny orange bits and pieces that comes with a Malabon Pancit. It actually is a compliment because it’s one of my favorite dishes. Jude loved it!

IMG_3780 IMG_3783

We ordered the Four Cheese Pizza for Php 340. It’s Tomato Sauce,  Ricotta Cheese, Mozarella, Cleu Cheese and Parmesan. What not to love?

I guess there’s one. The crust was a bit hard and difficult to pull. The taste though, I loved it.

We also ordered the Buffalo Chicken and it was deliciiiooouuus! This one is spicy though.

IMG_3793We will be back soon! This is making me hungry at 11 in the evening – or it’s probably because I haven’t eaten anything for dinner.

Any, You should definitely try this!


On a budget and on a quick date fix? Try Chopstop at SM BF.


They’re actually the self service type so once you pick what you’re about to devour, you still have to go to the counter  IMG_3558 IMG_3559

He ordered the 2 pc Chicken Tonkatsu for Php 169.

IMG_3565 IMG_3569

While I ordered the Best Seller 2 pc Chicken BBQ for Php 169.

Both orders come with a side of buttered vegetables. or may opt to choose to have a coleslaw as your side.


We even saw one of my closest friends in High School. I miss you, Cheatmate.


We finally tried Bad Bird! Yehey! Come to think of it, he was as much as excited as I am to try this!

Bad Bird is located in the Hole in the Wall group of small restaurants in Century Mall in Makati.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the store itself as the line was too long. It seems a lot of people are eager to try this or they might probably be going back for their second, third or fourth time already. So here’s what we ordered.

IMG_3423 IMG_3434

Fried Chicken Plates – Dirty Rice – Php 320 The rice was mixed with bacon, chicken liver, tamago, kimchi and bonito flakes. I was hesitant at first since there was chicken liver. But the rice was good! It definitely compliments the chicken.

IMG_3427 IMG_3431  Fried Chicken Plate – Waffle Plate – Php 290 Oh my goodness! I don’t know if it was the butter or what. But the waffle is G – DOUBLE O – D, GOOD.

IMG_3437Beside the Bad Bird, are a stand full of hand crafted beers in a bottle. It was expensive though. It costs about Php 220 for a bottle. We just wanted to try. I opted for this Summer Session, which has a sweet taste to it but you can still taste the hint of the beer. While Jude ordered a beer concocted with a mix of orange. It was sweet too. But I would recommend the Summer Session better.

All in All, the Bad Bird is definitely not a Bad Choice. The Chicken was filled with so much flavor. The crispiness was right on point. :))


Another day, another train. We went straight to KL Sentral Station. Just like here in the philippines, some stations has mall. And this station, KL Sentral has its own mall. In the photo below, this is where the train station is. You can ride and MRT, LRT or a Monorail from this point.

DSC06006 DSC06015

DSC06017 DSC06035

Even at a rush hour, their trains are conveniently spacious. Photo Below: Upon arriving at Kuala Lumpur Station. 


First Stop: National Mosque It is one of the most unique mosques in the world. It does not follow the conventional Middle Eastern Mosque design of domes.


DSC06046 DSC06050 DSC06053

For our entire stay in KL, We stopped by to almost every food trucks on the way because we can’t have a proper meal. So in food trucks, you’ll basically see fish balls, squid, squid balls, nuggets, shawarma, soft drinks, juice and chrysanthemum drinks.


Second Stop: TV Station Giant. 


Third Stop: National Planetarium It’s for free. But if you’re into planetary, space, stars and constellation person, you might want to pay an extra 12 RM for their galaxy show. If you are planning to go here, better hire a car and a driver. It’s an awfully big compound that houses the Planetarium, Islamic Arts Museum, National Museum, Bird Park and the Lake Garden. I basically lost 5 gallons of sweat from an all day intense walk.



DSC06103 DSC06108

Fourth Stop: Lake Gardens. 



