EVERYDAY: Maia Sonia turns 1.

Hello to another God Daughter! ❤ A double celebration this is! A Baptismal slash First Birthday to rejoice!


This little chinky eyed baby girl’s name is Maia Sonia. ❤ The daughter, second child of my friend, Maf.


An afternoon filled with food and stories to catch up on. 😀




It’s the birthday of my rock, my guidance and the special woman in my life. 🙂


Isn’t she the prettiest?


Buttered Scallops, Adobong Pusit, Bagnet Pakbet, Salpicao, Sinigang na Hipon and Binagoongan Bagnet. :* EVERYTHING IS WORTH THE CALORIES.


Birthday Dinner at Corazon, Uptown Mall.


Happy Happy Birthday, Ma! I love youuuuu.

EVERYDAY: 25th with the family

And my birthday would never be complete without celebrating it with my family.
We had dinner at Fely J’s in Greenbelt.
Meet the bunch!

It was impossible to take a picture of all the food since we were at a long table.
But we ordered for Sizzling Sisig, Adobo (which was super tender), Pritong Tilapia in Plum Sauce, Gising Gising, Kare-kare, Pansit Guisado, Lechon Kawali and Mechado.


Afterwhich, they still had some room for sweets so we went straight to Gelatissimo.

Thank you all for celebrating with me.
Thank you for the Green Long Sleeves, Black Pants and Notepads.

EVERYDAY: Jude’s 25th Birthday

It’s that tme o the year again: Jude’s Birthday. It’s his 25th. There were no surprises this year, which I regret. (I’m sorry, babe). I was contemplating where to book a surprise, but unfortunately, in this scenario, Cebu is an ‘unfortunate’ excuse. A small get away before the actual one is impossible. So we settled for Tagaytay instead.


Since we were more than early, we took our time in one of the biggest Starbucks, the new one.


We were planning to eat Marcia Adams. But, as the prepared girlfriend that I am, I booked no reservations. :/ We ended up in Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro. – No regrets!


And here we are, glad we went here on a Weekday. It was almost just us. The view was clear and it was quiet.


We started off with a wine. 😀 The boyfriend loved it.. I too, as it doesn”t have a bitter strong taste to it even though it’s red.


I hope it comes to no surprise for you that we ordered Fettucini Alla Carbonara for Php 320. A classic with cream and eggs. It was absolutely DIVINE.


Another one of our favorites, Quattro Formaggi for Php 375. It’s four cheese, obviously. And it can never go wrong! Cheese? Yes please! 😀

20151007_131842Now, the gift.  wanted to give something that can be treasured, and kept with for a really long time. Not to be overly excited, But I wanted to give something that we hopefully pass down. 😀 Hopefully. It’s his 25th, right? Definitely, a watch. I went over with Tsovet, Nixon and Meister. Originally, I wanted Rolex (Classic) or Omega but that was clearly out of my pocket’s capacity. But look where it got me! A classic looking watch. 😀 I was literally crossing my fingers that he’d like the watch. And thankfully, he did. :)))


Happy, Happy Birthday, Babe! I love youuuuu.

EVERYDAY: Happy 24th Birthday!

It’s my Romeo’s Birthday! And I was feeling uneasy weeks before his birthday. It was a Sunday  which would only mean that I am not able to prepare any surprise for him on the day itself.

Let’s skip the planning part. Let’s head to the day itself. As I told you, it was a Sunday. I would have to share him with his family, of course. As early as 8 in the morning, he fetched me and went to his house to fetch his Mom and Brother and Cousin. Anyway, Lunch?

Lunch: Mesa, Megamall.


Look at the handsome young lad.

IMG_7057 IMG_7059 IMG_7055 IMG_7052

Food: Inihaw Platter, Adobo Flakes, Baby Squid Adobo, Sisig, Pork Binagoongan and Gising-Gising.

Too much food. There was plenty of leftovers good for the next day.


The Birthday Boy and his Cookie Cake. Of course, My cake was neglected, left to melt.


We also had Starbucks where his Aunts has been telling me his Childhood. And we had Mass after.

Happy, Happy Birthday Babe. I love you.

EVERYDAY: Ninang Irma’s 59th Birthday at Microtel

Every year, We celebrate her birthday at Lunchtime. She then decided this year to gather all of our relatives in my fater’s side to join her on her 59th birthday. 


And just a series of photos okay? Because there is too much of it. 


There was a lot of singing from the crowd. Image

We also had  agame. The game facilitator will place 10 safety pins on all parts of the guys. The girls – girlfriends / wives blindfolded will now have to look for the 10 pins. Now this is my sister and her fiance. And he had a safety pin on top of his crotch. Imagine trying to touch your way out of the game knowing your mom is also watching. Haha. Image

My cousins who I only get to see once a year. ImageImage

Ninang Irma and her bouquet and her gift.Image

Tres Marias in my family. 


The Dela Cruz Clan.


My mom and Dad goofing around. 


My family with the Birthday Celebrant. 

Ninang, I hope you like your coffee maker. 😀 Happy Birthday! 


Mother’s Day with the most important woman to me. :)

Starting Mother’s Day by playing with my baby chili! :)) Image

And look how cute chili is in here.


Especially when she toss and turn and adoringly scratch her face with her cute paws.


We went to mass at Paco Church. It’s the feast of St.Pancratius today and it is also where my parents got married. It is pretty. :)) And pre-nup worthy!


And had lunch at Emerald Garden! :))








YUMMY. Cold Cuts as starter and a big bowl of seafood spinach. Veggies, squid and the very delicious steamed lapu-lapu. And after a very fulfilling lunch, we had sweets to carve off the lunch.



Spottydog as they call it. Vanilla Icecream with chocolate chips. :)) and then, Yay! Shopping with ze celebrity for today!




And we found Charlie! :)) Pretty finds and not so expensive. I want pretty dresses. Cotton on – Gaah. Everything.



And an afternoon swim. :)) Too bad I had my period. I would love some cold water above my head. I want to bring j1 and my love here and swim. Hmmm. Schedule! 🙂



Watching Batman for the nth time with the whole family. It is the only DVD left at the condo.



My mom and her presents!.:)



I love you, Mama! Happy Mother’s Day! :))

Happy Mother’s day!

Happy Mother's day!

It’s a day to treat all of our mothers like a queen!!.:)) Isn’t my mom so pretty?:)) and a great caring and oh so loving too!

I gave her a perfume and a dress for this day!

We took her out for lunch at Uncle Cheffys at Burgos Circle! We didn’t even finish any of the food. My dad ordered way too many. Haha. Maybe he thought it was his time for a payback since my sister and I will be the one paying for the food. After, Watched 21 jumpstreet at greenbelt 3! and had icecreams later at Icebergs!

I love you, Ma!