I want to have a condo like this. :( Gaah.

I don’t get it why people would want to buy a condo that costs 35 million that only has a life span of 50 years when you can get a house worth 10 million which is yours, forever. Nevertheless, i like this. I can’t show you the picture of the condominium. but these are just my happy faces.:D in the condo. Ha-ha. 




This is all me.:D 



This is just the living room!! Shiiii. I want one like this. a room so bright and spacey with white walls! :))) 

If someone hates me, they’d probably give me a headband.

And this exactly why I don’t wear headbands/hairband. – I don’t know which is which.

With my hair down, in a bun, side pony. – Eeok.

I look hideous. plus – I’m not wearing any earrings. Ha-ha. Can you see the difference? I look absolutely ugly and different without any earrings.