Before heading to the next destination, we tried to find a food stall. Unfortunately, they don’t offer rice. So we settled for Kikiam, yet again. We haven’t eaten anything since. Gaaah.


Fifth Stop: Islamic Arts Museum

DSC06139 DSC06142 DSC06152

Muslims are famous for their colorful patterns. Inside the museum, you will see patterned shirts, tiles, bags, notepads and postcards.


Sixth Stop: Batu Caves – It’s a limestone hill that consists of caves and cave temples. It is 100 m above the ground so we had to climb 272 steps. We did. But damn was it too tiring. There was nothing majestic about it when you reach the top. The inside of the cave was already commercialized. It’s too bad. They should’ve preserved it and kept it holy.

DSC06186  Seventh Stop: The very Famous Petrons Tower. – It once was the world’s tallest building at 452 meters. It has 88 floors. It also features a Skybridge at the 41st and 42nd level. It is considered as the highest 2 storey brige in the world. Now this one, you cannot miss. The building magically lights up the place – no exaggeration here.

DSC06235DSC06255Eight Stop: KL Tower – It is the seventh tallest telecommunication tower in the world and the tallest in South East Asia. It also houses the Revolving Restaurant at the top. Forgive my blurry pictures, we had to take a photo from afar.


Ninth Stop: KL Sentral Again for Dinner before heading back home. Foodcourt at KL Sentral Station


As the day ends, we try to sit comfortably while our wallets are crying, our backs dead and are toes swollen. DSC06218


17 out of 32. That’s my number. I’ve tried 17 Hole in the wall restaurants in Kapitolyo. And we decided to add another one to the list. Hence, our Hiyas Dinner.


It is located on the Ground Floor of D Strip Mall. It is beside Avi. Hiyas is a Modern Filipino Cuisine Restaurant




The place looks very local from its bamboo ceilings, jeepney displays to the wooden tables and chairs upfront where you can also play chess and read books while waiting.

The arrays of Mirrors and Plates on the walls kind of reminds me of the ambiance the Kanin Club exudes, don’t you think?  They also have this yellow lights hanging parallel from each other on both ends of the place.

There were a couple of Food Bloggers there too, on the opposite of our table – and from what I concluded, there seems to be an event organized by Zomato.

Anyway, let’s head to on to our Hungry Monsters – stomach. As customers await for their orders, they give out Fish Balls as their complimentary appetizer.


The cuts of the Fish Balls were bite sized. And the sauce reminds you of the ones on the street – which is good compared to Fine Dining Filipino Restaurants that try to mimics the sauce but turns out a pretentious sauce after all.

We then chose our ultimate pair for everything.

Garlic Rice – Php 45


For our Main Course, we cannot help but order the Bagnet.

IMG_7438 IMG_7441

El Bagnet – Php 395 You know what Bagnet is. It is the perfect excuse to die of High Blood, have a Heart Attack and have Clogged Blood Vessels. I’m kidding! Bagnet is Ilocano’s Version of Deep Fried Pork. It was so crispy. They have a huge serving and we both almost finished everything. There were ‘taba’ but the cuts were mostly meat of the pork – So definitely no regrets on this order. There was one thing though – The Shrimp Sauce, ‘Bagoong’ didn’t quite match this Oh-my-god dish. Their Bagoong tastes like Alamang and not too salty.  

Now for the other viand, we tried their Seafood Best Sellers.

IMG_7449 IMG_7447

Busog na Busog na Pusit – Php 255. This squid is stuffed with Vigan Longganisa, Cheese, Onions and Tomato.  I can’t really even say that it was stuffed with Longganisa because you can’t really taste it and you really have to look for it. What I can say is this – it’s tender. You won’t even have a hard time cutting it. It’s not bubble gum – which I always fear a squid is. Good Job to their Chef BTW.

IMG_7451 IMG_7427

I will come back for you, other dishes! But once I finish my Kapitolyo List. :))