A proper date to celebrate what we normally wouldn’t celebrate. 😛 actually, just my excuse to try something new. 🙂

Pamana is a restaurant run by the Ongpaucos which highlights time tested family recipes that was handed down from one generation to another. It’s a classic Filipino dishes with somehow a twist.


The main dining hall is on the second floor. Though there are also a few tables outside and on the first floor. We opted to sit in the main dining room.

LRM_EXPORT_35639256900741_20190720_202553849The hubby knows his way around the menu. It’s not his first time so when he says, it’s good. I trusted him. Here goes:


Crispy Adobong Pusit Calamares — Php 325 This dish deserves an astounding OH-MY-GOD with a very eaky squealing voice. This innovation is definitely one for the books. A must try and will surely be a repeat order every time. ❤ ❤


Okoy Bites – Php 225 Okay, this may not be completely new but I love that it’s in bite pieces already. It’s certainly still crispy but I would have wanted something with more meat or veggies in it.


Binagoongang Bagnet — Php 365  I am always down for some binaggongan. What I liked about this dish is how it remained crispy despite having some sauce at the bottom of the plate. I was disappointed however of how little sauce they provide. It seems the dish is just Bagnet, not Binagoongan.


I think there’s a lot of food to go around, that’s also the reason why there’s so much food left after we can barely eat another spoon.


With my hubby. ❤  ❤  ❤


For months since they opened, I have been requesting the boyfriend to bring me here. And traitor as he is, he went here without me on his time. TSSS. And much as his conscience can take, he finally brought me here.

They have parking lots ready for the hungry beavers so don’t fret. The place is spacious too and has lots of tables and can sit about 60 to 80, I guess. We got here at about 11:30 am and we were one of the first tables before it got crowded.

Since I am really not a big fan of lechon skin and bones in general, I pleaded to order the Boneless Lechon.


Boneless Lechon, Small – Php 320 BUT I still tried the skin. It was nice and crispy. Meat was full of taste. It’s paired dip, soy sauce + vinegar with onions and chili. But I also prefer what they call liver sauce but tastes much like Mang Tomas. 😀


Baked Scallops – Php 250 Local scallops topped with butter, cheese and garlic. This has always been a favorite and glad the boyfriend liked it too! He even ate most of it. 😀 haha.


Ensaladang Talong – Php 150 Grilled Eggplant and Tomato salad with vinaigrette dressing. Because we are pretentious enough to order this to have something to balance the lechon. Who are we kidding? HAHA.


No other than the person who I want to get highblood with. ❤ Thank you for ditching me on your first try and bringing me here, anyway.

P.S. I want to go back and try Paksiw na Zubuchon, Zubuchon Flakes, Sizzling Stuffed Squid, Tortang Alimasag, Gambas and Sinigang na lechon! ❤


I’m not entirely sure of how we always end up eating Filipino Food. BUT…. Absolutely No Regrets. 

Let’s dive in – straight to the food, shall we?


Spicy Squid for Php 330. Crispy Squid sauteed in Peppers and White Wine. It’s good, although it tasted  just exactly how it is supposed to taste like. And for those who like spice? better place this on your list.


Lechon Sisig for Php 335. Hmmm. Normal. But the serving is small.


I love how garlic-ky the rice is!


And ofcourse, my date! Everything is better when he’s on the table.


IMG_4623We were preoccupied so I was not able to take a picture of our food.

IMG_4640But here’s what we ordered: Sizzling Sisig for Php 265, Gising Gising for Php 205, Sinigang na Baboy for Php 355, Kare Kare for Php 485, Crispy Pata for Php 595, 

IMG_4642Everyone’s faces was plastered with a big smile. Everything tasted so good even the shakes.


17 out of 32. That’s my number. I’ve tried 17 Hole in the wall restaurants in Kapitolyo. And we decided to add another one to the list. Hence, our Hiyas Dinner.


It is located on the Ground Floor of D Strip Mall. It is beside Avi. Hiyas is a Modern Filipino Cuisine Restaurant




The place looks very local from its bamboo ceilings, jeepney displays to the wooden tables and chairs upfront where you can also play chess and read books while waiting.

The arrays of Mirrors and Plates on the walls kind of reminds me of the ambiance the Kanin Club exudes, don’t you think?  They also have this yellow lights hanging parallel from each other on both ends of the place.

There were a couple of Food Bloggers there too, on the opposite of our table – and from what I concluded, there seems to be an event organized by Zomato.

Anyway, let’s head to on to our Hungry Monsters – stomach. As customers await for their orders, they give out Fish Balls as their complimentary appetizer.


The cuts of the Fish Balls were bite sized. And the sauce reminds you of the ones on the street – which is good compared to Fine Dining Filipino Restaurants that try to mimics the sauce but turns out a pretentious sauce after all.

We then chose our ultimate pair for everything.

Garlic Rice – Php 45


For our Main Course, we cannot help but order the Bagnet.

IMG_7438 IMG_7441

El Bagnet – Php 395 You know what Bagnet is. It is the perfect excuse to die of High Blood, have a Heart Attack and have Clogged Blood Vessels. I’m kidding! Bagnet is Ilocano’s Version of Deep Fried Pork. It was so crispy. They have a huge serving and we both almost finished everything. There were ‘taba’ but the cuts were mostly meat of the pork – So definitely no regrets on this order. There was one thing though – The Shrimp Sauce, ‘Bagoong’ didn’t quite match this Oh-my-god dish. Their Bagoong tastes like Alamang and not too salty.  

Now for the other viand, we tried their Seafood Best Sellers.

IMG_7449 IMG_7447

Busog na Busog na Pusit – Php 255. This squid is stuffed with Vigan Longganisa, Cheese, Onions and Tomato.  I can’t really even say that it was stuffed with Longganisa because you can’t really taste it and you really have to look for it. What I can say is this – it’s tender. You won’t even have a hard time cutting it. It’s not bubble gum – which I always fear a squid is. Good Job to their Chef BTW.

IMG_7451 IMG_7427

I will come back for you, other dishes! But once I finish my Kapitolyo List. :))